Strange dog, I like fluffy toys from an early age, and they must bring toys to a sense of security


A 10 -year -old bullfighting dog named Winston abroad has loved fluffy toys from an early age. Until now, it becomes an old dog. He still has to walk with toys. Sleeping also requires toys to accompany, behavior is like children.


Winston’s owner Becky Smith mentioned that Winston likes fluffy toys, and the favorite is ducks and bear -made dolls. Whenever Winston goes out, it will definitely carry toys. If you forget to bring it, you will go home immediately. The toy seems to give it a full sense of security.


When Winston sleeps every night, you must hold a toy to fall asleep, and it always uses toys with noses or prominent shapes, because it will keep sucking, just like a baby sucking pacifier. In addition, Winston’s favorite snacks are apples, sweet potatoes, carrots and peanut butter, and it will know where these foods are placed.

Although Winston has many special habits, it still captures the hearts of the family. Smith laughed and said, “It is the cutest dog, it will lie on your knees for several hours!”.