Korean version of temperament two -piece 2018 new fishtail grid camisar lantern lantern sleeve shirt suit dress


1. The pretty fresh blue and white plaid strap skirt, even the skirt is added to the fishtail lotus edge. Irregular skirts can always give people a fresh feeling. With white shirts and white T -shirts, it is too basic to upgrade it elegantly and exquisitely with exquisitely. The mesh lace pivot shirt, one set can appear elegantly!


2. The denim skirt is almost the representative of young vitality. Add shirt splicing to the dynamic denim skirt. It looks more literary and artistic, shows the chest and waist, and the version is also very beautiful. A denim skirt is a little more feminine, very good design.


3. Age reduction suspender, British style, collar waist, and lotus leaf skirt, not only have three -dimensional design on the chest, but also to cover the meat with a simple white shirt skirt. Sisters don’t miss the unique designs that can change the figure ~~

The retro embroidery of the poetic and painted, the flying petals embellishment makes this little black skirt elegant and charming, the short skirt is long, and a shirt skirt inside. Elegant, each mix and match is also very interesting