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If you want to buy shoe cabinets, you will consider the price and brand. After all, these two are very important. So what should smart shoe cabinets consider? under

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What brand of smart shoe cabinet

Good, smart shoe cabinet price

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What brand of smart shoe cabinet is good

1. Quanyou Home Quanu (400-8800-315, founded in 1986. It mainly produces board furniture/solid wood furniture/mattress/sofa/soft bed and custom furniture/engineering furniture. Environmental protection home service provider, Quanyou Home Private Limited Company)

2 Qumei Home QM (400-696-8898, established in 1993. The provider of the entire home solution, a large-scale/standardized home furnishing group that integrates design/production/sales/service, Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd. )

3 SOGAL Sofia (400-880-2280, with the classic shutdown series wardrobe in the custom wardrobe industry, focusing on the large-scale enterprise of customized wardrobe and its supporting custom furniture research and development/production/sales, Sofia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.)

4 Shuanghu Family Private SUNHOO (400-818-8222, founded in 1989, a modern large-scale furniture enterprise integrating furniture design/research and development/manufacturing/sales/service, mainly producing coffee table/bed/desk/bookshelf and other products Chengdu Shuanghu Industrial Co., Ltd.)

5 European School OPPEIN (400-884-1868, began in 1994, the domestic comprehensive modern overall home integrated service provider, for home design plans/high-quality home product configuration and humanized home furnishings, European faction Home Group Co., Ltd.)

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6 Huari Home Furnishing Huari (0316-6089358, a well-known brand in the domestic solid wood furniture industry.

7 Guangming Furniture (400-996-0887, began in 1985, the new Chinese-style solid wood original furniture supplier in the Oriental, integrating auxiliary industries such as the furniture industry/also auxiliary industries such as chemical/packaging, and Guangming Group Co., Ltd.)

8 IKEA IKEA (400-800-2345, began in Sweden in 1943. It is a global well-known furniture and home supplies brand. Based on global procurement models, large world furniture retail companies are known for many types/beautiful and practical/flat prices. , IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

9 Gujia Home Kuka (400-681-6816, a company specializing in research/development/production/sales of living room and bedroom furniture products, large software home operators, listed companies, Gujia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.)

1 billion Family (0519-88503036, a home brand mainly based on simple furniture/storage supplies, integrating small furniture/home product research and development/production/warehousing/sales, Changzhou Jian Shang Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.)

Smart shoe cabinet price

Smart shoe cabinets are also very popular today, and prices have become the focus of attention. First of all, we need to simply classify the smart shoe cabinet. One is the simple category. The price of only one door with a relatively small price is relatively cheaper, which can be purchased between about 300 yuan and 700 yuan. Some of these smart shoe cabinets may be designed. The more interesting one is designed as a form of shoe -changing stools.

When there are more people at home, you can choose to buy a relatively large smart shoe cabinet. The price ranges from about 1,000 yuan to 3000 and 5000. The price is also reflected in the material, it is solid wood or just a simple porch shoe cabinet. A smart shoe cabinet that is relatively deep now is a double -opening ivory white real wood smart shoe cabinet. In terms of price, there are more than 2,000 to 4000. This price is not very expensive after careful consideration. We have to buy a shoe cabinet without considering the price of smart shoe cabinets. Bringing safety and convenience, why not?

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