Girls’ autumn hooded sportswear three -piece set, cutting and production process sewing process commentary


I bought a cloth head of more than 30 yuan, and made a set of three -piece sports for two children with a cap

Although the sky is still hot, it is really time to prepare the children for autumn. I think someone in the group has already done it!


The child is really fast, and the clothes must be re -made every year. The spring clothes are brought to the trousers short, and the sleeves of the coat are short. I didn’t see the long one, so I saw the clothes short. I will do it if I do it, otherwise my child’s clothes will cost a lot.

I went to the market to buy two cloths two days ago, just to make two sets of three sets for children. The fabric+zipper+sticker is less than 40 yuan. If you go to buy clothes, you will buy a pants. So do it with me

Let’s take a look at the style first

I will share with you 110 yards of cutting pictures, Xiaobao’s version, 97cm tall. The jacket is a bit long to wear, and everything else is okay. If you want to do it just right, you can make a small size.

Cut the drawing drawing unit: centimeter. There is no sewing edge of the cutting drawing, and the sewing edges should be added when cutting

Jacket cutting drawing

The length of the hem thread is 66cm long 4.5cm width

Instant zipper, the length of the zipper is 1cm shorter than the body. This good zipper will be relatively flat


Forgot to write the segmentation size of the side chip, just 4cm wide

Qiu Yi in the autumn clothing

The neckline is used to handle, no additional side edges are needed. The edge strip is used with horizontal lines, 3.3cm wide



If you don’t make your pocket, you can add the volume of the rolled edge directly on the waist.


For the side bag, you can divide the 4cm wide waist on the waist. Just install and install it after your pocket


The waist and head of the head are 42cm, and the length of the rubber band can be reduced according to the child’s net body size.


If you need other numbers, you can refer to the size table below for version production

If you do n’t understand the tailoring and pushing boards above, you can click the circle card to enter the circle from the most basic learning.

Set sewing process and sewing process commentary

Selection of fabrics: knitted fabrics, shallow autumn thinner. If the back is cold, do the thickened one, and the velvet is okay


Before the fabric is cut, it will be washed water. The cloth edge of the knitted fabric always rolls the edge, so it can be cut when it is a little humid. No need to wait until it is dry

After cutting, start sewing. Let me talk about the sewing order of each piece of clothes.


The part that needs to be sticked, it is best to post it when the tailor is cut. Just buy it online. Search: clothing hot painting

Jacket: 1 Put the bag in front of the paper -like point. 2 Broken seam of the side piece. 3 Switching before and rear shoulder seam 4 Sewing cuffs and cage cages

5 Switch on the bottom of the sleeve, the front and rear sides of the body. 6 Sewing cuffs and hem threads. 7 forward the zipper. 8 suture hat

Inside: 1 Sewing before and rear shoulder sewing. 2 Switch on the sleeve mountain and cage. 3 Switting the bottom of the sleeve, the front and rear sides of the body. 4 Bring the edge of the neckline. 5 cuffs, the edge of the hem curly


Pants: 1 Make the front bag of the front film. 2 The inner and outer sutures before and after suture. 3 Switch on the side of the trousers. 4 The thread of the waist is sewed and the built -in rubber band is upper waist.


The sewing process, the hat uses double -level materials. The hat mouth can be drawn, and it is not necessary to add the draw based on safe consideration. The larger child can use it.

Where the hat and neckline can be sutured, it can be made into a stuffy seam. It can also be handled by the edging method.


The cuff thread, if there is no color, you can use the contrast, or you can use this cloth as a thread.

The waist is available with thread or this cloth.

If the fabric is too thick, use the thread, if the fabric is thin, just use this cloth


Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing

If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message or a private message in the comment area.

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