How to wear it is a versatile mid -length trench coat, it’s time to start in autumn


After the autumn, have you put on a cold jacket? To say the most anti -warm jacket with autumn, the editor thinks that it is the windbreaker. A mid -length windbreaker in autumn is practical and versatile. Essence In this slightly cool early autumn, it is time to start a middle -length trench coat with its own style.


纯 Simple and versatile solid color trench coat

First of all, the most classic style of the windbreaker is the solid color trench coat. The solid color trench coat is simple and versatile, especially the khaki -colored mid -length trench coat. It is a favorite item for many women in autumn.

Many fashionable people wear khaki trench coats with jeans, which is practical and fashionable. The khaki trench coat also has a lot of different degrees of color systems, with a deep color system with a calm atmosphere, and a light card color system with fresh wind.


In addition to khaki, the black mid -length trench coat is also a stable and versatile type. If you don’t like the too dull color, you can also choose a fresh and cool style trench coat.

格 The eye -catching retro checkered trench coat


The second fashion of the trench coat is a checkered trench coat. In addition to solid color, I believe that checkered trench coat is the most popular item. This year, it is very popular with new color checkered trench coats such as yellow and green.

The checkered trench coat also has a small size, and the small plaid trench coat is more retro and thinner, while the large plaid trench coat is more casual. In terms of color selection, red plaid is also a very popular style.


If you do n’t like the positive checkered trench coat, you can also choose this type of lining with a pure -colored mid -length trench coat. This style of comparison is versatile and trendy.

拼 New tide stitching trench coat

The third type of trench coat is a stitching trench coat. This is the fashionable and advanced version of the solid color trench coat. Many fashionable people like the contrasting trench coat of khaki and retro green this year, which look handsome.

In addition to retro green, the windbreaker and black stitching of khaki are also atmospheric and highlighted. If you want to show up, you can choose a trench coat that is spliced ​​from bright colors such as yellow.

Three or three or more colored trench coats seem to be more outstanding, which perfectly breaks the feeling and dullness brought by autumn, but it is generally difficult to control when a variety of colors are composed. Consider as appropriate.


The middle and long trench coats are actually wearing the cold, and they can almost form a CP with any common items in the wardrobe. Everyone must not miss such versatile, handsome and fashionable items in autumn.


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