Lavender tea


Diuretic detox and sleep

Material: Lavender (dry)+honey

1 health effect:

Relax the nerves, relieve stress, and purify your body and mind

2 Making method:


Fresh method: Put the lavender into the cup, add boiling water for 10 minutes to adjust the honey, and then drink.


3 Characteristics of tea:


Lavender suitable for brewing flower tea is only tooth leaf lavender and sweet lavender.In addition, the stronger its aroma, the better its quality.


4 It is better to avoid the crowd:

Those who suffer from spring, insomnia, and headache are suitable for drinking.

Pregnant women should not drink

5 Love Tips:

In addition to brewing flower and grass tea, lavender can also be used to make bath spices and incense stored in clothes

Lavender tea