The little man really should try the British retro style.


The matching choices of small girls have always been more cautious. They need to choose a more suitable matching method based on their height, and finally present the style they want. If you are still worried about your height, you don’t know what kind of dressing, you can actually try the British style.

It is recommended to choose this style because the British style not only shows temperament, but also makes the match look more atmospheric and create a more fashionable image. The combination of the British style is not difficult. As long as these rules are followed, the British style can be displayed more.

Rules 1: The neutral atmosphere is more prominent

The British style combination is a very capable and fashionable match. This feeling is more free and free, and it will not make the image of girls too feminine. Instead, it presents the state that they want most in the neutral style.

No matter what kind of items we choose, we must remember the neutral style. It is the central match of the British style. Through this core style, the atmosphere of matching is reflected, and the most appropriate British style is finally presented. Create a good temperament.


Rules 2: Single -product style is simpler


If you want to make the British style more fashionable and make the little man look taller and more temperament, you should mainly focus on simple items. Do not choose to design more complicated items. You can try the British -style coat.


With a personality full of personality or shirt, although these items are simple enough, they can present a more appropriate British style and make their personal temperament better.

Rules 3: accessories with the soul


Although the British style is simple and casual, it is mainly created by sprinkler, but the accessories are indeed indispensable. Some classic British style style will be paired with the beret. This hat is similar to the college style item.

But the style reflected is a relatively classic British style. If you are not good at positioning the British style, you can choose a hat you like, not only you can modify the face shape, but also make the British style more fashionable and generous.


Rules 4: Color pursuing neutral style

The creation of the British style is not as complicated in imagination, but it is not too simple in imagination. Instead, we need to abide by a rule, that is, the choice of color, trying to be neutral.


You can try simple white or dark green. These colors have a common point, that is, it looks simpler and can show the neutral style more appropriately. Through these colors, it can make the British style more perfect. Essence

Rules 5: Pay attention to the waist line ratio

The most important detail of the young girl tried to match the British style is that it is not possible to ignore the position of the waistline. The higher your waistline position, the handsome style will naturally become a thin and thin style.


If you don’t pay attention to the waistline and ignore this detail, wearing it will look very ordinary, and it will even further enlarge the figure defect.


You can try the even -style denim fashion. The biggest advantage of this fashion is to make the figure look upright enough. With a belt, you can mark the position of the waistline, so as to further achieve the effect of significantly and thinner, so that the British style is made Be your main style.


The British style match has always been my own state of my own. Wearing this style shows that your dressing is recognizable. If you let you choose, what kind of form will you create British style?

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