How does the stop valve work? Which places are used? This article takes you to reveal the secret of the return valve


The air duct stop valve is a valve that is a circular or square valve petal and a motion of its own weight and medium pressure to block the backflow of the medium. It belongs to the automatic valve class, also known as inverse valve, one -way valve, return valve or isolation valve.

The role of a valve of the stop valve is that only allows the medium to flow in one direction and prevent the flow of the opposite direction. Usually this kind of valve work automatically, (Teacher Du on the bird education designs on the tree) under the action of fluid pressure flowing in one direction, the valve petals are opened; when the fluid is flowing, the self -weight coincide valve of the fluid pressure and the valve petals is The petals act on the valve seat, thereby cutting the flow.


The stop valve is usually circular or square, with aluminum alloy, plastic, plastic steel, stainless steel, etc.

There are two types: vertical and horizontal. It is used to prevent air flow, it has a gravity falling hammer and the characteristics of no return.


Suitable for the occasion of high wind speeds and may stop the wind turbine.

The samples of the Shandong Greid Group are introduced below for a detailed introduction.

FEY-1, Fef-1, Fef-2


The stop valve is generally used in the air -conditioned pipeline to prevent the gas from flowing up after the wind is stopped. It is required to use the wind speed of the air duct when it is not less than 8 meters per second. The falling hammer is used to balance the upper leaves and open it flexibly. The Fef-2 is made into a multi-leaf in a thin aluminum plate.

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