Nowadays, the living room is popular! Effectively improve home comfort, the longer you live


In the home space, the living room from space position to functionality is the C position in the home, carrying various functions such as entertainment, guests, leisure and other functions.

How to install a living room is not only related to the comfort of the home, but also play a key role in the overall face value. Today, let’s talk about the things about living room decoration.

The first step is to determine the functional layout, and we also start with the layout planning of the living room.

1. Most common: vertical hall

The vertical hall is the deep> open room, which is our most common living room, the functional layout of the living room ↓↓↓

△ Sofa+tea table+TV



① Leave at least 40cm between the sofa and the coffee table.

② The channel between the coffee table and the TV is recommended to be greater than 90cm.

③ Select the size of the furniture according to the space.

△ Living room+coffee table+storage cabinet+projection screen cloth

● For families who need strong storage, you can make a TV cabinet with a whole wall and use projection instead of the TV function.


● The projection screen occupies a smaller area of ​​the wall and freely.

● The depth of the TV cabinet is recommended to be up and down 30cm. The living room below 3.6m is not recommended to play too many cabinets, which will make the space look depressed.

You can also choose to embed the TV into the cabinet, but it will weaken the storage force.

△ Sofa+TV/curtain

If the living room space is insufficient, you can abandon the large coffee table with a large area, and use a small generation to replace the coffee table function, and the space is more spacious.


△ Sofa+tea table+desk

TV wall changes to the study, multifunctional living room get!


△ Sofa+coffee table+cat climbing rack


For shoveling officers, the design of the living room can also give cats an independent functional area. It is a good choice to plan the wall cat climbing rack.

△ Case -type card seat

If you want to increase the yield rate, you can also use the card to replace the sofa, and the space is wider. According to the size of the living room, the owners’ needs are different, and the vertical hall can also plan more personalized functions, such as changing bedrooms, changing restaurants, etc., and planned according to needs.


2. The widest: horizontal hall

Kaijian> Entry depth is the horizontal hall. It has a wider field of vision and better lighting effect, and can also achieve more diversified functions.

▲ Living room+restaurant+kitchen


▲ living room+restaurant

▲ living room+study room

▲ living room+amusement area

Design Note: The difficult problem in the horizontal hall is how to divide the space. You can choose to use the sofa for partitions, create a new TV wall for a partition, or no partition design.

3. The horizontal hall becomes a vertical hall

I feel that the horizontal hall is too large, and you can change the vertical hall in seconds. You can choose to divide the horizontal hall into two new walls.

For example, the living room of Feimo’s [Platinum Yuelu Prefecture], after using the TV wall as a partition, the horizontal hall has the sense of vision of the vertical hall, and the functional division is more obvious.

4. The vertical hall becomes horizontal hall

There are vertical halls in the home, but the eyes of the horizontal hall will be connected to the living room, and the vertical hall can also change the horizontal hall.


But note: Only non -loading walls can be smashed.

5. Sinking living room


Whether it is the horizontal hall or the living room, it can also be planned as a sink -type living room, that is, the sinking design of the leisure area of ​​the living room, the package sense and interactive communication will be stronger.


Design method:


① The wrong layer of space, naturally sink, can be planned according to the apartment type.

② Raise 30-35cm in other spaces, and the original layer height is retained in the living room area.

③ The sinking design is suitable for high -level space design, and ordinary houses are not recommended.


6. LDK/LDKB design

Space planning is an overall design. The planning living room function cannot only plan the living room. The series planning between other spaces is also very important.

△ LDK design: Kitchen Kitchen One

Design advantages: reduce the aisle space, the space utilization rate is higher; the space is wider and the small apartment is larger.

Design Note: To confirm whether the local open kitchen can be planned first; the premise of space integration is that the walls are non -load -bearing walls, which can be demolished and modified.

The overall layout is finished. In the details, how to choose the decoration material is also very important. Choose the hard decoration material of the living room.

1. Wall surface

The decoration of the wall also determines the overall face value of the living room, and the high -quality background wall design can also improve the sense of home quality. Design suggestions:


● Background wall design focus on TV background walls and sofa background walls.

● Simply, you can choose one of the walls as the focus of decoration.

Material selection suggestion ↓↓↓


△ latex paint


△ Wallpaper/wall cloth

△ Wallboard+gypsum line

△ Woodpiece panel


△ marble


△ Wall

△ Art coatings


Based on your own aesthetics and combined with your own style, select one or two of the matched materials as wall decoration.


2, ground

△ floor tile

△ floor

△ Micro cement


● If you want to be cost -effective and easy to take care of, choose floor tiles.

● More comfortable to the comfort, choose wooden flooring.

● Not bad money, and if you want to be high -quality, you can choose micrometer.

3, top surface

The top surface decoration of the living room is relatively simple, mainly how the ceiling is.


△ No ceiling: latex paint/cement

△ Full ceiling/local ceiling: light steel keel+gypsum board

△ Hanging top: wooden keel+gypsum board

According to the ceiling method, choose the suitable material.

After the hard installation is finished, let’s talk about how to choose the soft outfit.

1. About the sofa

Suggestions: The furniture is deep in the wall, and the furniture in the wall is shallow

Suggestions: white, gray, black, brown.

The current popular material selection: cotton and linen sofa, leather sofa, velvet sofa, according to style.

△ Sofa size reference



● Do not exceed 1/4 of the living room area.

● A living room of about 15 square meters, two or three people.


● 20 square meters up and down, select 3+1 combination.


● Type L shaped from 25 square meters.

2. About coffee table


Common material selection: stone, wood, metal, glass.

△ stone

△ wood

△ metal

△ Glass


3. Soft furnishings and accessories list





Soft outfit

Curtains, pillows, carpets


Hanging painting, decoration


Green plant

Hanging bell, turtle back bamboo, ponytail iron, large -leaf umbrella, etc.


Soft furnishings, we can slowly buy supplement after the decoration is over. The decoration strategy in the living room is shared here. How do you plan to decorate your living room?

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