Temperament embroidered rabbit hair and cotton cheongsam, elegant and beautiful, beautiful and gentle, full of strong ancient style


This is a temperamental printing and cotton cheongsam, an elegant, beautiful and noble mid -length cheongsam. It is beautiful and gentle, depicting women’s quiet and dignified temperament, making women very beautiful. The medium -length style of the self -cultivation is cotton, with a strong ancient style, which is the most suitable heating beauty service in autumn and winter. Women are wrapped on their bodies, elegant and intellectual, and noble.


This cheongsam is elegant, noble, beautiful style has a specific style, or is quiet and gentle, or soft and dignified, three colors, red atmosphere, luxurious and enchanting, wearing it fit on the body fit together on the body , Noble. The yellow cheongsam is gentle and charming, beautiful, wearing it on the woman, elegant like a orchid. The pink, romantic and beautiful, and the softness can outline the woman’s soft temperament.

The beautiful style can just be highlighted to the beautiful figure of the woman, and it seems that the woman’s waist is becoming more slender and straight, and the dignified temperament comes. The design of the wool collar adds a sweet style, living color, and classic style to this cheongsam, which makes the elegant temperament of Oriental women extremely revealing. The medium -length cotton style is a must -have for autumn and winter.


The temperament hair collar plus cotton cheongsam, elegant and medium -length, full of ancient style. This very elegant temperament wool collar plus cotton cheongsam, beautiful and elegant, medium -long style can modify women’s tall figures, and can also highlight the elegant temperament and quiet charm of women. This cheongsam has a strong ancient style that makes women’s elegance and extreme bloom, and the post -style of cotton is even more described by women’s unique temperament, interpreting women’s beauty to the extreme!


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