This year’s “flower shirt” is too hot, elegant and retro and advanced, no wonder fashionable essence is wearing


Fashion is really amazing. For example, the retro style that has been popular in the past two years, the version and color of many items are very similar to the popular elements in the 1980s and 1990s. The change of changes into modern fashion, it looks more fashionable and temperamental.

The most played in the retro style


“Flower Shirt”

Many people once thought that this was a very tacky single product, but after the retro style came, many celebrities took the lead in putting on, and the retro style shown made people feel high -level and elegant.


The past life of the flower shirt

Many people have a certain understanding of flower shirts. At first they were Hawaii style. Seeing the flower shirt seemed to come to the beach for vacation.

In fact, in the 19th century, Western missionaries entered Hawaii, and they brought a lot of folk customs, and specialties have Chinese dyeing technology and Japanese kimono fabrics. The original appearance of the Hawaii style shirt was formed.

In the 1950s, it became particularly popular. It has become a retro style and has a variety of rich patterns.

The flower shirt is actually called Mu Mu shirt. Later

This is also a very representative item, especially in the past two years, many women prefer neutral retro. It looks particularly elegant and elegant. The more fused shirt is very handsome and elegant in summer.

How to wear a flower shirt to wear it?

1. Color and print selection

The printed style items are in the main position of colors and colors, and these two elements will become the style of this item. Maybe most people hope that the clothes they wear can be thinner, so the color of the flower shirt you choose is relatively darker. In fact,


This more fancy shirt, choosing dark color as the background will be particularly old, resulting in the whole person is more beautiful.


Especially when you wear more mature people,

Flower shirts are mainly as light -colored as possible, which can also enlarge the characteristics of the facial features.

In comparison, it will be easier to control.

The other is the color,


Floral is a role that echo each other with the background color

There is a certain color corresponding to better control. For people with good skin tone, it is the best based on light colors. It can not only show the freshness of the summer without showing old.

For the design sense of color, patterns are very important


If you find it difficult to control, it is very good to choose a small floral. There is a French style, which looks very gorgeous; and the large -style flowers are more suitable for people who can well control fashion, because the large flower style style is style -style style. Shirts have certain requirements for temperament. It is difficult to control, but the practicality of wearing is low, but there are many classic and fashionable styles.

2. Edition selection: the neckline is important

Many people feel that the flower shirt feels on vacation because the version is not selected.

The version of the flower shirt must pay attention to the sense of contour, and the looseness and appropriateness are more appropriate

The characteristics of too loose and masculine are too strong to limit the personal style.

If you choose to match your body, you will have more texture, showing a kind of chic and leisure

The most important thing is the neckline part,

The effect of differently modified faces on the neckline is different

For example, the shape of the routine neckline is small for the modification of the face, but it is not particularly difficult to match.


Nowadays, the neckline of the suit is more relaxed and natural, which can well interpret the summer style, and it has a good modification effect on the lines of the shoulder and neck and the dot.


Sisters with short necks and thick necks are very friendly

, To have a certain degree of recognition, it is easier to create a French landscape.

Flower shirt fashionable matching practice

Look1, yellow flower shirt+white high waist pants

Yellow is particularly popular this year,

The elegance shaped by a flower shirt with a pale yellow color is unparalleled

, Especially for those who choose chiffon fabrics, wearing it is very soft, and the short -sleeved style has a certain tightening design and is more unique.

The above is purple, white, and green flowers, which are very visual and realistic. This kind of combination like real flowers, the fabrics of the chiffon complement each other, there is a retro and wind clear.

Look2, white flower shirt+jeans


Sometimes the color tone is too strong, it is difficult to control. Choosing this white with a better match is adapted through the Hawaii style. It is paired with high -waisted straight blue jeans, which is both elegant and atmospheric and full of retro style.

Look3, black letters printed shirt+skirt

Maybe in the impression of many people, the flower shirt is not black, in fact

The shirt of the letter print is also a kind of flower shirt

It is more suitable for the younger sister who likes neutralized, and the lower body is paired with a black skirt. The effect of thin legs above the knee is very strong. At the same time, it is matched with metal jewelry and glasses. Essence

Look4, flower shirt+denim shorts

The upper body is matched with a white -bottomed flower shirt. The neckline of the shirt is very similar to the about the suit. At the same time,

Damn a unique sense by knotting when matching


The lower body is paired with high -waisted rolled jeans, which easily shaped a sense of fashion, so the flower shirt is not only suitable for vacation to wear, but also very elegant in daily life.


As long as you master the correct selection methods and tips, wearing a flower shirt in summer is not fancy at all. Instead, it can show a high -level model, which becomes more distinctive. Some colors and colors are embellished!

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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This year’s “flower shirt” is too hot, elegant and retro and advanced, no wonder fashionable essence is wearing