Have you used this child’s renminbi when you were a kid? My son wants to use it to buy toys


Every afternoon picking up the children’s stationery shop at the school gate, it depends on a long time, to buy toys or stationery. In the past few days, I have to tell me to be a rich person, buy children’s coins, and say that you can go to the toy store to buy toys. I told my children that this is a fake money and cannot buy things.

A bag of children’s money includes a child passbook, a piece of paper card, and the face value is the same as our real money, one hundred yuan, fifty yuan, twenty yuan, and even a very early two -point, one penny, one penny It is worth mentioning that there is actually a coin, one point.


Qian Meng looked like our real money, and it was wonderful. The appearance was almost false, but the words of Chinese children’s banks were printed on it. The small fonts below wrote the textbook for later use.


When the child bought it, he said that he would play games with me. I said that I have a rich man now. You see me a lot of money, I can go to the toy store to buy toys. The “Children’s RMB” sales price is only 5 yuan. This “children’s renminbi” is very popular at school. Many students regard it as a game chip to see who has won more. Individual students have accumulated these “coins” and are addicted. There are even students who use the idea of ​​using this counterfeit banknote and mix it in the real banknote to go to those individual old people’s shops to shop.


The child is still young, his cognition of money is still unable to reach, and he does not have the ability to distinguish. It has a great impact on his values ​​and cognition, and also brings the child’s unhealthy view of money. Moreover, our adults do not know how to educate children and how to let him learn to respect our RMB. These children’s coins have affected many children.