Shoe products determine clothing, a pair of comfortable and textured leather shoes is too important for men


Shoe products decide the clothes,

This fashion truth is also applicable for men.


Admission interviews, important business talks, high -end restaurant banquets, or important moments of life,

Still “a pair of shoes and cloth shoes go the world”, it will be slightly casual, giving people a bad impression.

A pair of texture leather shoes can support the scene and show the mature charm of men.


In recent years, leather shoes have also become the mainstream wearing of men’s daily wear, which is adapted to various basic items.


A pair of all -round creation of young wind, street style, Japanese style, especially good, elegant and not serious.

I know how to choose leather shoes and how to wear it. Many men really have no concept.


○ Go to the small shopping mall and pick the double cheap,


The style is not good -looking, the leather is hard and poor, and the taste is particularly large.

○ Buy dual foreign luxury cards,

It is distressed and textured. You can refer to the design of the European and American feet as narrow and grinding.


A few days ago, the buyer and I and my brother would from


Men’s pain points in leather shoes: style, texture, wear experience,

To compare the market


Multiple leather shoes brands.


Come finally

This “cost -effective king” -Desai men’s casual Oxford leather shoes are recommended to everyone.

It supports the scene: British Oxford leather shoes that have been popular in the 17th century, simple and generous,

It is a model of elegant retro gentry.


The texture does not lose the luxury card: selected Italy to enter the oral cowhide, which is made of 19 processes.


It is even more comfortable to wear: according to the Chinese men’s feet design. We found 15 male colleagues to try on, all of which were praised.

Buy a thousand yuan experience of 100 yuan,


Not only will you accompany you to work on the battlefield, but you can also walk around the Quartet.

When you don’t know which leather shoes to buy, buy it right.


This pair of Oxford leather shoes, the mid -to -high -end leather shoes brand that domestic elites are buying, Said Group.

Since its establishment in 1993, Sade has been favored by gentlemen, and its products are sold well in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and West Africa.

It is the same factory of international luxury cards such as CK and ALDO, and it is also a key enterprise in my country’s leather industry.

Won the title of national inspection -free product and pass the ISO 9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the person in charge of the brand specially invited us to visit the factory for field visits.

Visit the process of seeing the process of Said leather shoes from the head layer of cowhide to the version, batch leather, and needle car to mold.

There, Sandro, a well -known Italian shoes craftsman with 35 years of experience, told us:


These leather shoes have been improved from Oxford leather shoes that have been popular in the 17th century.

Oxford shoes are one of British orthodox leather shoes. Origin from Scotland and Ireland, it was brought up by students of Oxford University and soon swept the European and American nobles.

At that time, the British gentlemen could not be separated from three equipment: advanced customized suits, long -handle umbrellas, and a pair of Oxford leather shoes.

So far in the “PITTI UOMO” of Italy twice a year,

Oxford shoes are always the protagonist, with high frequency.

▲ Fred Astaire, a well -known male dancer, treats it as an elegant model and often wore it as dancing.

This pair of Said Oxford shoes that come from

The low -key classic of traditional styles is retained, and simple lines are added.


Slightly square toe,

It is easy to create the style of business gentlemen.


5 Pole shoelaces, can wrap any foot type, and make the shoe body moderate,

Make your lower limbs more powerful. Wearing it to participate in a business meeting, the whole person is more professional.


Leather is the soul of leather shoes

Essence The cheap leather shoes use artificial leather, and there will be a strong and inferior glue flavor; it is also hard to wear, and the heels are all blood, and they are particularly stuffy.

These pairs of Oxford leather shoes are from more than 100 kinds of advanced leather,


Selected a head layer of cowhide from the town of Arzignano, Italy as leather.

The town of Arzignano is the largest leather industry area in Italy. Many countries produced in many countries, various giant brands, FENDI, Armani, Gucci, BVIGARI Bulgari, ABSOLUTE, have all used leather here.

Sandro tells us,


In addition to the good place of origin, leather shoes are also carefully selected for leather raw materials–

“Not every part can make leather shoes. The relaxed belly parts, folded necks and leg roots cannot be used.”

Each pair of Said leather shoes, only the back and hip skin of the twisted cow, only to make it

Sofan, comfortable and long -lasting feet.

Washing, polishing, and waxing multi -craftsmanship tanning,

Leather shoes will not odor like inferior leather shoes. In the summer, it will not wear glue to wear high temperature in summer.

And in light, the reflective color of the fiber can be seen, which makes the texture reveal.

In order to make it more breathable than ordinary leather shoes,


Pork skin is used inside the leather shoes, which is comfortable and not stuffy. Even if we wear it for a few years, it is not easy to protect it.

This is an ordinary leather shoes and artificial leather shoes.

The same -quality leather shoes counters have to sell thousands of yuan, and we can get goods from the factory. It is particularly cost -effective.

Many people feel grinding and tight in wearing luxury leather shoes because when the shoes are designed,

The luxury card uses foreigners’ feet design. We are not suitable for wearing.

These pair of Oxford leather shoes have measured the foot type of a number of Chinese men,

Re -make suitable shoes.

The toe is slightly tilted,

Do not let your toes feel suspended, and it is naturally comfortable.


The front of the shoe is widened,

Give a wide and comfortable space for Chinese men’s wide feet, and friends with wider feet can start.


Latex insoles, heels and sponges,

Gently protect the ankle, don’t be afraid of grinding your feet for a long time, and the big scene can be held.


The sole is a rubber sole with abrasion -resistant and non -slip. It will not feel hard to walk, which is very fit.

As a domestic factory in CK and ALDO, Sidd has the internationally leading set of shoes. Each production process of leather shoes can be compared with foreign luxury cards.


Bringing and soles of the soles of the shoe

Sewing reinforcement,


Performing and wear -resistant, more firmly durable than sticky glue.

19 complicated processes including materials selection, lines, batch skin, needle, water dyeing, drying, and molding,


Be finally completed.

Before leaving the factory, there will be a layer of quality inspection to ensure that there are no flaws in each pair of shoes.


These pairs of Oxford leather shoes,


There are two styles: a classic model and an increase.

Increased the appearance of the classic 3cm flat heel design, the inside is set up by 3 cm, and the invisible increase is 6cm.

Confidence followed.


The calm and versatile black models are absolutely classic.

With suit pants, it is the standard of successful people in the workplace, which is sharp and wise.

Gentle brown brown,


It is not exaggerated or low -key. With blue jeans, it is very durable.

When participating in business activities, wearing a gentleman fan, leaving a sense of calmness.

Men’s good taste is often inconspicuous.

Put on this textured leather shoes, others can see your calm and mature temperament at first glance.


Girls buy a pair of giving them to their dads and lovers, and they are also a decent gift. They also have facade when they go out for entertainment.

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Delsai Men’s casual Oxford leather shoes

¥ 318