Women with good autumn and winter clothing love “small pants”, practical and versatile and thin, and win in accordance with stable


When it comes to small feet pants, I believe that everyone will not be too unfamiliar. Due to the tight slim -slim -type slimming, these pants are loaded with thin legs and thin legs, and they are very low -key and practical. The bloated feeling makes the overall shape look more relaxed.

This also makes small feet pants a treasure item that is matched with a few masters, but there are shortcomings of small foot pants, that is, it is easy to expose the short -legged shortcomings and cause too monotonous dressing. So how do you put your small pants out of the autumn and winter seasons? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at this set of small pants with demonstrations. Women with good autumn and winter clothes love “small pants” more. It is practical and versatile and thin.

1. The style of small feet in autumn and winter


After entering the autumn and winter seasons, middle -aged women are becoming more and more rich in the material or color selection of small feet, but it should be noted that the small foot pants are not more tightly tightly improved. Generally speaking Pure -colored small foot pants are more practical and durable.

1. Black foot pants

Black low -key washing and calm, giving people a deep deserted and noble feeling. In winter, black -footed pants are used to combine long coats. While creating a tight combination of shape, it also adds a stable tone to the dress. At the same time effect.

It is worth mentioning that wearing black pants, choosing black inner or black shoes, can help create a tall figure. In addition, if you use it for formal occasions, then small foot tube pipes can express the elegant and decent side of middle -aged women. Essence


2. White pants


Although white and black belong to the basic color, it feels very different, and the white system is pure and clean.

In winter, I am worried about the dull and old -fashioned middle -aged woman, and she can use black and camel tops with white pants. It is not old and temperament.

3. Cowboy pants

Material is a key factor that affects the wearing of small foot pants, and is worried that the pants are prone to exposing the problem of leg bending. Then we can choose the tough denim small foot pants, combined with the nine -point design, showing straight legs and casual fashion.

In addition, with a small foot pants, the waist jacket or the knee jacket can also increase the tolerance of the legs of the leggings.

Second, small foot pants wear formula

Little feet pants are a basic model that is no longer uncomfortable. Improper autumn and winter matching will give people a sense of dullness. This also requires middle -aged women to pay attention to matching, more formulas that are not easy to make errors, and at the same time mastering carefully.

1. Sweater+small foot pants

In autumn and winter, it is the home of the sweater. It is warm and comfortable and healed. Like black knitted sweaters, beige turtleneck sweaters or light coffee cardigans, with small feet pants are very gentle and generous.

However, the sweater needs to be as loose as possible. The length is best covered with the crotch area. The leg shape is relaxed, or it can be used to strengthen the visual depth with the help of smoothing skills.


2. Covered cardigan+small feet pants

The knitted cardigan is divided into long and short models. Generally speaking, short shirts are more popular, but when it is used to combine small foot pants, it is recommended to choose a knitted long cardigan with a length below the knee.

This kind of long cardigan can block the area of ​​the thighs and hips, and the small foot pants are tight, and the combination of the long cardigan will not cause delay and bloated.

3. suit+small foot pants


The pair of suites and small feet pants has always been welcomed by the tide, but in this combination, the suit is recommended to choose the waist but the knee, and the small foot pants can consider high -waist nine -point tight jeans.

Ends out of the street or workplace combination of pointed shoes and short boots.

4. Well coat+small feet pants


Although the coat is warm and comfortable, it can improve the temperament, but it is easy to give people bloated. With small foot pants, it can solve this problem by loose comparison.

For example, using a neutral woolen coat combination denim jeans, casual fashion and modern.

Third, what shoes do small pants wear?

When choosing shoes, most people usually only consider whether the shoes are suitable for themselves. In fact, it is natural to be coherent naturally.


Pants such as small feet pants are tight and mostly designed with nine -point, slit design. The best choice when paired with shoes is to use various pointed shoes.

Or a thin canvas shoes, small white shoes, loafers or short boots.

These shoes combined with small foot pants can have an extension effect on the sight, so as to stretch the length of the legs and avoid the heavy dress, which is very friendly to the small man.


The above is a demonstration of autumn and winter pants shared by middle -aged women this time. If you do n’t have the clue for the time being, then you may wish to learn from it and win it according to the stability!

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