How to choose the sink style? It looks good and easy to use, but also strong: At present, the Taichung style of the high fire is first excluded


Different from the washstand, the kitchen sink has fewer styles. At present, there are only three widely used: on the stage, the platform, and the Taichung style. As the name suggests, the installation methods of these three sinks are different.


Coincidentally, the place where I used to live was on the stage -style sink; the place where I lived now is the desktop. In my parents’ home, a Taichung -style sink was installed. So I have used all three kinds of sinks, and I can talk about the experience.

Taichung style is the most difficult to use


The most recommended to buy is the Taichung -style sink. The promotional map of this sink is very beautiful: the upper edge of the sink and the cabinet are flat, and the two are integrated, and the overall sense is very strong.

The reason why it is not recommended is because it is too difficult to install. It is so high that no master dares to guarantee how 100%pretend to be in the publicity chart. When installing the Taichung pot, you need to pick a small slot on the table.

The depth of this slot must be the same as the edge of the sink; the width must be the same as the width of the edge of the sink. Obviously, it is almost impossible to do it alone.

So most of the Taichung pots are either a seam next to the sink; or the sink is depressed inside or protruding outside. Leave a seam, water will accumulate water and mold in this gap; depression and protruding will destroy the overall sense of the Taichung -style sink.

The cheapest on the stage


The most traditional sink is on the stage. The installation method of this sink is the simplest. Dig a hole directly on the table, put the main part of the sink into the hole, and the edge of the sink can be on the table.

Because of the simple installation, the installation cost of the desktop sink is relatively low. If you buy a custom cabinet store, it will at least 50 yuan to 100 yuan cheaper than the same -quality Taichung style and stage style.

There are two disadvantages:

The first is that the edge of the table -style sink is raised, so when there are garbage and water on the table, you cannot directly scan into the sink.


The second is that between the edge of the sink and the table, it is necessary to use glass glue. The glass glue on the table needs to be exposed directly. Over time, this circle of glass glue will become yellow, black, and moldy, which is very disgusting.


For users with a sensitive price, it is recommended to choose a desk of the platform. In addition, if a floor drain is installed in the kitchen, the water and garbage on the table can be swept directly on the ground, and you can also choose a more cheap and cheap desktop sink.

The most convenient on the stage

Starting from my own feelings: The sink of the stage is the best sink style I have used.


It is difficult to install between the table and the Taichung style. The table is a hole on the table, and then sticks the sink to the bottom of the countertop. The most prone to installation problem is that the bonding is not firm, which causes the sink to fall off -it is easy to occur when the sink just appears on the stage, but now the technology is becoming more and more mature, and it is rare.

Because it is not necessary to “slot” like the Taichung -style sink, the technology of workers is not high. As long as the glue is selected, it is full when the glue is full, and there will be no problem.

In terms of use, it is also the most convenient on the stage. It has no naked glass glue and no gap. The dirt on the table can be cleaned directly into the sink.

If you have to find some shortcomings, it may have a greater impact on the space inside the cabinet. Compared with the same size, compared with the sinks on the stage, Taichung, and the platform, there are more parts in the cabinet. Therefore, the storage space inside the cabinet will be squeezed.