Loose jackets, highlighting the fresh and lively atmosphere, elegant and charming!


Coarse flower short jacket+big -name beaded tablet short pants skirt, lotus leaf edge+stovepipe socks pantyhose


MIMIFAFA counter jacket+baby bud high waist chiffon skirt


Dress+Emma Wallet denim jacket clothes+Korean casual versatile body cotton shirt+college wind -haired lattice skirt pleated skirt

The lattice skirt can be said to be the most classic and undefeated in many skirts. It is also an age reduction. The college-style grid pattern, the color of the watch is suitable for girls aged 14-35, and you can go shopping at a date party. The lattice pattern is generally paired with solid color top. There is one less.


The mint color loose jacket highlights the fresh and lively atmosphere, very sweet and well -behaved, and it feels extremely comfortable. With a white bottoming shirt, wearing white jeans and white sneakers, Korean style, excellent elegant and charming.

Pink suit jacket, loose medium -long version, simple and fashionable, showing charming temperament. It shows the ladylike temperament, it feels very comfortable. Wearing a white shirt inside, wearing black pants and high heels, elegant and intellectual.


Big red suit jacket, long loose version, exquisite lapel design, making this coat more matching. Wear black leggings and shoes under the sweater, Korean casual sports style, generous and fashionable.

Light -colored pearl buckle long -sleeved thin denim shirt+leggings nineteen pants imitation leather pants shirt shirt+pleated Haron pants casual pants+fish mouth waterproof platform high heel sandals



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