New creative small household vacuum cleaner


2015-03-16 05:00:01 Author: Hua Pengfei


[Zhongguancun Online Home Appliance Channel Original] For vacuum cleaners, everyone is no stranger. Ordinary home vacuum cleaners are large. If small dust is cleaned, there is no doubt that there are some large and small materials. Recently, some foreign designers have brought us a new small vacuum cleaner, which is very suitable for cleaning a small space. It is very clever and praised in design. Below, let’s watch this artifact together!

New small vacuum cleaner


This small vacuum cleaner is very distinctive. From the picture, it can be seen that the handle, the shaft and the dust box are composed of the three parts. There are powerful motors inside, providing a lot of suction. When the user is used, you only need to press the red switch of the black handle to use it. For the convenience of users, the turning shaft of the vacuum cleaner can rotate about 300 degrees, allowing users to use in different environments.

It is more convenient to be able to rotate

Dust garbage is solved

The full transparent dust box allows everyone to clearly see the inhaled dust, and it is very intuitive at a glance. It is worth mentioning that inside the handle of this vacuum cleaner, a charging lithium battery design is also built -in. It does not need to be connected to the power supply during use, which is very convenient. In general, the design of this new product is very clever. The rotating vacuum head can be suitable for different scenarios, which is worthy of comprehensive promotion.