Shen Mengchen’s clothing is really good, the red long top with black and white stripe half -body skirt, fashionable and stylish


Hello everyone.

How is the weather there? I saw the recent street shots of female stars, and found that many people were wearing autumn clothes. Among them, Shen Mengchen is one of them. I have to say that she is really a good

Role model



Shen Mengchen is a multi -habitant artist. The host is her main business, but she sings, dancing and acting are also very good. Watching her show and private server, I found her

Strong sense of fashion


Essence Every time you appear in the photo, you can wear remarkable, especially for private server, which is very reference. Since the autumn, she has contributed a lot of good -looking wear, which is quite fashionable.

I have seen Shen Mengchen’s early information before and found that she has also participated in the model competition. No wonder the clothes are very good.


Shen Mengchen’s personal conditions are very good. In addition to the dark skin, she has a good figure and a high body. She is above 170. In addition, she can wear it, so the private server is still very interesting. And the clothes she wear is very daily, if you like it, you can copy it.


Let’s take a look at how Shen Mengchen has been worn recently to see if we can provide a new idea for your daily wear.

In the early autumn, wearing stripes like Shen Mengchen, fashionable and stylish

Striped element


Evergreen tree

Every year, every year is very popular. This autumn is particularly popular. Shen Mengchen likes stripes very much, and wearing stripes is very different.

Everyone usually wear stripes, either horizontal stripes or vertical stripes. Few people wear horizontal strips and vertical stripes at the same time. But Shen Mengchen was wearing it like this and was very fashionable.

She wore a red mid -length long -sleeved round neck top this time, with a narrow skirt with a black and white vertical stripe. Ordinary people, just at this step. But Shen Mengchen didn’t feel enough. She wore a black and white horizontal stripe sweater on her shoulder and echoed the vertical stripe skirt. Fashionable and layered, very tide.

Although this set is worn at the same time, because these two stripes are black and white, and there is a red transition in the middle, it does not look messy, but it looks bright and fashionable. A good set of stripes, friends who like it can be worn.


Shen Mengchen recently wore striped clothes, and she really did not play cards according to common sense. This time, she wore another blue and black cross -striped straight trousers. It’s quite special. The horizontal stripes are rare, because this line is not as high as the high and stretch, but it is a bit






Essence But for a girl like Shen Mengchen and a good figure, this pants will not be fat, but have a little characteristic.

If you are not tall or your legs are thick, then don’t wear horizontal stripes.

Blue and black stripes are relatively fancy, so the top top is best. Shen Mengchen was well matched, and she paired this pants with a black letter printing sweater. Comfortable and fashionable.

She used white bags and small white shoes to decorate the overall dressing, which was quite layered and delicate. Shoes, bags and belts are smooth, which is a more practical method.

In the early autumn season, wearing a sweater and a beret like Shen Mengchen, playful and stylish and very tone


Autumn is the home of the sweater, but how can this sweater wear it? I see that Shen Mengchen recently worn the sweater. This time, she wore a black round neck sweater, rolled the hem of the sweater, and turned into a short sweater, with stripes. It is high and cool.

But the most wonderful part of her set is the berets on her head, making the whole look vivid and vivid.

Breda hat is a classic hat, and many people wearing recently. Shen Mengchen likes it very much. The black beret she wore was very versatile. It looks good with black, white, or red sweater.

It is best not to wear the square that is not worn by the Baylele hat. If the end of it is positive, it looks stupid.


Shen Mengchen likes to wear a black sweater with a beret. This time, she wore a black -based fake two -piece sweater. The neckline and hem of this sweater were stitched with light gray and white T -shirts, like a T -shirt in a sweater. There is a sense of layering and fashionable.

The bottom is equipped with a pair of black hole straight pants, which shows straight legs and fashionable.


This set of colors is well matched, black is the main color, and white is auxiliary color. There is a sense of layering and high -level. Black Breda hat and black sweater are very good. Fashionable and atmospheric.

It is cool to wear a sweater in autumn, and it is cool to wear a berets on his head. Black Breda hat is versatile and beautiful, very practical.

In the early autumn, I wore a strap pants with a small vest like Shen Mengchen, and it increased the handsomeness with short boots. It was cool.


Many people like back pants, and there are quite a lot of back pants since autumn. Shen Mengchen also likes strap pants. She puts strap pants very well. See the picture above, she wore a pair of black strap pants and a small white vest inside. Fashionable and playful. Belt pants and small vest combinations are the most popular combinations in the past two years.

She wore a pair of white boots on her feet and stuffed strap pants into the boots. The handsome index rose several levels at once, which seemed very cool.

Her set is still black as the main color and white as the auxiliary color. Refreshing and fresh and high -level. This time, the shoes, hats and inside are white, which is very high. No matter what clothes you wear, the less color on the whole body, the more advanced.

Well, I just talked about Shen Mengchen’s dress. Do you like her matching?

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