What are the good -looking and expensive watches suitable for the student party?


If you are a college student or a college student around you, you must have heard that many students are holding DW watches on campus. For young people in this era, watches are like jewelry, and their face value is much higher than the value of use.

Today, Lao Wei recommends a batch of reasonable entry -level quartz watches. If you are planning to buy or give away, please refer to it ~

Daniel Wellington Daniel Wellington Classic Gentleman Series 0202DW quartz men’s watch

Ten Table Price: ¥ 986.00


Daniel Wellington Daniel Wellington, generally we all call it DW. This fashion watch brand that is popular at home and abroad is to what extent, you can see the imitation of DW everywhere. The DW watch has no particularly prominent features, and it has no historical background in itself. However, it outlines the Nordic minimalist dial with simple lines. With different materials of different materials and different colors, it quickly swept the world. DW’s dial design is actually very small, so the watchmakers joked that it is a shell to break through the world. With different strap is a brand new one. Because of this, the DW watch becomes extremely versatile. Multi -purpose tables, no longer afraid of having no clothes.

Three Houses and One Life Issey Miyake Twelve Series SiLAP002 quartz men’s watch


10,000 tables: ¥ 2390.00

Sanzhai’s life is a well -known Japanese designer who is famous for its innovative design and exhibition. Although Lao Wei didn’t know much about this person, his watch made Lao Wei admire it for a long time. This style design is simple. The dial is durate and two needles. There is nothing. Even the brand logo is printed on the pointer. Creatively make the dial into ducts, and it is exactly that each corner corresponds to one time. There is no design of the ears, or the design of the invisible surface ear, making the case look more concise. Interestingly, you look at the watch in turn. Its belt is integrated and not segmented. Although the 38mm dial size is defined as a men’s watch, Lao Wei thinks that this kind of cold -style watch is suitable for men and women, which is very unique.


Casio G-SHOCK series GA-400A-9APR quartz men’s watch

10,000 tables: ¥ 945.00

Those who know Casio must start with the G-SHOCK series. The G-SHOCK series is popular because of its avant-garde, cool, stylish, stylish style, especially the trendy men who love street culture. This series of colors is very rich and bold in color, such as this orange -yellow, fresh color and vibrant. In addition to the fashionable appearance, this G-SHOCK series watch also has a magnetic anti-shock-proof, up to 200m waterproof level, and provides a variety of functions such as automatic LED lighting, world time, stopwatch, countdown, multi-function alarm clock, full-automatic calendar, etc. The practicality is very strong, but the size of the watch is slightly larger, and the boys with thinner wrists may not be able to control.

Calvin Klein Kavankley Gents men’s series K2G21646 quartz men’s watch

10,000 tables: ¥ 1692.00


Like to wear domineering side leakage, the big gold watch with high return rate? But I am worried that Dajin Watch is too easy to be robbed? Of course, it is more important or shy in the pocket! After all, the price of gold is too expensive. The fashion brand CK may solve this series of troubles. This CK big gold watch uses the full watch body with rose gold gold. Compared with the golden golden color of gold, rose gold appears more restrained without lack of luxury. The CK watch has always advocated the concept of minimalist planning. The metal drawing dial is paired with a stick -shaped double needle, the slender strip scale, the design is simple and stylish, and it is easy to match the clothing. Although it is a big gold watch, its stylish appearance shape It makes it more suitable for young people to wear and show personality.


Shanghai SHANGHAI three-shot calendar series SH3013NB-2 mechanical men’s watch

10,000 tables: ¥ 1680.00

‘The taste of Shanghai, Dad knows most’! The last recommendation, especially suitable for nostalgic fathers. Watch is your second business card. This watch’s appearance design is classic and simple, so that there is no highlight, but it is precisely because of this that it can be long -lasting and beautiful. Round case, five -bead steel belt, black rising sun dial, design of a three -point needle, three o’clock on the Chinese week window and calendar windows, Arabic digital scale fonts are correct and easy to read. One tablet, leisure and entertainment, business negotiations, meeting guests, etc., can enter and exit various occasions, and the Chinese character ‘Shanghai’ logo is even more proud of domestically.

Charmex Evian series 2395 quartz men’s watch

10,000 tables: ¥ 4000.00

This chronograph is a bit cool! The black appearance design, the barrel -type dial shape, full of sports style. The case is treated with metal drawing process, and the bracelet is a combination of polishing and metal brushes. Polish on both sides, and the drawing process is used in the middle, which makes the overall texture of the watch very good. Not only that, the outer ring of the dial is also drawn texture, while the inner ring is modified in Paris nails, and the timing of the three eyes, the three stitches and the calendar windows are compactly distributed in the inner ring. The chronograph button of cobblestone type, pressing the hand feel is great, the timing function is powerful, and the time is accurate. For such a cool watch, you must not miss you!


Mido MIDO helmsman series m005.830.22.031.02 Mechanical men’s watch

10,000 tables: ¥ 5110.00

The Golden Town Building of Meidu’s helmsman, Lao Wei is very favorite. Seeing that there is a flash purchase activity, I quickly give you a bit of it. This overall design style is mature and stable, and the shape of the case is simple and classic. With the Sanzhu steel chain, it is tireless. The dial continues the consistent characteristics of the helmsman, decorated with delicate Geneva patterns, and adopts a unique round hole time scale, while the golden sword -shaped pointer highlights the atmosphere. The golden bezel and the golden steel belt add more luxury to the watch, but they are not scattered. In addition to the touching appearance, the performance is not inferior. The ETA2836 movement is equipped with a weekly date function. The waterproof level reaches 100m, which is quite practical.

The price of this time is not high. The last mechanical watch tells everyone that without a certain budget, you cannot buy a high -value entry -level mechanical watch ~