Late at night, he was ordered to reverse the battle for two years.


The world -renowned Apple company believes that everyone is familiar with everyone. On February 24, 2010, our Chinese Lunar New Year has not finished. Apple appointed a Chinese woman named Zhong Binxian as the chief director of Apple’s new board of directors, and Zhong Binxian was the only woman in the seven boards of Apple. This news caused a huge response in the business community. Who is Zhong Binxian?

Speaking of the name of Zhong Binxian, many people are not familiar with, but when they mention Avon Cosmetics, there are many people who know. Zhong Binxian is a well -known former chairman of the board of directors of Avon Company of the United States as CEO. The American Avon Products Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 companies in the world. It was founded in New York, USA in 1886. It turned out to be California fragrance company. In 1939, due to admiration for great poets and drama writers Shakespeare, Avon’s founder Mcny was A river called Avon, the hometown of Shakespeare, named his company, and translated it. Avon was translated. Avon is the world’s leading direct selling company of beauty products, cosmetics and related products. It has 43,000 employees. In 2009, Avon’s global sales performance reached 10.4 billion US dollars. Women offer more than 20,000 products.


But it was such a century -old shop. In 1999, a crisis encountered a crisis. This year, Avon’s stocks plummeted, and the company was downturn. By November 1999, the sales and profits of Avon’s fourth quarter declined sharply. At this time, the stock plummeted by 50%. Soon after that, the chief executive officer of Avon, Charles Palin, resigned, and Avon fell into a moment of life and death. Unexpectedly, in 2001 two years later, Avon’s sales increased miraculously by 6%. By 2003, Avon’s sales of Avon have reached 6.8 billion US dollars. You have to start with one night.


Late at night in November 1999, the then Avon COO was the chief operating officer Zhong Binxian received a call from the chairman of the Avon Board. The phone told her that she would become the new CEO of the new Avon Company. She was impacted by this huge joy. She eagerly wanted to find someone to share this joy. In a hurry, she woke up her only ten -year -old daughter and told her the news. The daughter replied: Mummy, you must be dreaming. Is this a dream, really not. On this day, Avon has been established for 119 years. Zhong Binxian is not only the first female CEO of Avon since 119 years, but also special, it is also a black -headed and yellow -skinned Chinese.

Zhong Binxian himself was surprised. Avon actually chose her in the end. In fact, in various industries in the United States, the ceiling that limited women’s rise has always existed. In 1993, Zhong Binxian had just joined Avon shortly. At that time, four footprints were printed on a decorative board in Jim’s office: Ape monkey, men’s bare feet, men’s leather shoes, a high heels, the title above was very simple, which was the evolution of leadership. At that time, Jim looked at Zhong Binxian to show her appreciation of her from the inside out. He said that I would completely believe that in the next decade, there will be a woman who will lead Avon. But Zhong Binxian did not expect that the woman who broke the glass ceiling turned out to be herself. This time is less than ten years before she has entered Avon. As a century -old company, why did Avon’s board choose Zhong Binxian as the new CEO?

Zhong Binxian is a Chinese American. He was born in Toronto, eastern Canada in 1958. When he was 20 years old, she studied English in Princeton University in English. After the year, when Zhong Binxian was 32 years old, she began to be responsible for all the women’s clothing business of the company. When she was 34 years old, she married McGuld, CEO of Buluming Department Store, 15 years older than him. In order to avoid suspicion, Zhong Binxian left this company the second year after marriage. When choosing a new company, Avon was favored by Zhong Binxian, who has been engaged in women’s clothing business as a century -old shop in cosmetics, and she joined Avon. Since then, she has joined Avon. She started her career in Avon.

In just one year to join Avon, with her rich management experience and excellent ability, she became one of the core of the company’s leadership. After that, Zhong Binxian’s career was smooth and smooth. Zhong Binxian and the other two became the candidate for the CEO of Avon. At this time, Zhong Binxian has begun to radiate light in the American business community. She has been the most familiar figure in the American corporate community as Afang in Avon. However, the outstanding work performance and the outside world must still not be able to resist the glass ceiling of women in the workplace. Zhong Binxian, who has always believed that he is the most suitable candidate, or pass by with the CEO. Palin, the reason is that there is no female CEO in Avon’s century -old history.

Zhong Binxian, the choice of Avon’s board of directors, should be disappointed. At this time, other companies also came to the door to hire her to be CEO. In the face of frustration in her career, Zhong Binxian was struggling. In the end, I persisted. Zhong Binxian said a word at the time: the name and title are not as good as my enthusiasm for Avon. It was this enthusiasm that Zhong Binxian persisted until two and a half years later, Avon’s board of directors chose Zhong Binxian again. Zhong Binxian did not resign at the time, so he walked towards his ideals and his success.

Zhong Binxian was only 40 years old when he took over the CEO of Avon. Women and Chinese were the iconic symbols of Zhong Binxian. She was confident in her Chinese identity. Zhong Binxian still remembers one thing in the fourth grade of her elementary school. For 120 colors, parents will reach an agreement with him. If your exams are all A, you will buy you a set for you. In order to get the pen, Zhong Binxian, kept himself in the room to review his homework, missed many birthday parties, tennis competitions, and finally made a transcript with all A, which got his dream brush. Zhong Binxian said that I would never forget that, and my parents planted a perfect belief in my mind early. At the same time, as the first woman in this company’s century, Zhong Binxian seems to be her advantage. The predecessors in charge of Avon are outstanding men. They can not use lipsticks and cannot use cosmetics, and they can directly involve the innovation of products to bring exciting business opportunities to the market. This is precisely the advantage of women.


However, you are also cruel and cruel. Zhong Binxian is facing Avon’s most serious challenge at the beginning. How can Zhong Binxian bring Avon out of the trough? After a short time of joy, Zhong Binxian felt the pressure of heavily. Many people would watch her, and they were in charge of companies with millions of independent distribution representatives and developing business in 137 countries and regions. What Zhong Binxian did not expect was that the day she took office, and there was a miracle the next day. The stocks of Avon’s Avon Company rose 23%in this day. The reason is because Avon chose a female CEO to manage it. This company, which is dominated by women’s careers, is because of the reputation of Zhong Binxian at this time. Many people are optimistic about him. The rise in the stock price has increased confidence. In her opinion, the opening of the door can at least let the board of directors eat at ease pills, and then she has to calmly show her thoughts.

Different from the management methods of many male entrepreneurs, Zhong Binxian immediately showed the characteristics of female leaders. Zhong Binxian did not stay in the office for four weeks. question. In order to be able to solve the needs of consumers and understand the bitterness and bitterness of the sales team, she even joined the ranking of the salesperson. Zhong Binxian held a senior meeting of the company, and at the meeting, she threw out a killer: turn over the plan-to change the direct sales to retail.

Is there any change in this? I have to explain to you in the history of Avon for more than 100 years. There has never been a retail marketing method. The United States Avon is the father of direct sales, which means that the on -site sales of cosmetics are used. But the times have developed. Even in the United States, few housewives will stay at home all day long. Three -quarters of women work outside. Who do you come to sell to? After taking office, Zhong Binxian dared to change after taking office. On the premise of keeping the direct sales business volume, he became boldly advanced to the traditional retail field. 50 mall counters were set up in the global market. Borrowing the Dongfeng of the people and the people at the time, the reform killer danced one by one. In the final analysis, let’s say a word in Chinese: open source throttling, but Zhong Binxian’s open source throttling starts with the throttling first. Corps Avon’s original advertising agent, and Zhong Binxian ordered a new design of the packaging. She started the order from the salesperson to the product out of the product. Each link was automated, and even the freight was re -negotiated. All these efforts save Avon’s 400 million US dollars.


However, after all, the light stream is not fundamental, the most important thing is open source. Zhong Binxian boldly set up a monopoly counter at the US Department Store to try to take a high price route. But the idea is good. If you want to take a high price, you have to have strong products. At this time, what is the status of Avon’s products in the minds of ordinary consumers? It is a daily necessities for aunt over 40 years old. When Zhong Binxian saw this situation, he invested a lot of funds to develop new products to make Avon’s image fashionable flowers. However, she does not save money in the development of new products. She has increased her research and development budget to 46%, and the launch of new products has been shortened from three years to two years. Speaking of this, there is also a major change in Avon’s history. This is also the strongest stroke by Zhong Binxian about this century -old enterprise, because it is related to the survival of hundreds of thousands of people. Sales team-Miss Avon.


Time has entered the 21st century, and the electronic network era has been used in full swing around the world. Avon Network is still in the initial sales marketing stage. The advent of the Internet era and the rise of e -commerce have gradually declined with Avon’s traditional sales model. However, the new head of the new person, Zhong Binxian, intentionally defined Avon’s sales method. She decided that Avon must take Baobao on e -commerce while entering the traditional retail field at full speed. The idea is good, but I also encountered the biggest challenge-Miss Avon, who reached hundreds of thousands of people, what should these people do? Because in the late 1990s, e -commerce was not an emerging thing. Many people were unfamiliar. In many developing countries, Miss Avon’s education level was limited and could not need e -commerce. So when Avon carefully tried to print the URL on her product directory, many Miss Avon secretly scraped off this URL and put pressure on the company to cancel this measure. The momentum.


Zhong Binxian’s response is quite agile. She is thinking about a question. How can I make Miss Avon, who has never been on the Internet, quickly adapt to this marketing method. How can she make them make money? Zhong Binxian has allocated a website that serves a direct sales representative for $ 60 million. Each representative can be a new electronic sales representative of Avon as long as the $ 15 is paid per month. -25%of commissions, you are responsible for distribution and delivered the goods yourself. The amount of commission can be increased to 30%-50%. This business profit is quite rich. In this way, the effect is surprisingly good. Due to the reduction in sales costs, Avon’s products are more competitive in price, gradually transitioning the sales team, and adapting to the way of online sales. Soon, Miss Avon, who was more than half of the United States, began to do business on the Internet.

However, after the establishment of Avon and Jiangshan, Zhong Binxian knew that to maintain Avon as a global brand and continued to rise, it was necessary to open up other emerging markets of the world. Because 60%of Avon’s sales come from the United States. At this time, she aimed at a place. At the high -level meeting of Avon, Zhong Binxian said: If I predict and clarify that the best market expansion direction of Avon’s best market expansion in ten years must be China. In fact, Avon has entered China in the early 1990s, but after Zhong Binxian took office, he began to accelerate the pace of Avon’s entry into the Chinese market in 2000. In just half a year, Avon Global CEO Zhong Binxian came to China twice. China’s huge market. In 2003, Zhong Binxian started as chairman of Avon CEO. In October of this year, Zhong Binxian came to China again. Dressing was very delicate, black fine high heels, black stockings, red suits, large pearl necklace, pearl earrings, black black styles bright Half -straight hair, stylist specially takes care of makeup. When Zhong Binxian appeared in Avon China, it was a star. When she walked into the Avon Shanghai office and shaken hands with Chinese employees, many women worshiped this black -haired yellow skin female boss who came from thousands of miles from the United States.

As the most richest and most powerful Chinese female entrepreneur in the world, Zhong Binxian brought endless topics to this company that mainly female employees. In March 2006, Avon ushered in an exciting heart. At the historical moment, China’s first direct sales business license is flowers. Avon has more than 70 branches in China now. China Avon has spread throughout the country through its sales network. More than 6,000 sales and service outlets and hundreds of thousands of direct sales are The members of the Avon of her place in China.

Every time Zhong Binxian came to China, he was very public, showing the charm of the world’s most successful Chinese female entrepreneurs. Only to clearly say that Zhong Binxian has led Avon out of the valley and becomes one of the most outstanding female CEOs in the world. It is also the flexible use of Zhong Binxian’s rich sales method that not only let Avon go out of the predicament, but also brings Avon’s reversal change. In early 2010, the Apple Board chose Zhong Binxian to become the chief director. Apple’s CEO Jobs also hoped that Zhong Binxian would have brought this advantage to Apple with more than 20 years of experience in the direct sales and sales industry.


The details of the contract Jobs and Zhong Binxian refused to disclose to the outside world that it was the business secret of others. Although Zhong Binxian was successful with the identity of women, she was struggling. With a balance, Zhong Binxian always felt that she was a good mother, but she was by no means a good wife. She had divorced twice, so she cherished her children the most to her. Zhong Binxian is very busy and has time to participate in all her daughter’s activities, but when her daughter has important activities, she will rule out all difficulties to participate, but she is not taboo for the fact that divorce. Difficulty, but she insisted that the failure in her marriage was the reason for personal.

Zhong Binxian has spent two decades from CEO to saving Avon for more than 120 years. What is Zhong Binxian relying on? Many people say that they are two advantages, black hair, high heels! As a woman, Zhong Binxian understands women and let Afang stand up again in the United States. Because of the advantages of black hair and yellow skin, it has opened up Avon’s most important Chinese market in the world, which means that the advantage was used by Zhong Binxian’s intelligent mind very well. This has made this century -old company rejuvenating.