Is the red phoenix toxic? Doctors remind: These 4 categories, it is recommended not to eat, or hurt the body


Red phoenix vegetables are a common vegetable that grows wild vegetables in fields and countryside. Its taste is the coolest, with high nutritional value, and the leaf of the cup noodles is purple -red. It is called red phoenix vegetables. Its whole grass can be collected throughout the year.

If you eat frequently, you have the following effects and functions for the human body. But it is not suitable for everyone to eat. Some people cannot eat. I also heard that eating red phoenix vegetables will be toxic. Let’s take a look with questions.

Is the red phoenix toxic?


Red phoenix can be eaten under normal circumstances, but it is recommended not to eat too much. It is a common fresh vegetable, which is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber carbohydrates. Eating some red phoenix vegetables in moderation can supplement nutrition and promote metabolism. Interest.


However, if you eat a lot, it will have a certain toxicity, because red phoenix vegetables contain alkaloids. In addition to carcinogenic possibilities, alkaloids also have a certain effect of hepatic poisoning.

If you eat too much, it will cause severe liver injury to cause some serious situations such as coagulation disorders. From a healthy perspective, consume about 300 grams of red phoenix vegetables per day, and then eat some other vegetables to satisfy the body every day. Demand.

The efficacy and role of red phoenix vegetables?

1. Prevention of fire

Red phoenix vegetables are benign vegetables that can clean up the heat in the human body and speed up the harmful material metabolism in the human body. It can prevent the human body from diseases due to excessive heat, so it is very suitable for thermal constitution and people who often get angry, which can prevent symptoms of a variety of fire.

2. Swelling and bleeding

Red phoenix vegetables have the effects of clearing heat and cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, hemostasis, and detoxifying and swelling. Many people in rural areas will inevitably be injured when they conduct labor activities. At this time, if they are not disinfected in time, wound purulent infections will occur. At this time So heal soon.


3. Jianwei cough

In traditional Chinese medicine, the rhizon of red phoenix vegetables has the effect of quenching thirst and relieving heat, while Ye has the effect of strengthening the stomach and cough. It can be used in the decoction, which is conducive to alleviating the indigestion of spleen and stomach and cough symptoms.


Doctors remind: These 4 categories, it is recommended not to eat, or hurt the body


1. Baby

There are also some alkaloids and non -vitro -alkali with glycoxy in red phoenix vegetables, and the baby’s liver development is not perfect. If you eat it, it will be prone to damage, and the consequences after the damage will be more serious, so it is not recommended that the baby eats it.

2. Patients with liver disease


There are many ingredients contained in it. After often use, the liver will be damaged. After using red -bellied vegetables with liver disease, liver injury will become more serious. , So you cannot eat it.

3. Jaundice people


Jaundice is caused by bilirubin synthesis and metabolic abnormalities, and bile acid production and excretion must be passed through the liver. Therefore, people with jaundice generally have a certain problem of liver. Eating red phoenix vegetables will affect the health of the liver’s health. As a result, jaundice is more serious.

4. Full immunity people

The weak immunity is easy to get sick, and the liver is the largest mesh endothelial cell phagocytosis system in the human body. It can reduce the possibility of virus infection by devouring and isolation.

However, after eating red phoenix vegetables, the liver has certain damage and will also affect immunity. Therefore, the immune capacity will be weaker after eating red phoenix vegetables, which is not conducive to physical health.


A variety of ways to eat red phoenix vegetables

1. Garlic red phoenix vegetables

Ingredients: red phoenix, garlic, other condiments.

Method: After cleaning the fresh red phoenix vegetables, drain the water and garlic, pour the oil in the hot pot, put it in the cut garlic, then put it in the red phoenix vegetables, stir fry for a while and put it in other condiments. After frying for a few minutes, you can get out of the pot.

2. Stir -fried eggs of red phoenix vegetables

Ingredients: red phoenix vegetables, eggs, condiments.

Method: Wash the red phoenix vegetables, then cut it into a small section, put it in a bowl for later use, open the eggs, pour it in a bowl, scatter the egg with chopsticks, and put a little salt in it. Put the oil in the pot, then pour the red phoenix eggs in it into the cooking, and fry it on both sides until golden to get out of the pot.

3. Cold red phoenix vegetables

Ingredients: red phoenix vegetables, minced garlic, pepper, chicken essence, sesame oil

Method: Take the tender tip of the red phoenix vegetables in the season, wash it, and then use it in the pot. Then put the washed red phoenix vegetables in it, then put the red phoenix vegetables in cold water, filter the water to water , Install with a pot, then sprinkle with minced garlic, pepper, chicken essence, sesame oil and other condiments.

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