“Picking up trash” in IKEA “Calek lattice cabinet to purchase, disassemble, transport, and install records


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Hello, everyone!

This is a detailed Totoro that has been carefully calculated since there is a baby!

What I will share with you today is the Kalek lattice cabinet that recently handled the Tao in the IKEA. From the experience of buying, disassembly, to transportation and installation, share it with friends who are interested!


People who usually go to IKEA will know that there are two must -do things to IKEA:

1. Just order two dollars of ice cream, which is really delicious and cheap. Only food cannot be disappointed!

2. It is the sample processing area near the exit area to see what is cheap and affordable baby!


But there is a problem that for those who are far away from the family and cannot go shopping often, you can only touch your luck every time you go to see what is cheap and good.

Later, the landlord added the local IKEA processing group, which was like opening the magic box of Pandora! There are often some special products in the group, and the landlord really sees one love! Not to mention that women are born in shopping mad, men buy, and their strength cannot be underestimated!


Especially when we caught up with the transformation of the IKEA exhibition room, a PDF version of the large file collection will be sent in the group. It is like a piece like the figure below to show all the products that will be withdrawn in the exhibition room. If you like it, you can pay for it!

The landlord’s house recently wants to transform it. It is more optimistic about the Kalek lattice cabinet of IKEA. It can often see similar products in the group. Which one is interested? price.

The grid cabinets of various sizes and shapes are not in a hurry, you can wait, and you will always release it from time to time.

The picture below is the product that the landlord saw in the group. I think the discount and price are not bad. I saw this grid cabinet at the IKEA scene before, and I prefer the color of the wood grain grid at the time.

The top of this processing product uses a black cabinet, which is more special.


The new plaid cabinet price in the exhibition room is 699 yuan, and sometimes it will catch up with a member discount of 649 yuan.

But this is just the price of 16 grid cabinets, without other accessories. Like the owner of the cabinet bought by the landlord, it needs to be paid separately.

I added the IKEA’s processing area administrator to learn about this grid cabinet. There is no big problem, but because it is a sample, there will be slight wear and bumps. This is acceptable because there are discounts.

In addition, the landlord crooked a building to explain, why I like to buy IKEA’s processing area samples:


1. Environmental protection and safety, no need to go home to prevent the taste! It is friendly to families with children!

2. Not second -hand, there are no big flaws. It belongs to the previous exhibition sample, which is not much different from the new product.

The only disadvantage may be that it needs to be disassembled by itself. If you need IKEA

If you provide disassembly services, you need to pay an additional fee!


Besides, the grid cabinet just now feels more appropriate. But I was not assured. I went to the scene to see the real thing. There was really no big problem, so I bought it on the spot.


The grid cabinet is also equipped with two accessories that can be fixed on the wall, which will be safer for people with children at home.

Before buying, I also consulted the problem of disassembly and delivery.

The cost of the IKEA is 70 yuan, and the delivery fee is 149 yuan. However, IKEA’s delivery must be selected to enjoy IKEA’s paid demolition services.


Because the original poster passed, thinking about pulling back, so he could only choose to disassemble his own bag.


After checkout, you can go to the service desk to borrow the tool for disassembly.


For engineering men, disassembling bags is not a big problem, it is done within 20 minutes!


After finding a small bag, the accessories must be installed to avoid loss.

After removing a piece of wooden boards, put it on the car, ready to push downstairs.

In order to prevent wear on each layer of wooden boards, the package provided by the packaging place is separated.

Another packaging is also provided with binding bags, but I did not use this.

This IKEA’s Kalek lattice cabinet is relatively easy to remove because the structure is relatively simple.

During my dismantling, the children were eating ice cream and hot dogs next to me.

Occasionally, I am also responsible for helping me pull out a small job such as insertion on the grid cabinet.


The partitions of each layer are fixed with insertion, so installation and disassembly are simple.


This is the effect after the disassembly. It feels like buying a bunch of wooden boards at 500 yuan.

IKEA’s trolley can be pushed to the parking lot. After the rear seats are down, the wooden board can be stuffed from the trunk to the car.


After the loading and unloading, put the car back to the parking lot fixed position.


After going home briefly, re -assembled it.

Like disassembly, the installation process is also not as good as blowing.


There are many different sizes on Tmall about this plaid cabinet. Put a link. If you are interested, you can click in and see.

In addition, after the installation is completed, some plug -in will look better, and the storage is more organized. IKEA official website itself will include accessories including cabinets, drawers, bags, etc., but at that time, I bought it in a hurry, and I did not go to the mall to see the real objects. Put a link online:

In addition, I have seen an article about the Kalek lattice cabinet replacement plan in the station before. It was originally intended to buy some baskets on hand in a link to the article.

However, the actual size of the grid cabinet is 33 ~ 34cm, and the size of the handmade basket is 30cm. I asked the customer service to be completely compatible, so I thought about it later. When I have time to go to IKEA, I can buy the original match of IKEA. Intersection

In the end, the Kalek lattice cabinet of IKEA is indeed a best -selling product. It looks flat, and can be installed and high. It is definitely worth having!

Alright, the above is today’s sharing!


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