How to choose a baby bathtop for baby bathtub


Baby bathtop is also called baby bathtub, which is a kind of item used to bathe young babies. The baby bath for the baby specially designed can not only allow parents to wash their babies cleanly, but also allow the baby to feel the fun of bathing, and cultivate their habit of loving personal hygiene. When buying a baby bathture, you must pay attention to whether its material is safe. Secondly, the size of the baby bathtub must also be paid attention to. use. How to choose a baby bath? How to install a baby bath? Let’s take a look with!

Is it necessary to buy a baby bath?

It is necessary to buy a baby’s bathtub dedicated. This is not only convenient for us to clean the body for the baby, but also to ensure the safety of the baby when taking a bath. It can also increase the fun of the baby’s bath and cultivate their awareness and habits of their personal hygiene.

The advantages and disadvantages of baby baths

Basic baby bath

婴儿洗澡盆怎么选 婴儿浴盆安装使用方法

The basic type of baby bathtop is relatively light weight, usually plastic material with flat bottom. The advantage is that the price is cheap. Some models can also be used in the sink. However, without using the supporting parts, the baby of the small moon can not keep the gesture of half lying on his own.

Ergonomic bathtub

The human engineering bathture can provide back support for babies in the bath, so that the baby can be in a half -lying position, so that his head is higher than the water. This design is safer, and it is not easy for babies to twist when bathing. But its price is more expensive, and the general size is relatively large, which requires greater storage space.

Inflatable bath

Baby inflatable bathtubs are not only convenient to use, but also easy to store, but its non -slip performance and support performance are not very good, and accidents may occur. Therefore, when buying, you must pay attention to buying high -quality products to avoid accidents.

Which of the baby bathtub and bath barrel is practical?

It is more appropriate to use a bathtub in summer. The bathtub is convenient for us to clean the baby’s body, and it is relatively low, suitable for children to use, while the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the bath barrels with larger water depth are warmer.

How to choose a baby bath

How big size is it appropriate for baby bathtop?

The size of the baby bath should be selected according to the baby’s actual monthly age. If the baby’s monthly age is relatively young, buy a small -sized bathtub is safer. Take a bath for your child.

What kind of material is good for baby bath basins?

At present, the bathtubs sold on the market are mainly divided into three types: plastic bathtop, acrylic bathtub, and ceramic bathtub. They each have advantages and disadvantages, which can be selected according to family conditions. If the family’s space is small, it is recommended to use a plastic bath. If the family space and the budget are relatively sufficient, you can choose to install a ceramic bathtop or an acrylic bath.

The baby bathtop is good or the bath is better

婴儿洗澡盆怎么选 婴儿浴盆安装使用方法

This still depends on the baby’s situation. If the baby’s weight is relatively light, buying a bath net will be a bit better, and if the baby’s weight is heavier, the bath net cannot support the baby. At this time It is better to use a suspension pad.

The baby bath is better or not folded or not folded

The folding baby bathtub is more suitable for use when the family space is relatively small. If the bathroom space is large, the stability, non -slip and firmness of buying a folding baby bath should be stronger.

Precautions for buying in baby bath

When buying a baby bathtub, you must not only pay attention to whether the material is healthy and the size is appropriate, but also pay attention to its functional design. See if the baby’s bathtub has anti -slip design, drainage design, and water temperature display. If you can save a lot of trouble for parents.