Evaluation report Which sanitary napkin can help you “blood war aunt”?


Can TA really help you lock the waterfall?


In comprehensive performance and safety indicators, Qianjin Jinga and Enzhi performed well. Interesting Shubao’s performance in absorption and breathability is poor, and the bottom is at the bottom.


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Comprehensive evaluation: Qianjin Jingya, Eunzhi is better, and the bottom of Shubao is the bottom

Evaluation brand

Sophie, Le, Gao Jie silk, seven -degree space, protecting Shubao, Qianjin Jingya, ABC, Enzhi

Remarks: The eight samples that were delivered this time were generally quantitative (standard)

Evaluation indicator

Absorbing performance, breathability, bacteriostatic effect, hygiene status and other indicators, in addition, also recruited 20 volunteers to conduct subjective experiences on 8 products.

Assessment results

As a disposable sanitary product, the sanitation of sanitary napkins is undoubtedly the prerequisite for its use. The sanitary napkin prepared by recycling corner material is difficult to meet the national standard sanitation requirements. The sanitary conditions of the eight sanitary napkins are excellent, and they can meet the requirements of the disinfection level.


Combined with absorption performance, breathability, bacteriostatic effect, and the subjective experience of 20 volunteers, the better performance is thousands of gold experience, Enzhi and seven -degree space.


It is worth mentioning that in the subjective experience, Enzhi has obvious advantages, and the lightness and lightness of Hua Wang Le and Ya Ya are more popular with volunteers.


Absorption: Eunzhi is better, protect Shubao at the bottom

In addition to the exquisite packaging of Menghua Girl’s heart, there is no doubt that the voices of girls using sanitary napkins are: refusing to sideways, annoying stuffy heat, disgusted with hard stigma, and being afraid of sticky.

The “water absorption rate” reflects the absorption of sanitary napkins to a certain extent, and the “penetration amount” reflects the instant absorption capacity of the product. The larger the infiltration, the faster the absorption speed of the sanitary napkin, and the risk of leakage will be smaller.

The test results show that Enzhi’s absorption performance is better and protect Shubao at the bottom.

Three surface materials of sanitary napkins: soft, cotton, and dry mesh


Generally speaking, cotton (including cotton soft, cotton) sanitary napkins are characterized by soft skin and better comfort, especially cotton materials. The sanitary napkin of the mesh material is difficult to attach to the surface because the liquid is difficult to attach, so it is more dry to use.

Consumers are recommended to choose sanitary napkins of different materials according to their skin quality and needs.

Breathery: Qianjin Jinga is better, Sophie is worse


Ultra -breathable respiratory membrane, breathable characteristics make the breathing more comfortable … The sanitary napkin bottom membrane cannot cause sultry discomfort due to excessive obstruction.

Because the permeability is not available for the time being, this magazine’s breathability test includes two aspects: one is the volume of the bottom membrane with the greatest influence on the permeability, and the other is the permeability simulation experiment of the finished air permeability of the sanitary napkin.

The results of the test show that the results of the two tests are more consistent, and the permeability performance of the eight products is significantly different. Among them, Qianjin Jinga, seven -degree space, and Enzhi’s performance is better.

Berbal effect: ABC performance is outstanding

Antibacterial is not equal to bacterial inhibitory

Consumers may often hear the effects of antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects on sanitary napkins, but in fact, the significance of these two concepts is different. Antibacterial is the definition of China, including sterilization and bacteriostatic aspects. Foreign abroad is generally only divided into bacteriostatic and sterilization. Sterilization refers to killing bacteria, and bacteriostatic refers to inhibiting the growth and growth of bacteria.


The actual significance of the antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect of sanitary napkins is to improve the health state when using sanitary napkins, such as reducing odor, reducing the probability of microorganisms, and reducing the probability of diseases such as inflammation.


The test results show that ABC’s bacteriostatic effect is more prominent.

Experts suggest that women’s resistance will decrease during menstruation, and the flora changes greatly. Without a doctor’s order, try not to change.

医 Consumers are best to use antibacterial and bacteriostatic sanitary napkins under the guidance of a doctor to develop the habit of replacing sanitary napkins every 2 hours.

Consumption suggestion: Do not exceed 3 hours a sanitary napkin

比 Maternal maternity bleeding is much more than physiological bleeding during the physiological period, so generally use special postpartum sanitary napkins and puzzle pads to absorb postpartum bleeding.

的 For consumers with too much menstrual blood, emerging night security pants in the market can be used as a new choice. It can be regarded as the most effective sanitary napkin product to prevent side leakage.

次 Sanitary napkins are disposable sanitary products rather than medical drugs. For consumers with gynecological inflammation, they cannot rely on sanitary napkins to treat diseases.


Attachment: What are the effects of consumers who are most concerned about sanitary napkins?

“Consumer Report” In February 2016, a questionnaire on 120 consumers’ sanitary napkins showed that in addition to basic safety requirements, consumers mainly care about sanitary napkins. Good (71.7%), no leakage at the bottom and sides (70.8%), bacteriostatic performance (24.2%).

I accidentally sanitary napkin fell down

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