Let’s set off together to see what is worth going to go to Shangri -La.


I travel back and forth every day in the streets and alleys, just to bring you the best scenery!

Hello everyone, I am Xiaoqing, let ’s walk into Shangri -La with me today to see what is more fun.

1. Pudato National Park

Pudato National Park, he is a national natural reserves, with Bita Sea as the center, adjacent to Lowei County in Shangri -La, belongs to the Asianwen climate. It is shorter in spring and summer. Relatively longer, the average annual temperature is less than 6 degrees, so the friends who want to go to remember to bring a jacket. The vegetation of the park is very rich, and there are many strange beasts with research value. Didn’t you feel that there are many birds and beasts in ancient times? Ha ha.

There are national first -class first -class types of animal black -necked cranes, second types of protected animals macaques, 猞猁, cloud leopard, wool crown deer, forest musk, Tibetan horse chicken, green tail red pheasant, etc. The rare fish of Bita Heavy Lip Fish “is a paleontology left over the Glacier period.


This is the March day of Yangchun, the weather is heating, but Shangri -La is still very cold at this time, so remember to bring a down jacket, and the summer is full of flowers, it is simply a paradise for flowers, and autumn is the fallen leaves. , Golden and colorful. The highest altitude of Pudatcuo Park can reach more than 4,000 meters. If you will have a plateau reaction, it is best to prepare oxygen in advance. A bottle is about 5 60. There is also Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s wedding at that time.

Second, Mingyong Glacier

Mingyong Glacier, under Kavagbo Peak, located in Merri Snow Mountain, can watch a glacier and ice bucket everywhere, and at the foot of the mountain is Mingyong Village, so it is named Mingyong Glacier. If you want to go up the mountain, you can walk or ride a horse. In the hearts of the local Tibetans, this is an unparalleled mountain. If you go to pilgrimage, you can only walk. Observation glaciers can ride.

3. Napa Sea Nature Reserve

The Napa Sea Nature Reserve is located in the northwest of Shangri -La County. It is only 8 kilometers away from the county. Traffic is also very convenient. There is a shuttle in the county to go. The terrain here is very flat, surrounded by mountains on three sides. Napa Sea is also the largest grassland in Zhongdian County, and one of the most high -plateau scenic spots. In May each year, light wind came with the footsteps of spring, and a large piece of green grass grew up. Essence June is a variety of wild flowers exuding seductive fragrance and fighting. A group of cattle and sheep enjoy food here. The mountains are snowing in spring and winter. When the autumn wind gradually rose, the group of black -necked cranes, white cranes, hemp ducks, etc. arrived as scheduled, foraging and playing by the lake. This is their paradise. Because they are here, they are really here.

Shangrira Food


It is basically Yunnan cuisine, and Sichuan cuisine and Tibetan vegetables are also available. Various restaurants in the city abound. Special snacks include ravioli, butter tea, etc.


Because it is in the plateau area, natural resources are very rich, and it has not been artificially destroyed and polluted. Therefore, there are many precious wild medicinal materials such as Fritillaria, Gastrodia, Angelica, Cordyceps, and Saffron. When you arrive at Shangri -La, you can buy some properly back

Tibetan crafts are also very popular, such as silver jewelry, dzi, etc.

For food, there are yak beef, green wine, Matsutake, etc.


I am Xiaoqing, I will share here for everyone today. We see the next issue!