Is the brick cabinet really good? To clarify 5 production steps and 4 shortcomings, you know how to choose


Is the brick cabinet really good? To clarify 5 production steps and 4 shortcomings, you know how to choose

For the kitchen cabinets, we are traditional or some light -quality cabinets. But now this kind of approach is tile cabinets. The tile cabinet is the most special with tile tile cabinets. Maybe many friends see that the tile cabinets are very strong and the price is cheaper, so they chose tile cabinets. However, the choice of tile cabinets must be cautious, otherwise it will really be miserable in the later period. Why do you say that? In this article, the home miscellaneous altar first will answer the tile cabinets, and then I will answer some of the shortcomings of the tile cabinet. Before choosing a tile cabinet, you must understand this clearly.

(1): How is brick cabinet made?

Brick cabinets, when we listen to its name, we can actually understand its approximate approach. The rough approach of brick cabinets is to use the wall of the tiles of the cabinet, and then paste the tiles, and finally form the cabinets we see. The masonry cabinet is a heavy cabinet. During the decoration, the entire production process contains the following five steps.


① Design of tile cabinet drawings.

Although we are masonry tile cabinets, we also have to design the drawings of cabinets before we building. Here we need to design the specific size of the map cabinet, which contains the width of the cabinet, the height of the cabinet floor cabinet, and the width of the interval between the floor cabinet, that is, the width of the brick partition wall. Then put the entire cabinet in our kitchen overall layout. The location of the range hood is confirmed here, the size and location of the sink are confirmed, so that the construction drawings of a complete brick cabinet can be made.


② Put the line.

The first step in the construction of brick cabinets should actually be released. If everyone finds that the masonry cabinets are not released, everyone should stop it in time. Putting the line is actually using the traditional ink line, popping the floor cabinet and the edge of the hanging cabinet on the ground and the wall, and the partition wall line in the middle of the floor cabinet. The lines popped here are generally the edge lines of each position, and the purpose is to control the accurate size of our walls. Avoid the deviation of the wall, and finally affect the size of the entire cabinet.

③ The masonry of the cabinet.


When we put the lines of the masonry cabinet, we can start building. When the wall is built, it starts directly on the ground. First build a partition wall or a water -blocking wall. Some are suspended in front, and the front wall does not need to be built. Depending on the size, it is directly built on the ground of our kitchen. The height of the wall is basically about 70cm. When the wall of the masonry is dry, plaster the surface of the wall, so that the structure of the entire masonry cabinet is completed.

④, tiles.


After the structure is completed, we can paste the tiles on the surface of the masonry cabinet. First of all, we paste the side tiles on the partition wall. After the side tiles on the partition wall are pasted, they can generally come to the entire plane, which is the countertop of our kitchen. There are two methods on the table: one method is to use reinforced concrete directly, and the other is to buy finished products. For example, buy a quartz stone countertop. For example, the concrete countertop, the surface pavement, tied the steel bars on it, and then pour the concrete. After the concrete is dry, tiles are paved on the surface of concrete. At this time, our masonry cabinet was completed.

⑤ Installation.

Cabinet installation contains the installation of the sink, the installation of the range hood. When the cabinet is completed, it can be installed. At this time, the installation also contains our hanging cabinet. Although it is a masonry floor cabinet, the hanging cabinet is a hanging cabinet that is impossible to build. At this time, you need to buy the finished cabinet for installation. In this way, the entire kitchen cabinets are completed at this stage. In fact, the final result is the hanging cabinet or the traditional hanging cabinet, but the floor cabinet is a brick floor cabinet used.

(2): What are the disadvantages of brick cabinets?


The specific operation steps for brick cabinets are briefly introduced to everyone. Through the operation steps, everyone will also find that our brick tile cabinets are mainly targeted at our floor cabinet. That is, the masonry containing the cabinet and the range hood and other parts. During the masonry, the bricks used are basically built directly on the ground. Then this kind of tile cabinet obviously exists the following shortcomings, and these disadvantages are very serious. Therefore, for brick cabinets, everyone cannot just look at its advantages, and we should pay more attention to the shortcomings of masonry cabinets.

① Affect the entire storage space of the kitchen.

In other words, compared with traditional wooden cabinets, tile tile cabinets have a great impact on the storage space of our tile kitchen. Like the traditional wooden cabinet, the middle partition is basically a 18mm thick partition. But if we use bricks to build tile cabinets, then the middle partition will also require at least 10 cm. Because we want to build a wall, then plaster, and finally paste the tiles. If there are 10 tubing partition walls in our house, then the built -in partition wall occupies the space we stored by about 1 meter. It takes nearly 80 cm than traditional cabinets. Everyone can think about how serious the waste of space is.

② There is also a very fatal flaw in the tile cabinet, which is prone to cracking.

This is also determined by the production process of tile building cabinets. Due to the masonry cabinet, bricks are built on the floor, plastering on the surface of the brick, and then pasted tiles on the surface. In the process, everyone will find that after the masonry starts, the tiles will be pasted after the plastering. So a problem occurs, that is, there is no normal solidification time for the masonry wall. It should be placed for nearly 28 days like a new wall. When the tile cabinet is built, there is no such process at all. This leads to a slight sinking on the wall of the masonry. The final result is the surface of the masonry cabinet and the tile on the side.

③ It may cause the floor to crack.

The floor of the building is relatively thin now, and the more common floor is about 12 cm. As for these buildings, the walls are generally prohibited, especially to add linear loads to the floor, which is very large. And all the cabinets built in our home are all linear loads, that is, a single brick wall. In the end, all the weights of the cabinets need to be passed to the floor through these walls. If the thickness of the floor is very thin, the result at this time is that the floor is fractured. Therefore, like a building, it is generally not allowed to build tile cabinets. You must pay attention to this.

④ From the perspective of cleaning up, masonry cabinets are not particularly good.

For example, the cabinets we built are basically pasted tiles. For the gaps between tiles and tiles, they need to be treated well. At this time, it is generally necessary to perform beautiful sewing. If we do not have a good sewing, or do not have a beautiful seam of these parts, then everyone will find that the gaps in our tiles often mold and turn black. Even after we clean up, this will happen after a while. Especially the use of tiles on the table, this situation is very serious. Therefore, even if we are building cabinets in our house, it is not recommended that you spread tiles on the table. It is still recommended that you lay the overall quartz stone or rock plate.



Brick cabinets, although many people now say yes, don’t be controlled by these claims. And we should feel it effectively. So the advice given to everyone is that if you really plan to go to the cabinet, then go to the family to make a masonry cabinet in advance to turn around, go to see, and then know how to choose. In the end, the personal point of view is that the cabinets in the kitchen try to choose traditional cabinets as much as possible. For example, we can choose wooden cabinets. If we want to be cheaper, we can also choose some cabinets with synthetic materials. Because these materials not only save space, but also use it reasonably.

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