“Sweet Honey”: We are different, she is your wife, I am your friend



There is a group of pictures that are often brought to the New Year.

Today’s story is the source of this set of pictures,

The movie “Sweet Honey” released in 1996.

The film is directed by Chen Kexin, starring Maggie Cheung, Liming,

The 16th Hong Kong Golden Awards of the year was won.

The story takes place in the early stages of reform and opening up,

The surge in the southward movement of youth labor in the mainland.

Li Qiao (Zhang Manyu) and Li Xiaojun (Liming) came to Hong Kong,

In the loneliness of wandering in a foreign country, they warm each other,

But the ideal reality and emotional desires are often split,

They insist on “long live friendship”,

I never pick the last layer of relationship,

Finally experienced,

They meet on the streets of the United States,

Finally came together.

Movie translation “Almost A Love Story”,

This is not only a love story, but love is just an image of the times.

In the changes in the times, the choice of love and life has been floating along the times, and they can’t help themselves.

The film passes the different perspectives of two new immigrants in Hong Kong,

Taking Teresa Teng’s song as a clue,

It describes the social changes in Hong Kong from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Of course, today is not discussing its spatial narrative techniques and political metaphors.

Just tell stories.

March 1, 1986,

Li Xiaojun in Tianjin bid farewell to his fiancee Xiaoting (Yang Gongru),


Go south to Hong Kong to go to my aunt,

I hope that one day to earn a lot of money to pick up Xiaoting

Marriage with the scenery and scenery,

When the train arrives, he wakes up against the passengers of Li Xiaojun.


Li Xiaojun woke up and woke up.

Hong Kong is here.

Xiaojun found aunt’s residence,

The impatient middle -aged man asked him if he was a client,

Several women dressed up looked at each other.

He lived,

Aunt, a few technical women, a middle -aged man,

He was happy to write to Xiaoting,


“Everything here is different from Tianjin,

There are many people, there are many cars, and the building is particularly high. “

When I first came to Hong Kong, Li Xiaojun was simple and happy.

The streets of Hong Kong are busy and busy, and society is full of anxiety.

Li Xiaojun rides a dilapidated bicycle every day

Shut up on the street for poultry shops.

He beautified the living environment and work in his letter to his fiancee,

“There are more than 2,000 yuan a month,


I have not earned a lot of cadres. “

Everything seems to be full of hope, and it is not hard at all.

He goes to the basketball court to play,

Go to the game hall to watch people video games,

Singing and dancing with stray artists on the street.


He told Xiaoting,

McDonald’s wherever I have never been to a Tianjin person.

He hasn’t learned Cantonese,

I said the “Burger Bag”,

But he couldn’t make the sound of “Coca -Cola”.

The ordering staff Li Qiao pretended to be pretended not to understand,

Later in Mandarin whispered,

Li Xiaojun is happy,

Li Qiao did not understand again

Don’t say hello to other customers.

This is the first time Li Qiao and Li Xiaojun have met,

She denied that she was from the mainland.

And this rustic mainland man was logically regarded as a waterfish.


He wants to apply for McDonald’s, but he does not know Cantonese or English.

So he was fooled by Li Qiao to go to the English training class.

Li Qiao took the commission from the middle,

By the way, I watched the class part -time cleaning.

When signing up, Li Qiao took him to get a bank card again,

This kind of machine can change the money a few times

Make him feel novel.

Li Qiao also made him novel,


She also has a BB machine, BB machine, so amazing.

After a day after class, he met Li Qiao,

Li Qiao doesn’t remember him anymore.

She finished his hygiene and rushed to the next job,

Xiaojun said, I have a car, I will send you, okay?

“In Hong Kong, the bicycle is not called a car, and it is called a bicycle.” Li Qiao said.

“You are more loved than me.” Li Xiaojun said.

At this time, Teresa Teng’s “Sweet Honey” sounded on the street,

The euphemism of the singing and melodiousness brushed the distress brought by the bicycle,

Li Qiao’s feet shook in his back seat

Sing the song cheerfully with him.


Li Qiao did not take up Li Xiaojun cheap,

Let Li Xiaojun use a bicycle to help her to send flowers part -time,

Li Xiaojun is among them.

Li Xiaojun thinks,

Li Qiao is so smart, she understands a lot of things,

Do a lot of work and make a lot of money.

“Why are you everything, how powerful you are.”

“Do you often take the first test?”

“Why don’t you do anything, what do you usually do?”

“I can only play basketball.”


New Year’s Eve 1987,

Li Qiao took Li Xiaojun to the night market to sell Teresa Teng’s tape.

Li Xiaojun reminded her that her aunt said that mainland talents listened to Teresa Teng.

Li Qiao refuted, the newspaper said that there are one -fifth of the mainlanders in Hong Kong,

The streets are full of mainlanders.

After selling for a night, no one asked.

Li Qiao recalled more than 4,000 dishes of tapes in Guangzhou last year.

However, Hong Kong people do not listen to Teresa Teng,

When you buy it, he admits that he is a mainland.


So they don’t buy it.

At this time, Li Qiao finally admitted that he was from Guangzhou.

Li Xiaojun smiled, and he saw it early.

Li Qiao asked him why he knew that she would take advantage of her.


On New Year’s Eve, the lonely two people ate dumplings together.


The rain stopped, and Li Xiaojun helped her put on her clothes.

The hand of the buckle is getting slower and slower.

Li Qiao’s expression was hesitant and his eyes were lush,

Try to help him rub his eyes and take back.

She gently put her head on his shoulder,

Ambiguous feelings rose in a small space,

The long -awaited emotions broke out.

Winning in the night, the next day Li Xiaojun took the money to find Li Qiao,


Want to help her pay back the debt of the tape.

Li Qiao doubts.

Xiaojun said, he felt that he should be held partially,

After all, they had a relationship last night,


And asked what Li Qiao thought.


Li Qiao said, the wind is heavy and heavy,


The two lonely people ate a “reunion meal” together.

Li Qiao asked Li Xiaojun to go back,

Li Xiaojun walked to the door,

Looking back, she laughed at her: “New Year’s Progress”.

At the end of the New Year,

Li Qiao said, “Long live friendship.”

They started the relationship with no actual name.

Li Xiaojun wrote a letter to Xiaoting more and more perfunctory,

Can’t write.

In September 1987, the Hong Kong stock market disaster.

Hong Kong’s economic depression starts,


Many stores closed on the street.

Li Qiao’s assets disappear in the stock market,

Li Qiao went to the massage shop as a technician.


Li Xiaojun made a chef.

Li Xiaojun saved money and took Li Qiao to pick the bracelet to Xiaoting.

Buy two exactly the same.

One send Xiaoting, one to send her

Li Qiao’s face became not good -looking.

Xiaojun said, I have enough money, I really have enough money.


Li Qiao was angry.

Facing the future uncertainty,


There is no room for choice between desire and emotions.


Li Xiaojun has no ambition, and the ideal of life is to marry Xiaoting.


Li Qiao’s blood was hot, and he had to break into his career.

There is a different attitude of life.


No matter how much it goes on,

No one’s ideals can be realized.

The resentment broke the street, this is the first time they separated.

Li Qiao returned to the massage shop.

She said she was not afraid of anything except the mouse, she

So the black boss Leopard (Zeng Zhiwei) tattooed Mickey Mouse to show her well.

Li Qiao laughed at the tenderness of Black Boss.

“It’s easy to coax me, just give me a little tip, I’m very cheap.”

Later, Xiaoting came from the mainland,

Li Xiaojun got married.

On this day, this day,


Li Qiao, who has become the boss, came to celebrate with Brother Bao.

When taking a photo, except Xiaoting, four of them,


Every three have their own minds.

Smart as Leopard,

At a glance, it is unusual to see the relationship between his girlfriend and the groom.

And Li Qiao and Li Xiaojun are even more complicated.

On the new wedding night, Li Xiaojun was holding Xiaoting,

“You know when I first came to Hong Kong,

Wear that blue old cotton jacket,

Eat three big bowls a day,

Lie on the bed and sleep, wake up and work.


It’s novel every day.

If you were by my side at that time. “

Yes, if she is there, he will not fall in love with others.

But at that time, it was Li Qiao who accompanied him

And Li Qiao even tossed.

Obviously we all realized the original intention of coming to Hong Kong.

Later, Li Qiao learned in the chat with Xiaoting,

Li Xiaojun communicates with her less,

The bicycle is also put away.

Mixed feelings.

In a chance, Li Qiao drove to the Li Xiaojun couple back.

Xiaoting get off the car back to the dance room to rehearse,


Xiaojun sat in the co -pilot.


Deng Lijun’s “Goodbye My Love” came from the broadcast.

The two were relatively speechless.

Suddenly, I saw Teresa Teng’s cluster of signature by the crowd.

Li Xiaojun out of instinct,

After opening the door, he rushed over and asked for signing.

At this moment Li Qiao looked at him,

Inner emotions are on the edge of depression,

She knows that Li Xiaojun has not changed his emotions,

I don’t know how to deal with it for a while,

Let him go,

Hands accidentally pressed the speaker.

Li Xiaojun turned his head,

The sound of the speaker seems to call a call,

The emotions that have been suppressed in their hearts burst out in an instant,

She is unable to resist the overwhelming love.

Li Xiaojun ran to the car,

On the streets where people come and go

There seems to be only two of them between heaven and earth.

They kissed across the window.

At this moment,

For a long time, they finally dared to admit to love.

Li Xiaojun decided to admit to Xiaoting that he no longer loves her,

Li Qiao also decided to show off with Leopard.

If the story is over here,


Then this love is not so gathered.


Brother Leopard is difficult.

Maybe out of gratitude,

Li Qiao couldn’t care about him in this situation.

Brother Leopard said,

Silly girl, listen to me.

Now go home and take a hot bath now.

Get up tomorrow morning, there are men on the street,

All are better than Brother Leopard.

Li Xiaojun waited for Li Qiao overnight with an umbrella.


She followed Brother Leopard.

They separated again.

Li Xiaojun and Xiaoting showdown.

Xiaoting asked, do she love you?


Xiaojun replied: “I don’t know.”

Xiaoting asked him again, “Why do you marry me?”

Xiaojun replied: “This is my ideal.”

Xiaoting gave him a slap.

She said that when you return to Tianjin, if you don’t come, you won’t happen.

But Li Xiaojun knew that everything couldn’t go back.

Li Xiaojun followed the boss to work in the United States,

All the aunt left to him was given to Xiaoting,

Write the last letter to her:

“The first time I was scared,

I was not a brave man,

I dare not forgive me.

I just think,

We have been together for so many years,

The road has been so long.

Xiaoting, I am also sad. “

He is also sad.

They are not without a story,

But their story seems to be over since they go to Hong Kong.

In a floating life,

The boots written by thousands of kilometers itching

After all, it is impossible to fight hard in a foreign country.

He never knew what he wanted.

He only knew that the original intention of coming to Hong Kong was obviously marrying Xiaoting.


In the autumn of 1993, Li Qiao followed Brother Leopard to New York.

Li Xiaojun also made a chef in New York.


Brother Leopard suddenly died on the street.

In the police station, Li Qiao recognized the corpse with the rice mouse on his back.

On the repatriation car,

The desperate Li Qiao suddenly saw Li Xiaojun riding a bicycle.

Let go of your feet and running on the street.

But Li Xiaojun didn’t see her.

The car drove back and passed, and the traffic lights flickered.

She did not catch up with Li Xiaojun.

Same in the United States,


But I missed him again.

Li Qiao became a tour guide.

Receive Chinese tourists,

Aunt tourists said that the times have developed too fast, and

Hong Kong has been developing to the mainland now.

In 1995, Li Qiao got the green card.

Deng Lijun died in the broadcast.

Li Qiao stayed.

The mark of an era came to an end.

Fortunately, in the familiar singing,

They finally met each other.

In front of the window glass of Teresa Teng’s song,

The two smiled at each other,

This time, there is no separation.

The camera returned to March 1, 1986.

Hong Kong Kowloon Station train to the station,

The female passengers sitting behind Li Xiaojun walked out of the carriage,

Strangely looked at the scenery in front of you.


She lifted her luggage and walked towards the rear of the train.

Li Xiaojun also walked out of the carriage and walked forward confusedly.

Where did you see you?

It turns out that we have seen each other long ago.

Among millions of people.

Everything is better,

I don’t need to call long live friendship this time.