Girls’ feelings exceeded the standard! Learn to wear these 18 colleges and schools, so that you can easily reduce the age of 10 years


As we grow older, we usually feel the crisis from age, so we always want to want to make ourselves look younger through reasonable matching methods. At this time It looks very easy to use.


The classic college wind dressing actually has several very classic dressing skills. If you learn this kind of dressing skills, you can easily get the password of age -reducing age. Girls have exceeded the standard! Learn to wear these 18 colleges and schools to make you easily reduce his age.

1. Short and down high -profile long legs

In the upper and lower body, it is necessary to use a single item of different lengths to wear a high -leg and long leg length. If you are a very typical small girl, you can try to use a more classic short and down when you wear it. High classic matching methods to present the practicality of the waistline.

Short -lapse or small jackets with high -waisted wide -leg pants, showing a slender small waist and sexy vest line with the help of short -navel installation in the upper body. The style wide -leg pants can wear the matching effect of the long legs and the perfect body proportion.

Especially for those young girls who are more typical, if you want to wear high and thin practicality and want to wear the college style, you can first try to use more classic short -term short and high high. The matching method shows the practicality of showing high legs and long legs, and at the same time, with a little bright color matching, it emphasizes the effect of age reduction.

Second, loose top+skirt


The loose small sweater or sweater will present a sufficient comfort on the body. In addition to the appropriate and loose style design, in addition to showing enough casual and comfortable, it can also show the refreshing school style of college style. Feelings and sweetness, the lower body with a straight tube denim skirt in front of the front body can also show a trendy sense when it is comfortable.

Third, open tops+horseshoe pants

The style of college style is not only sweet and age -reducing style. You can also try some handsome and cool winds, such as using an open suit jacket to present a sense of sharpness. Pants, the color matching of the upper and lower body is very simple. In the overall shape, you can show the fashion elements through the combination of horseshoe pants.

Fourth, stacking clothes and playfulness are playful


In the combination of the upper and lower body, you can use a combination of simplified combination to present a fixed visual focus effect. In the school style, generally focus on the upper body, so you can have a lot of time when you wear it. Try to show complementary matching effects with a simple and simple matching method.

Five, sloping shoulder small shoulder bag increases playfulness


In addition to the matching of clothes, the use of accessories is also very important. For example, the matching of bags can play a finishing touch. If you want to show the effect of college style, you can use the oblique shoulder style when matching the bag. The small shoulder bag shows enough playfulness.


6. High -waist dresses wear Mori Girl Fan

In addition to the very classic college style items in the sweet and age -reducing combination, there are also very typical dresses. When choosing a dress, you must choose a high -waist style. The matching effect of the long legs, at the same time, combined with the mid -length skirt, can also wear a dignified and clear feeling.


When choosing a long dress, pay attention to the height of the waistline. The longer the style of the skirt, the higher the height of the waistline, so as to avoid the effect of too long skirts. You can try to combine the exquisite doll collar design at the neckline to increase the sweetness of girly and college style.


Do you want to make yourself look lighter in dressing? Then the useful and beautiful college style mentioned above will be learned quickly!

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