Liao Jin Jade Belt


During the Liao and Jin dynasties, the carving of jade articles had a distinctive characteristics of the times, that is, rough atmosphere, especially deer and tiger, hoe and swan, also known as “spring water and autumn mountains”, which is rich in mountains.These jade belts are white and delicate, with hollowed out craftsmanship, carved with cattle.Niu is the treasure of the farming nation. The farm work in the ground is inseparable from the auxiliary of Niu Li.Therefore, it is definitely improving in the carving of Liaoning and Jin Jade.Because the nomadic people also began to pay attention to agriculture.


In history, although Liao and Jin are nomadic peoples, they did not refuse Han culture, but fully absorbed and accepted advanced Han culture, including production technology.This has contributed to the comprehensive integration and development of various Chinese ethnic groups.From this small jade belt board, can we see this historical information?