What is wearing this autumn and winter this year? Jiangnan cloth suit “makes you look good”


I believe that many girls will have such a trouble, that is, the clothes are obviously bought, but when they match, they can’t find the right one. Finally, they have to pick up the outermost part of the wardrobe. In fact, this is the style and brand you didn’t choose the right clothes!


According to the figure of Asian women’s figure, Jiangnan Bobe emphasizes the rich and random matching of single products. While providing our girls with a concept of clothing matching, we have left the re -creation space for clothing matching. The three color items of Jiangnan Bobe make you no longer facing the trouble of the wardrobe.


This year’s green is too hot, and it is impossible to say that it is not true! The sweater is a soft fabric, which comes from a gentle temperament. Jiangnan cloth combines the gentle material with the lively color and design this green sweater, which allows you to wear lively and bright autumn and winter in the autumn and winter of all things!


Jiangnan Buyi 21 Winter New Pin Mao Knit sweater

This green casual cardigan of Jiangnan cloth is definitely a very temperamental item. You can wear a casual tide to wear it as soon as you wear it. Not only can it be able to settle the cold and hot weather in autumn and winter, but also the versatile weapon of concave shape.

Jiangnan Buyi 21 Winter New Pin long casual cardigan


The color of the coffee is definitely the home color of autumn and winter. This coffee coat of Jiangnan cloth is designed with a checkered coat, and the trend is retro.

Jiangnan Bobe Winter New Product Woolen Coat


Girls with tall figures can also choose the long woolen coat of Jiangnan Bobe. The design of its collar can create different ways to wear. As for the inside, whether it is knitted sweater or a high -necked bottom shirt, whether it is a slim leather skirt or an elegant A -line skirt, it appears at the same time as this coffee coat, which can make the effect of the entire item more elegant. Very highly luxurious effect.

Jiangnan cloth clothing 21 winter new product coat




Although there is a popular color in autumn and winter every year, black is never outdated. Believe every girl. There is a black coat in the wardrobe. The weather is getting colder and it is suitable for wrapping yourself with a black coat. The black pajama -style woolen coat of Jiangnan cloth is decorated with a loose straight silhouette and a belt, which is stylish and relaxed. In addition, the black coat itself is relatively thin, so don’t worry about bloating.

Jiangnan cloth coat winter coat long hooded solid color fashion pajamas woolen coat

In fact, the combination must not only be combined with many factors according to personal preferences. All aspects are considered in order to match the one that suits you best. The design style of Jiangnan cloth suit is simple and romantic, not blindly obedient but always fashionable, I believe you can find a fashion item that suits you!