Three common symptoms of material habit


We may see such a situation in the movie. When a person goes to steal things, we must steal women’s underwear without stealing anything. And it is usually used by women. In fact, such people generally have love habit, so what are the symptoms of love habit?

Clinical manifestations:

Most men are male. They do not achieve sexual impulse and sexual satisfaction through contact with the heterosexual wearable or band -matching items through sexual contact, or masturbation at the same time to achieve orgasm. Most of these items are directly exposed to women’s body surfaces, such as underwear, underwear, bra, sanitary belt, etc.

Many patients with love habits have special interests about the heterosexual items. Therefore, it is often not obtained by buying these items, but through theft. According to GOPLA studies, the objects of the person who have sexual fantasy, as well as the personal supplies of people who can bring him a sense of security can often get the greatest psychological satisfaction.

CCMD-2-R diagnostic standards for love and property are:

① The diagnostic criteria that meets sexual perverts;

② In at least half a year, the use of certain non -life objects will be used to satisfy strong sexual desire and sexual excitement.

③ Once actions.

Listing generally has the above symptoms. Therefore, if you find such a person around, it is best to recommend him to the relevant psychological counseling agency.