Mother who is 50-60 years old, wear these mink velvet coats during the Chinese New Year, keeps age and keep warm and foreign


Water mink velvet is not only fashionable, but also very warm and particularly foreign. The fluff of mink velvet is smooth and shiny. Win mink velvet refers to a new type of fabric in the wool market. It is usually mixed with tadar hair, rabbit hair, wool, and other different types of chemical fiber materials. Although the mink hair is good, the hardness is significantly greater than that of the average wool and rabbit hair. It is more fleshy to wear, which is not suitable for making sweater yarn. It is generally used to make fur. Compared with other chemical cilia, mink velvet wool has the characteristics of plush, light color, smooth feel, gentle and strong, and warmth. Winter clothing made with a sweater jacket made of it is graceful and luxurious, and it has good coldness. Let me share a few water mink velvet coats. Let’s take a look together. If you like it, collect it!

Middle -aged mother water mink velvet jacket, foreign, middle -aged, middle -length gold mink coat


Age -year -old mink velvet jacket, light luxury style, both temperament and warmth. The fluffy and comfortable big hair collar is more comfortable to wear and keeps warm. The design of the oversized hair collar hat, wind and warmth, modify the neck. Pocket unique design, square pocket, warm and comfortable, without a sense of restraint. Straight sleeve design to modify the arm. The chic fashion hem, covering the hips and thinning.

Golden Mink velvet coat, long long thick high -end slim woolen coat water mink velvet jacket


Golden mink velvet coat, elegant temperament, slimming, graceful and luxurious. Fashionable hairy collar hooding design, thickened and warm, modify the neck lines, set off the face shape. The unique design of the pocket, keeps warm and comfortable. Straight cuffs, modify the arms lines, beautiful and fashionable. The good version does not pick people, the vision is pulled high, and the elegance is displayed.

Middle -aged and elderly ethnic style sheep sheep scissors coats and mothers dress middle -length imitation fur hair coat

Imitation of grass sheep sheep peltic coat, elegant temperament, simple and atmospheric. Warm and comfortable imitation mink velvet fabric, which is comfortable and full of fashion. The comfortable version outlines the charming figure, and has the effect of visually thin. The fashion leader shows the charming neck lines, set off a good face shape, and highlights the charm of women. Simple conventional sleeve design, fits the arm lines, add casual comfort, and modify the arm well. The fashionable and elegant hem design makes the overall eyes shine, highlighting the generous and decent temperament beauty.


Temperament Mid -Elderly Woods Caps, Sheep Speed ​​Coat, Ocean Mom, Mother’s Middle length, thick

Fashionable mink velvet jackets, thick and warm, beautiful and practical, and not bloated. H version design, softening waist lines, optimizing the body proportion, and enhancing the mother’s temperament. The fabric feels soft, comfortable and warm. The hooded design, protecting the neck, warm and beautiful. Comfortable and practical big pockets are convenient to place portable items. Comfortable cuffs, neat lines, elasticity, unique and elegant. Unique hem, decorative line decoration, fashionable and beautiful, modify body shape.

Momfrava scissors coat middle -aged embroidered jacket fur integration middle -aged and elderly fur


Mother’s sheep shear coat, elegant style, fashionable design, exquisite and luxurious decoration, showing temperament ladylike style. Fashionable neckline, strong aura, hooded design, beautiful and fashionable. Invisible pockets, windproof and warm, convenient and practical.


Mink velvet coat middle -aged, medium -long thick plush fluff woolen coat fashionable mother 50 years old

Fashionable warm cotton clothes, comfortable, breathable and warm heart. The good version modifies the figure, and it is very thin to wear. Fashion lapels, let go of fashion, stand up to keep warm. Practical and convenient hand -warming pockets, fine cuffs, exquisite locks on the lower hem, comfortable and breathable fabric. Disassembled cap collar, wind and warmth.


Middle -aged mother’s foreign qi granular mink velvet thick coat fashion imitation mink velvet coat medium long model


This mother has a strong tolerance for various figures. The fashion version improves the waistline, the waist effect is obvious, making people have a slender and simple instant sensation, and the looseness shows a graceful posture. Fashionable and comfortable neckline design, simple and generous, fashionable and beautiful. Beautiful lines, shaping the three -dimensional shoulders, and the temperament stands up. The cuffs are flat and delicate, and the humanized design. The hem is beautiful and generous, showing fashion.


Mom water mink velvet coat, hair collar, middle -aged and elderly woolen worship, long -term gold mink velvet

Fashionable qi water mink velvet jacket, three -dimensional cutting, waist thin. The delicate soft fabric, smooth and comfortable has a very good breathability, a good skin -friendly feeling, bringing you a comfortable dressing feeling. Fashionable and comfortable neckline design, simple and generous, fashionable and beautiful. The beautiful lines on the back shake the three -dimensional shoulders, and the temperament stands up. The cuffs are flat and delicate to modify the arms lines. The hem is beautiful, showing fashion.

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