Desert cross -country, tent camping, RV experience, May 1 madage, Mengjiawan asked you to see it


Desert cross -country, tent camping, RV experience, May 1 madage, Mengjiawan asked you to see it

Looking forward to looking forward, the May Day holiday is coming. As the saying goes, the “no holiday holiday is no soul dripping” holiday, it is to inject the soul into the festival.

As a result, the May 1st holiday that had only been 3 days in the past year, this year was upgraded to 5 days of luxury small holidays. In addition, the domestic epidemic has improved. Qingming has not been able to come out, and now you can plan!

where to play? playing what? Don’t panic! Xiaobian has already arranged for you! The long -planned Sahuan plan, Mengjiawan is definitely the first choice!

Here, you can not only watch the stars and watch the moon, but also watch the grand performance, experience the bonfire party, but also experience the style camping tent; in the “growth” desert, experience the natural imagery art; Shooting, feel the interest of nature; of course, Loess Danxia landforms and Shaanxi characteristic cuisine …

Envy, jealous, let’s take a look together!

There are the most beautiful grass beach scenery here


Da Mei Yuyang · Mengjiawan has a strong and magnificent natural scenery, rich and diverse folk customs, deep historical and cultural, unique local cuisine, with unique water resources and very colorful cultural tourism resources. San Daohe is located in Mengjiawan Township, Yuyang District. It is 20 kilometers from Yulin City. It is close to the 201 National Highway and Shaanxi Mongolia Expressway. It has convenient transportation, excellent location, rich tourism resources, and obvious cultural characteristics.

The San Dao River is 5 kilometers long, the river is clear, and the river flows to the Yuxi River all year round; the water conservancy resources are abundant, and there are more than 300 fish ponds in large and small. It is accustomed to both Mongolian characteristics and is a typical wind sand grass beach area in northern Yulin.


San Daohe Cao Beach Style Resort is a folk custom tourism with “living in farmhouses, eating farmhouses, working farmers, and enjoying farmers’ music” to provide tourists with a “ancient, beginning, true, and earth” tourist experience.

May 1st, here will start the mysterious Chinese Land Rover Conference and Mengjiawan Cao Beach Style Tourist Season Activity


Here, you can

Live in the tent and “Hi Pi” with your family

Food food, enjoy the moon with the beauty

Watch the performance, the same music enthusiasts

Play games, meet your friends to enjoy the sky!


From April 29th to May 4th, 2020, the launching ceremony of Dami Yuyang series of tourism activities and 2020 Mengjiawan Grass Beach style tourism season startup ceremony will be opened here.

It is the general trend to move towards nature and close to nature. Tourism and leisure holiday lifestyle has become a new type of healthy lifestyle that everyone dreams of.

The Dream Bay China Land Rover Conference and Mengjiawan Caotan Tourism Season created a pleasant paradise for tourists in all directions, using colorful music, novel and chic tents, stimulating thrilling desert off -road, fun and interesting bonfire party. You bring a rare leisure and relaxing opportunity.

There are thrilling “desert off -road” here

Various experience line combinations, experienced Land Rover instructors will customize the different driving experience for you.

Dream Bay · China Land Rover Cross Country Base is a large -scale pastoral complex developed and operated by Yulin Linlin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.. The base is located in Qiqiuhe Village, Mengjiawan Township, Mengjiawan District, Yuyang District, Yulin to create desert culture+art+off -road++off -road+ Extreme sports+film base+modern agriculture+leisure agriculture as an integrated project complex. The project area is about 65,000 acres. It grows from the desert to grow more beauty. Sports needs, aiming to lead the characteristic lifestyle in the new era.

On April 29th, a thrilling “desert off -road” will be opened at the Mengjiawan Land Rover off -road base, adding a little fun to life, releasing your pressure at the Land Rover base, the desert can be liberated by your body and mind. You can understand life here, and you can also get friendship that you can’t get on weekdays. How big is your gain from the desert off -road.


There are novel and chic tents here

Between the heavens and the earth, the tent is dotted, reflecting the star lights of the sky, bright and glorious, and the luminescence;


Next to the tent under the starry sky, sing and dance enthusiastically together, talk about the future.

On the big stage at night, northern Shaanxi folk songs, Mongolian songs, Matouqin, and northern Shaanxi Yangge, passionate and bold, staged in turn.

Let your eyes turn all night; think about this picture to make people drunk.


Here is a lively red fire “bonfire party”

I was tired during the day. On the star of the stars, I ate barbecue and listened to the songs. A group of people sang around the bonfire to sing and dance, playing fun, how pleasant it was!

There are interesting water sports and sea fishing here

The beautiful pastoral, grass beach environment, pleasant scenery, dense forest grass, and fresh air of San Daohe form a beautiful natural scenery. The water conservancy resources here are abundant, and the number of ponds in large and small ponds can be used here to enjoy pond fishing here. At the same time, the event is the second day, that is, on April 29th, you can also go to Zhongying Panan Reservoir to experience the desert sea water movement and sea fish fishing activities.

In the natural environment of the original ecology, playing water, sand, and fishing can not only purify the impetuous mood, but also enjoy the wild and luxurious holiday time.

There are wonderful literary performances here

During the event, there are wonderful literary performances every day. In addition to northern Shaanxi folk songs, northern Shaanxi books, Yulin small songs, Ansai waist drums, northern Shaanxi suona and other unique northern Shaanxi characteristic programs, the organizer also prepared Mongolian songs, and the organizer also prepared Mongolian songs, Matouqin’s performance, etc., will let you feel the traditional Mongolian and Han traditional culture while enjoying the magnificence of the magnificence.

At the same time, I believe that carefully prepared lion dance performances and live games, sports competitive activities will also add a lot of fun to your holidays.

The temperature rises, the sun is gentle, the nature has glowed with the vitality of the past, and every cell of the body is waiting to be awakened. The beauty of Mengjiawan has always been waiting for you to discover. You can meet a simple and purity without going to the mountains and wading.

This May Day, we are waiting for you in Mengjiawan!


The detailed process of the event and the attachment of the scenic area of ​​the scenic area


2020 Mengjiawan China Land Rover Conference and Mengjiawan Caitan style tourist season activity process:

(1) On the first day of April 29th

15: 00-17: 20 Land Rover riders will gather in the lobby of the People’s Mansion Hotel in Yulin City (five -star tentative) lobby.

(2) April 30 the next day


6: 30-7: 40 hotel after breakfast


8:00 The hotel lobby gathers luggage to Land Rover off -road base

10: 00-12: 00 The opening ceremony was held at the China Land Rover Off-Road Base (Dream Bay Pastoral Complex)

After the opening ceremony, Land Rover elite member entered the park to experience the desert off -road track to watch literary performances


In the afternoon, I went to Zhongying Pan Reservoir to experience the desert Haizi Water Sports and Haizi Fishing Activities, and went to the Caotan Winds Scenic Area (San Daohe River) for dinner (about 300 people) at 17:30) and experience the welcoming ceremony of the Mengyuan Culture Welcome Ceremony of the Cao Beach Wind Scenic Area Watch the literary party, taste local specialties, buffet barbecue, and local specialty snacks, check in the camping tent of the scenic area.

(3) On the third day, May 1st

7: 00-8: 40 San Dao River concentrated breakfast in the scenic area


9:00 Go to the National Geological Park of Mahuang Liang, Yuyang District to experience the landscape of the Loess Danxia, ​​and then gather lunch.


14:00 Go to the Zhaojiazhang National Loess Style Demonstration Zone and stay in the hotel after a meal.

(4) May 2, May 2nd

Go to the Yulin shooting field to experience the actual bomb shooting.

Scenic area route:

Route 1: Depart from Yulin Automobile North Station -Yingbin Avenue -Yulin Avenue -Baonan Line -San Daohe Village


Route 2: Depart from Yulin Automobile North Station -Yingbin Avenue -Yulin Avenue -Baomao Expressway -Baonan Line -San Daohe Village

Route 3: Departing from Yulin Automobile North Station -Yingbin Avenue -Great Wall Road -Yuxi Road -Baonan Line -San Daohe Village


Source: Focus on Yulin

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