The delicate and stylish little girl, short wallet 2018 most complete grass guide guide


No matter what bag I write recently, the background will be crooked in the background. I want to see the recommendation of the wallet. I almost look back and ask what I want to see. Everyone really wants to buy a short wallet. This time, everyone’s demands Finally, it is highly unified ~


Probably because the weather is gradually warming up now, the chance of going out for a small bag has become more. The exquisite girls want to start a good -looking short wallet. When it is light and easy to organize, put it in the small bag or take it out or directly pockets. It is very suitable for walking.

And now the two Ma Dads work so hard, so that we can pay more and more where we can use mobile phones. It is really convenient.

After turning over the newest brand, I found that the current short wallet is too good! Today I will recommend some delicate and more practical short wallets for you, and just give me all kinds of grass.


These short wallets may not be able to install a lot of Grandpa Mao, but it will definitely be the highlight of your small bag. Some of them are the new models that everyone has just started this year.

What needs to be explained in advance is that the price of big-name wallets mentioned in today’s recommendation is basically the price of domestic counter, so it will be relatively high, and Europe will be about 20%-30%cheaper.


Sweet but not greasy horse dragon color wallet


This spring is particularly popular with macarons, not only a large bag, but also began to become more in the world of short wallets:


CHANEL coin purse

Reference price: 4900 yuan

Needless to say, CHANEL has launched a series of macaron -colored bags in the 2018 Spring / Summer series. From lambskin to PVC materials, many people have already started.

Recently, a new set of small leather goods are also available on the official website. There are also pink and tender macaron colors, and the color gradual design is very spring.

Compared with long wallets, of course, I look at this blue and white gradient coin purse. The color matching is very refreshing, small and low -key and high -level.


Those who like Chanel’s dual C LOGO and classic diamonds. This coin purse is really not missing. All these classic element bags are available.

The stitching of this season is also a major feature of the Xiaoxiang family. The stitching you see is not only color, but also unique in material treatment. It is too unique to make two ways to treat old calfskin and patent leather cowhide. Intersection

Moreover, the zipper buckle is also equipped with water drop -shaped decoration. The white double C logo is looming, and it is exquisite to the bones.


Céline lambskin multifunctional wallet

Reference price: 7400 yuan

The Internet celebrity PVC plastic bag of Céline has also been for a while. I have also introduced it before it was bought with Céline’s new handbags or change. So the price is a bit “amazing”.


This new coin bag has not been on the official website last month, but recently I found that they have been secretly updated. One of them is three colors, black patent leather black, lemon green and celadon.

I have to say that I am too grass -green, the fresh color with a retro kiss buckle design, and I want to have it at a glance.

This color looks very vibrant, like the buds just pulled out in spring, can make people feel better. The internal structure is also very comfortable. It has a partition and 8 card slots, which is very practical.

The only thing that is worrying may be that the inside and outside are easy to wear, haha, of course, this little imperfection and completely can’t stop the heart of being planted!


In addition, I want to remind it that although the statement is that the purchase of small wallets can be delivered to the shopping bag, I find that the official website does not have such a explanation, and according to a friend in Italy, this wallet is good. The shopping bag has “one in Europe” one in Europe. It’s hard to ask for a bag. ” If you buy a wallet alone at 7,400 yuan, um ~ I still feel too wayward.


Fendi pink folding leather clip

Reference price: about 2600 yuan

FENDI’s wallet design has always been playful and lively, such as the design of small monsters and building block elements, which is so cute that it makes me doubt whether I can control it ~ However, their family has recently produced an elegant and simple wallet design, that is

F is fendi


The first look at the cherry powder of this cherry blossom powder I saw, the color of the girl’s heart is suitable for romantic spring.

The front of the bag is the latest F LOGO design of their family. This has also been introduced before. Compared with the traditional Double F LOGO, it looks a lot younger.


The designer does not have to do anything. Putting the logo on the wallet is already very good ~ With the blessing of this little detail, it looks much higher than the solid color, so I want it!


The same paragraph also has the refreshing light blue and gray -green color, which are very spring and high -level color, which is also very pleasing to the eye. Girls who like simple styles can start this.

Miumiu Madras goatskin leather

Reference price: 2500 yuan

I asked a female friend before, which one would I want to change if I wanted to change my wallet? She sent me this Matelassé fold wallet. Unfortunately, I was always careless, I was afraid that I would kill the little pearl above and never dare to chop my hands.


But how can Miu Miu design only this one! Recently, this new small fixture I was fascinated was in line with the requirements I wanted to (pretend) to take care of it.


The design of this wallet is very simple. It changes the fold design of MIU MIU’s usual MIU MIU. The clean leather surface with the logo printing design is not eye -catching, but it is classic.


What makes me more likely is that it is really very thin. The small change bags and card positions are all ready, and there is no pressure to plug in the small bags carried in my daily life.

Bottega veneta lambskin mini wallet

Reference price: 4150 yuan

The Bottega Veneta in the impression is mostly mature neutral color. I did not expect that this season could not resist the super hot macaron color. There were many colored colors to join, and the whole feeling became much more lively.


Like classic leather weaving elements, plus Macaron blue, it instantly becomes young and fashionable.


This wallet is actually very practical because it is thick. There is a very large pocket bag on the outside, and there are more positions on the inside.

This style is not new, there are many imitation goods on the Internet, but this color is really exciting!


In addition to solid -colored woven styles, Bottega Veneta has recently produced a series of design with embroidered small flowers. This style looks lively, full of childlike, gives more imagination, I think it is quite suitable for young girls.


BVLGARI Serpenti Forever

Reference price: 4000 yuan

When I wrote a white bag last time, many people planted Kakana’s Bulgari white chain small bag. In fact, their wallet style was also very beautiful.

Needless to say the iconic snake head design, elegant and recognizable! What’s more special is that its inner layer’s contrasting design is particularly individual.

Like the following, the dogwood pink has a sense of girlishness, but the purple inside is very feminine. Finding a delicate balance between the two is very interesting.

However, it is best not to put this wallet with other weak and soft items. The design of the metal snake head can easily scrape other things.


Snakehead wallet I almost bought last year. Later, I felt a little heavy in my hand, and I might not be able to pretend to go out with a small bag. In a blink of an eye, I saw another more simple BVLGARI series of wallets in his family. The color matching is also dogwood powder and purple, but the whole is simpler and low -key. And it will be relatively cheap, the price is 3800 yuan.

Dior DioradDict rattan checkered wallet

Reference price: 6600 yuan


Dior’s elegant rattan grid decoration is a very recognizable design, and the diorama series of bags can often be seen.

The Dior Addict series also has a classic rattan checkered design on the wallet, and the metal locking element, the overall feeling is both soft and cool tone.

This pink wallet is very suitable for spring and summer, and the color is really beautiful. This pink dessert is just right, both gentle and not greasy.

And this wallet is also very delicate and small, the thickness is completely unexpected, and it can be easily put into the small bag easily. It is very convenient.

However, this one needs to be noted that metal locks are easy to scrape other things. As for the price, after all, it is a classic style … it is not very cheap.


The same series of wallets of classic bags

Some wallet styles performed by the brand classic bags are actually worth starting. These styles are not so easy to be outdated, and it can also satisfy your hearts that you can’t have a classic bag for the time being ~

Loewe Square Zip Wallet


Reference price: 4600 yuan

Loewe just finished not long ago, you also know that the most classic bags in their family in the past three years should be Puzzle. Especially the haze blue color matching and pink color matching style are really grabbed everywhere!


In fact, this classic bag also has a wallet style. There are long and short models, which inherit the gene of Puzzle geometric stitching.

Like this pink and blue short wallet design, it is exactly the same as their PUZZLE bag. Both colors are very young, so cute!

Compared with the tenderness of the appearance, the inner layer of black looks very clean, and the carefully designed function is convenient and practical.

In addition to haze blue and pink, this new yellow color matching and pink blue -green macaron color matching, but personally, it is not as impressive as the two colors above.

Burberry Trench leather clip


Reference price: 4300 yuan


Last year, Burberry’s new series of handbag series DK88 was really hot, especially the cute mini -style. There were two in our office, which fascinated everyone.


This Trench’s two -color fixture is actually very similar to the original design of the DK88. Special €€ is a unique lock part, which is very recognizable.

The two -color color design super girl completely captured my eyes, plus a bit of “rounded” bag lines, making the overall shape vividly.


The color of another Tibetan blue and vermiculite yellow also makes people look comfortable. This low -key and elegant and unique temperament is not old -fashioned at all, and it looks high -level.

This wallet is very small and can save space in the bag. Whether it is very soft or fashionable, the effect is very amazing when taking it out of the bag.


Balenciaga Bazar zipper wallet


Reference price: 3200 yuan

Balenciaga’s very hot Bazar Bag from the largest shopping bag to the smallest mini bag, the gap in size is quite large! And there are many different colors per season. The color -fighting design is more special and it is not easy to hit the bag.


I feel that the big size Bazar Bag is more difficult to control, so look at this series of wallets. A small one is more cute and easier to accept than the classic big bag style. If you want to catch up with the trend of the Parisian family, you may wish to get into your hand from this small wallet.


The blue one is my favorite color matching. The inner layer is an elegant and low -key elephant gray, which is more durable.

The capacity of the wallet is still much larger than that of ordinary wallets, but small bags are generally put in size. And the bodies are treated with processed cowhide, and the durability is very good.

Saint Laurent Wattle

Reference price: 5300 yuan

Saint Laurent’s Loulou series, I have also said that this Y -shaped seam design is already the most recognizable iconic element! But their home also has another V -shaped seam design is one of the classic elements.

There is also such a V -shaped seam design on the same wallet. With the brand logo’s hardware decoration, the recognition is high.


The red wallet in their family is very positive, and the first glance I see is amazing! Come and feel it. (Sure enough, I still can’t stand the temptation of red)

From the perspective of the inside, the inner layer is both practical and lack of design.

This wallet is really good -looking, red sexy, black classic, and this faint light pink, very young girl, I feel that this year is very suitable for buying a birthday gift for yourself ~ hee hee (remind you 20 years old +Not many days).

Givenchy Pandora Wallet


Reference price: 3400 yuan


Givenchy’s Pandora series bags are also one of the classic models, but the wallet from the same series is not similar to it. If the official website does not indicate pandora, I am afraid I can’t recognize who this is the wallet.

This wallet seems to be flat, but as soon as it is opened, it will be amazed by the color matching inside. The color matching color of red powder rice is really bold.


At the same time, this bag is also very small and thin, which can be put in any small bag, which is very convenient.

They also have another classic bag Horizon wallet style. At a glance, you can see the traces of Horizon, absolutely biological! It is also a 20 % discount design, the same color inside and outside, it feels a little bit cool ~

Gucci Sylvie wallet


Although I already have a Gucci family GG Marmont wallet, I still inevitably plant grass when I saw this Sylvie series wallet!


Looking at the contrasting webbing and exquisite metal locks, we must know that it is the same as this classic Sylvie Bag.


Needless to say, of course, the most sought -after as a small bag is also white. Can install a few cards and not many banknotes, it is enough to go out every day, and the occupation of the bag space is small.

Reference price: 4900 yuan

However, like a large bag, this one is a bit hard and easy to grind flowers. Try not to put sharp items with keys.

In addition, this one is really a bit expensive. The official website costs 4900 yuan. If the budget is limited, I think my GG Marmont or Sister Cui (SI) is also a good choice, domestic 3,200 yuan.

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Wallet

Reference price: about 880 yuan

The camera bag of Xiaoma Ge’s house was once dominated for a long time. The design of the wide shoulder straps and the more and more slippery colors were made, so that it was sold out of each place.

Their Snapshot Wallet has inherited the classic LOGO design and color matching elements of the camera bag, which has a high degree of recognition. Especially the front and back colors are different, it is very exciting.

After opening the zipper, there is also a golden logo design in the field. This small one is quite practical, and the material is very durable. You can choose it by the young girl. It is cost -effective to buy the classic design of his family within a thousand yuan!


The cheap wallet of the niche brand


When buying a big -name wallet, you must prepare a budget of more than 2,000 yuan first. What should I do if I really want to chop a cheap and good wallet?


In fact, there are many niche brands with exquisite and good texture wallet style, and there is also a playful and playful design that can give you different choices.

Joseph & Stacey Wallet

Reference price: about 590 yuan

Joseph & Stacey is a young Korean brand, with a personal and unique scissors as the brand logo, which is very recognizable. Before I was pierced by a red velvet wallet in their house, I thought of it ~

There are many wallets in their home, two most popular. One is a retro letter seal, and the other is a square wallet with zipper. It is a simple route. The square is square. Only the small logo embellishment is added in the bag body. It is a little cute and a little playful ~

In addition to the classic cowhide style, Joseph & Stacey also uses some special materials, such as mirror TPU and velvet style, which is very special.

There are several colors of each material. For girls with difficulty choice, it is simply suffering!

The latest series is the main fight with the blue of the lake, which is very suitable for spring and summer. The short zipper leather is full of cuteness, the inner layer card slot and partition layer are all available, and there is also a flip inner bag, which is also very practical.


Golden mirror is a bit more special. You can also choose a style with a chain shoulder strap, which is used as a party bag. By the way, I also plant the coin zipper, and I can’t wait to string a necklace on the neck.

Feennec Wallet


Reference price: about 430 yuan


Fennec is also a brand from South Korea, and is best at the color of the girl’s heart. The short wallets of their net celebrities are pink and tender macarons, with simple design, very cute.

Although it is small, the inside of the wallet is well prepared and can be installed. Compared to macarons, I planted the green short wallet of their forests in their house, which is very fresh ~


At first glance, the price was surprised. This one was still discounted, as long as more than 300 yuan can be won! It ’s great to buy the favorite wallet without hitting the money without spending a lot!


Well, after watching so many brands, I believe you must have been planted with eye -catching wallets. Although wallets are not always displayed in front of people, I feel that small objects in the bag often highlight your attitude towards your life.


In the end, I also want to share a small interesting thing with you. Some people say that buying a wallet should not buy red, and it is easy to leak money. I don’t believe it. I also shared it at Gucci before. I bought a GG Marmont red wallet at the Roman Airport last year. I went back to China with a fierce aircraft. As a result, the other two big bags I bought were taxed … the tax … It’s more than 6,000 yuan ~ The speed of this leakage is also fast enough!


Therefore, a little superstitious friend still pays attention to the color of the wallet ~ I only recommend a red wallet today. I really give it the value that it gives it. If you are worried about leaking wealth, please choose other colors yourself. It’s ~