The practice of cumin steaks can nourish qi and nourish the spleen and stomach


The practice of cumin steak

Main material:

100 grams of beef ridge meat, 1/2 onion

Auxiliary materials:

10 grams of raw powder 10 grams of vegetable oil 30 grams of salt 3 grams of raw soy sauce 8 grams of oyster sauce 4 grams of black pepper powder 1 kick cumin 3 grams


1. Prepare raw materials

2. Cut the beef into slices, don’t be too thin. Use the texture of the meat on the back of the knife gently.

3. Add salt, raw soy sauce, raw powder, black pepper powder, oyster sauce, cumin, marinate for a while


4. Cut a few knives onion

5. Smart onions

6. Add vegetable oil to the pot, boil 70 % hot and put on the onion and stir -fry

7. Add salt, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir -fry and evenly out the pan

8. Put vegetable oil in the pot and boil to 40 % heat

9. Put in beef and fry medium heat

10. Fry until two sides of the golden pan out of the pan

11. Put on the plate of onion, you can get on the table!