“Liu Genghong Girl” must be worn at home, and it can be worn at home, which is quite fashionable.


So the coming of summer,

Short pants have become one of the pants that many women often choose,

Because shorts can show your legs, it is a very cool type of clothing.

But it is precisely because shorts will show their legs,

Therefore, it is relatively not suitable for women who are not very large in legs, but are more suitable for female friends with slim straight legs.

In fact, there are many types of shorts in the fashion industry.

If you want to wear a sense of sports, I suggest you use sports shorts to match yourself.

Then sports shorts also have many styles and matching methods. These all need everyone to learn.

There are any questions about some choices of sports shorts,

You can refer to the style of some fashionistas. Many fashionable ladies and sisters like to use sports shorts to enhance their sense of fashion. Their shape is worth learning.


“Liu Genghong Girls” must be worn at home, which can be worn at home. It is quite fashionable. It is very suitable to wear sports shorts in summer.

Specific style of sports shorts

Silhouette sports shorts

Some styles of sports shorts can be used more in daily life,

For example, the profile sports shorts are very common

, So what are expansion sports shorts? In fact, this kind of sports shorts are often lifted up, but they are relatively loose.


But because it is a state of upward, it will make your shape look more sexy. Suitable for women with tall figures.


Cycling sports shorts


Some women’s legs are very outstanding,


So they often use riding sports shorts to match themselves,

Cycling sports shorts are actually a version of sports shorts very cautiously, which can perfectly show your leg lines.

Although the ride sports shorts are tight -fitting version, because the fabric is relatively soft,


So it is also very comfortable to wear on the body

It’s like wearing pants, so ordinary people don’t try this kind of sports shorts.

Loose sports shorts

Everyone’s favorite sports shorts are actually loose version of sports shorts,

Especially some loose sports shorts with a loose band design,

Such sports shorts can be fully fit the waist, but the part of the trousers is very loose.

So loose sports shorts can create a very casual and comfortable feeling

No matter what kind of leg shape, you can match it through loose sports shorts, and it is still very cool when running, because the legs can be filled inside.

Classic match for sports shorts

Sports shorts+zipper sports jacket

Some of the matching methods of sports shorts also need to understand,

First of all, sports shorts can be matched with some sporty tops,


Then it is very suitable to use sports jacket to match sports shorts.

Sports jacket recommended to choose the design of the zipper,

Because such a sports jacket will make the shape more neutral,

If you want to create a woman’s charm, you can choose light pink. Zipper

But sports shorts are recommended to choose white or beige,

Because the overall shape will create a light -colored effect,

In this case, the shape will be fresher and very age -reducing.

Sports shorts+navel sports vest

Of course, sports shorts can also be matched with the navel sports vest,

This form of matching is very high in body requirements,

Because the navel vest will show the waist lines of women, he asks you to have a slender figure.

The slender body is not good, the overall figure must have a sense of power

In this way, you will show your lines through sports shorts and navel sports vests, and women with outstanding muscle lines will be more popular with people.

Sports shorts+the same hooded sweater

Of course, sports shorts can also be matched with clothes,


So when matching a sweater, it is recommended to use the same sports sweater to match sports shorts.

The design of this set will make the overall shape more simple.

So sports shorts and sports hooded sweaters are recommended to choose orange shape

The overall image is more energetic through orange, so the shape is very personal.

If you want to make the shape more personalized, you can match another jacket,

Then the jacket is recommended to choose a denim jacket,

In this case, it will also create a very casual temperament, and it is very suitable for daily life.

Sports shorts+black silhouette suits

In fact, sports shorts can also be matched with a suit,

This combination will form a state of mixed style

, Make the shape look more fashionable, then the suit is recommended not to choose too fashionable styles, and simple shapes are more important.


So it is recommended to use the black silhouette suit to match the gray loose sports shorts,

This overall shape is both capable and full of sports. It is also a more casual and fashionable way.

In fact, no matter what kind of dressing, as long as you can wear sports shorts to wear a more fashionable feeling and keep its movement effect, then this shape is very suitable. Female friends.