With the “Double 11” race, “Lightning” donated love supplies for rural primary schools


Changjiang Daily Changjiang Public Welfare (Reporter Tang Jingni Correspondent Yi Jianxin)

On November 12, more than 400 kilometers were driven to and from, and the Yangtze River Public Welfare team came to the Muang Town of Yangxin County to learn Poetry Elementary School, sending love supplies to the students here.


Lightning Bicycle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. donated a batch of love supplies. Photo by Jin Zhenqiang, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily

Xueshi Primary School is a mountain village primary school in remote areas of Muang Town, serving 4 villages in Qiqiao, Xueshi, Xiyi and Xinhu. Due to the districts and villagers’ residential residence, and the students who attended school are more than ten miles, students have serious loss due to the school environment. At the same time, there are not a few students who have lost their studies.

The reporter saw on the campus that the school is equipped with teaching buildings, canteens, student apartments and comprehensive buildings. The open space next to the student apartment is still under construction. “Student apartments are for students who live far away at home. This time, the electric water heater, washing machine, and student sheets we ask for help is to improve the conditions of children’s lives and let them study with peace of mind.”

10 students in the school received 500 yuan aid for each difficult family. Photo by Jin Zhenqiang, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily

At the event site, 10 families in difficulties were donated to 500 yuan for each student. Cheng Huifang is one of them. She is the class leader of the four (2) of the elementary school. According to the classmates around her, she has a very good grade and a lively personality. She is a good helper for the class teacher. “Her family has 6 people in the family, which is a low guarantee household. Dad has some zero -time work near the home to maintain the basic family. The four siblings are very good. I am especially grateful to the love company for giving the academic funds for encouragement, so that this difficult family can see more hope. “Xu Changxiang, the teacher of the school, told reporters.


Donate the supplies that all arrive at the school that day. Photo by Jin Zhenqiang, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily

It is understood that the Lightning Bicycle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has always been in mind that the healthy growth of left -behind children in the countryside has helped rural education rejuvenation. After I learned the needs of the school through the Yangtze River Public Welfare, they generously resolved their bags. In a short period of time, they were equipped with the schools required for the school, and all were distributed in place on the day of the event. This fully demonstrates the company’s positive sunny public welfare image and conveys the corporate public welfare culture that we have been on the road.

Event site. Photo by Jin Zhenqiang, a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily

In this event, Lightning Bicycles donated a total of 3 Electric Polyater, 1 A3 printer, 2 washing machines, 2 water heaters, 1 laptop computer, 80 sets of student bed sheets, 400 pencil pen pens, life of life, life life, life A batch of supplies.

Knowing that the family of a teacher in the school was paralyzed at home, the representative of Zijia’s love volunteer team Xu Zijia, and the happy brother also specially transported a bed from Wuhan to the teacher’s house for easy care.

The event was co -sponsored by the Yangtze River Daily Changjiang Public Welfare, Wuhan Youth Development Foundation, Lightning Bicycle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and co -organized by Zijia’s love volunteer team.


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