Diana’s skirt is valued at 3.16 million! She is the most beautiful woman in a dress skirt all over the world.


The recent British royal family is very bad,


Prince Andrew’s melon has become a serial, and a new story is staged every day.


(Do not keep up with the story of the plot, you can also bring a melon seed to see the third supplementary lesson we posted yesterday.)

However, there is such a news that evokes everyone’s good memories:

Princess Diana visited the United States in 1985 and participated in a velvet dress wearing the White House dinner party.

It will be auctioned at the Kerry Taylor auction house on December 8 with a valuation of about 350,000 pounds (about 3.16 million yuan).

This dress designed by British designer Victor Edelstein is one of the most classic styles in Diana’s short life:


On November 9, 1985, at the ball after the White House dinner, Diana accepted an invitation of American actor John Qu Fuli and danced with him.

Diana’s graceful dance and this dark blue velvet dress fit very well, which set off her elegant temperament. This scene has since become a classic story.

This dress is one of Diana’s favorite items.

In the record of the auction house, except for this White House dinner, Diana was wearing this evening dress at least four times, including wearing it in 1997 to let the painter portrait her portrait.


[No fear of time is really beautiful]

Princess Diana has passed the 22nd anniversary.

After so many years, looking back at her life, she is still recognized in the world Fashion Icon.

Those classic styles are still often taken out by everyone.

Near the end of the year, there are more and more parties and gatherings. As a reference for reference as a reference,

Today, I will share with you some classic dress skirts that Princess Diana stays in history.

Diana didn’t know fashion at first,

When she had a public relationship with Charles, Diana was only 19 years old.

Because the lens of paparazzi and strangers is always shy, it is called “shy DI” (shy di) by the media.

At that time, Diana liked a romantic design,

The neckline of the lotus leaf, the princess bubble sleeve, cicada -like tulle … can see her princess heart everywhere.


At the wedding of Prince Charles in 1981,

Diana’s wedding dress melts all princess elements such as bubble sleeves, lotus leaf collar, etc.:


7.6 meters long skirt tail,


The princess in the fantasy fairy tale.

In 1981, Diana created an eternal scene in the history of fashion, “Sleeping Beauty Skirt”.


On the same day, Diana wore a light purple dress designed by Bellville Sassoon to participate in the opening ceremony of the art exhibition of V & A Art Museum.

It didn’t take long before the opening, she sat and fell asleep …

The media quickly reported this scene, saying that she was asleep as “innocent”,


It also revealed this young girl

“Exhausted by the ripples of the royal family” “


The next day, the royal family quickly announced that Diana was pregnant.

In 1983, Diana wore a bright pink skirt when she visited Australia and was praised by Australia and Britain.

At that time, the people loved her very much, so the rainbow fart in the media also blew the smallpox:

“Few people can wear bright pink, but Diana has done it … it looks super fashionable!”

If the early Diana was sweet and soft, the princess style would not be wrong.

After experiencing Diana in the royal family, Diana became more and more aware of “less is more”,

Also know more about highlighting his “being beautiful and beautiful” side.


In 1983, when Diana participated in the premiere of the 007 movie,

Wearing an asymmetric shoulder -shaped silver dress with simple tailoring, it can’t be outdated today.

In 1985, Diana and Prince Charles visited Melbourne, Australia, wearing a blue oblique shoulder dress and Charles dancing, showing elegance and noble.

The sapphire diamond earrings with sapphire diamond hair bands are very clever.


In 1986, when Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited Austria, she wore a blue evening dress designed for her …

The bright beads shining on the body made her like a mermaid just ashore.

Princess Diana is also the first female royal family member in history to wear trousers.

In 1986, she wore a slim black men’s dress when she met with singer Bryan Adams.

In order to weaken the aggressive tough atmosphere of the men’s dresses, Diana deliberately chose a detailed ruffled shirt, and immediately balanced a lot.

In 1988, in the charity activities of Wembley Stadium, she wore a men’s three -piece dresses, which was really bold …


Some people say that the shadow of Prince Harry was seen from this photo.

In 1987, she wore a dress designed by Catherine Walker to attend the Cannes Film Festival in France, which was as beautiful as a Greek statue.


In 1988, Diana wore a bright silver fold night dress to participate in a charity ball raised for orphan.

The media said at the time that she looked like “Monroe of the British royal family.”

In 1989, at the Barbikan charity concert, wearing a lace dress skirt,


The ribbon design on the chest makes the whole look look a lot more lively.

It was also in 1989. This purple and red dress skirt with a hat, both bold and fashionable.


In November 1989, Catherine Walker designed a “Elvis Skirt” for her.


The inspiration of this skirt was from the most popular Liu Singer Cat Grandm in the 1980s. It is now collected in the V & A museum for visitors to visit.


In July 1992, Diana received Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise,


Diana and Nicole Kidman, who is the best time, is difficult to divide the victory.

In 1994, Diana, who had separated from Prince Charles, wore a “revenge skirt”.

It is said that on the same day, Prince Charles personally acknowledged the fact that he was derailed.


British media analyzed that on this day, Dai Fei specially chose this sexy skirt to “revenge”, boldly offensive and low -cut off -chest beautiful legs, with glorious necklaces, and hit Charles fiercely, causing worldwide attention.

Since then, Diana has become sexy.

When she participated in the summer outdoor party in London’s snake gallery in 1995, she wore a deep V -neck silver short dress of Catherine Walker,

If it was before, she would never wear such bold clothes.

In 1996, Diana and Charles agreed to divorce and gave up the royal titles.


Since then, she has not been stuck in British designers and wore a brand of designers in other countries.

When she participated in a fundraising event in Sydney, Australia, she wore a blue dress of Italian design normal Sizhe.


In 1997, she wore Jacques Azagury’s black sequins evening dress, looking like a shining star in the night sky.

In June 1997, Diana went to the Royal Albert Concert Hall to watch “Swan Lake”, which was the last time she went out in a evening dress in her life.

That day, she wearing Jacques Azagury Lake Blue Dress, always fixed in the moment when she was shiny.


June 1997,


Two months before Diana’s death,


She decided to donate her 79 beloved dress skirts,


At the Christie’s auction in New York, raised good funds for cancer and AIDS institutions.

A total of £ 3.4 million was obtained, and all of them were donated.

One of them is the “White House Dance” dress skirt at the beginning of the article (auctioned again next month),


That year, the skirt was shot 420,000 pounds.

If Diana’s beauty, 178cm height and slender figure make her the “most beautiful princess in the world”,


But more importantly, she has a warm, kind and beautiful heart.


She funded more than 20 charity foundations, visited multiple poverty -stricken areas, and was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the United Nations.

From the end of a warm smile, the charity and humanitarian cause of the humanitarian, the unique elegant dress style,


Beyond the restrictions of fashion and time, becoming the eternal muse in people’s minds.

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