Throw a piece of furniture to make the small living room more spacious! Sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, what do you lose?


Nowadays, people are in the living room when they are at home, because the living room is the most spacious space in most houses. In the modern demand type, the area of ​​many living rooms is not large. After putting on a sofa, coffee table and TV cabinet, the entire living room is even more crowded. The family is even more aggrieved. Therefore, when many people are decorating the living room, in order to make the living room more spacious, they will plan to lose a piece of furniture. The big furniture in the living room is the sofa, the coffee table and the TV cabinet.

1. Drop the TV cabinet: No recommended

The TV cabinet was used in the previous design to place the TV, and with the emergence of wall -mounted TVs and projection screens, some families now start to choose the living room design without TV cabinets, but in the case of no TV cabinet, the TV machine hangs on the TV cabinet. It will protrude on the wall, not only not beautiful, but also may be encountered;

▲ If there is no TV cabinet in the living room, it is recommended to use a projector, so that there will be no television bumps.

In addition, the TV cabinet is also one of the few storage cabinets in the living room. If there is no TV cabinet, then the things in the living room are not storage and storage. It

▲ TV cabinet is used for storage, which can maintain the simple and beautiful living room.

In order to make the living room storage space more sufficient, the most mainstream way is to customize the TV cabinet. The entire TV wall is made into a storage cabinet, leaving empty -free TV wall hanging and space positions, which will be more practical.

▲ Custom cabinet is a TV wall, which is very practical and generous.

2. Lost the sofa: you can consider


The practice of losing the sofa is a relatively unique choice, suitable for some families with very good self -discipline, such as the motion home that likes yoga, and a book incense family that you like to read.


If you like exercise, you can throw the sofa and put it on the yoga mat. The family can sit on the yoga pad to interact or play on the yoga pad, and also exercise on the yoga mat. You can usually put the coffee table in the middle when you drink tea and chat. It is also a different kind of interest;


▲ Throw the sofa and use yoga mat.

And the book of Shuxiang, who likes to read, can throw both sofas and coffee tables and directly replace it with a desk and chair combination. The TV cabinet is made into a bookshelf, and the living room is directly made into a multi -functional multifunctional learning, tea drinking, and game leisure. space.

▲ Throw the sofa coffee table and replace it with a desk chair.

3. Lost the coffee table: the most suitable

Now buying a new house is usually a wedding room. If the wedding room is married, you will soon ask your child. After there are children in the family, you usually have a cushion in the middle of the living room to play for children. The furniture in the middle is obviously a little hindered.


▲ The coffee table is placed in the middle of the living room, which is relatively space.

The role of the living room in many people’s homes is to drink tea and set cups and stacked items. Packing items can easily make the living room messy. It can ensure all the functions of the living room, but also make the living room more spacious and very good;


▲ Small border instead of the coffee table, which can be easily put away when not in use.


In addition, if there is a child at home, the coffee table in the living room can also be replaced with a child’s toy table.

▲ The toy table instead of the coffee table is also a very practical childlike choice.

For small -area living rooms, if you want to make the space more spacious, you can consider throwing away a piece of furniture in the living room! Sofa, coffee tables and TV cabinets, I chose a coffee table in my family. If you have to choose to lose a piece of furniture in the living room, who will you choose to lose it?