Why do you wear a “brown” coat? The reason one is the boot, the second is inward


With the coming of the autumn wind, we can also feel the strong autumn atmosphere. In this season, it is necessary to choose a suitable coat for ourselves.

When it comes to the most classic coat, it must be a brown coat,

However, many people look old -fashioned when wearing brown coats. There are two main reasons:

One is that the boots are incorrect, and the other is not inward.

So in this article


, We will teach you how to choose a brown coat, and consider different boots and inner clothes.


This allows you to take less detours when wearing a brown coat.

[Why do you wear a “brown” coat? .

Reason one: Boots are not suitable

Reason 2: Too bloated inside

[Don’t be too long or too loose]


The reason why the reason why wearing a brown coat is that the shoes are not suitable,

Because the color of the brown coat itself is some dull, it is easy to step on the mines with inappropriate boots.

The most inappropriate one of them is

Boots and loose denim boots

These boots and coats will be combined

It looks bloated

It is easy to make mistakes whether it is small or tall.

[Use inside to avoid heavy materials]

The material of the coat is basically thick, if you are choosing

When it is too thick when I set up, it is easy to look bloated.

It will also give people a kind of

The illusion of the tiger back,

Want to avoid errors, then

The inside must be light. The material with thin materials and the satin material is very suitable for matching coats.

[How to wear a brown coat to wear a sense of fashion? .

NO.1 boots

Short boots are more suitable for small people

To put a fashionable brown coat out of fashion

When considering shoes, I recommend you to choose short boots for yourself

,no matter how

Martin boots, still the current popular naked boots

You can match your coat, which can also help you create a cool feeling.


There must be a certain amount of free between the matching boots and coats,


This can be with

Matching pants or skirts form a sense of layering to separate our figure.

Pointed boots can stretch your legs

Depending on different toe also have different styles,

Among them, pointed boots are the easiest to stretch your legs


Girls with short legs or poor legs

In terms of, I recommend you to choose a pair of pointed short boots for yourself, stretch your legs in minutes!

For example, the brown coats below are all very basic styles. Wearing it on the body is flat, but

With a pair of fashionable pointed short boots under your feet, it can shape exquisite and elegant temperament.


Solid color bottoming shirt

When it comes to the coat, it is actually quite rich,

Shirts, T -shirts, or various knitted levocals can be mixed and matched brown coats,

And in autumn and winter,

If you pay attention to warmth, you should give priority to this solid color bottoming shirt

With fashionable brown coats, it can also create a mature and stable temperament.

The solid color bottoming shirt will not be dazed in it

, And the brown coat outside, can also create a sense of layering. If you feel that the shape is not brilliant,

Then the inside can be slightly dazzling, and you can try some light -colored bottoming shirts.

Warm and lightweight sweater

The sweater is very warm, and when wearing a sweater, we also have a lot of choices.

Like tall collar sweater or round neck sweater, they are extremely classic clothing

If it is the early autumn season,

You can choose this light V -neck or round neck sweater, which will look more refreshing when the neck lines are exposed.

If the temperature decreases again

You can also consider some high -necked sweaters. At the same time, you can help you modify the lines of the neck and create a swan neck!

[Analysis of the matching of tide people]

look1: Brown coat + classic black sweater

The combination of brown coat and black sweater is a very classic look. The black sweater is really super presence. Whether it is paired with a suit, a shirt or a coat, it can reflect a full sense of high -level sense.

The color of the brown coat is low -key, and black is also a classic color matching, which is very temperamental.

The black bottoming shirt in the figure below is very classic. This kind of black + brown color matching combination is full of layers. The low -key color matching is also suitable for older women.

look2: coat + shirt stacking


Earlier we mentioned that the inside must be thin and thin,


Then the shirt should not be missed



Most of the styles of shirts are very light

And wearing a very intellectual and elegant temperament, we can consider some shirts to wear when wearing coats.

Basic white shirts, advanced checkered shirts, and fashionable printed shirts

, Can be integrated with brown coats to enrich your wear.

I know that many small or mature women will also go into some misunderstandings when they are matched with coats

, Especially when wearing a coat, because of the wrong matching, the fashion of the entire shape is greatly reduced. It is recommended that you refer to these stylish Looks, whether it is paired with short boots or shirts.