Do you know those special tools during cycling?


Although the bicycle is not a complicated mechanical and equipment, once there are any problems and failures, it is not so simple to make simple adjustments, maintenance or replacement. You will find that there will be a lot of professional tools to perform.


Today, I will take you to understand the special tools of bicycles!

Portable tool group

Inner hexagon wrench

The inner hexagon wrench is also called Allen wrench. This is very common. It is not just a must -have for bicycle enthusiasts. Many aspects of the family now need to be available. It has become an essential thing for every family. Generally, buying a set, with 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm size, it is basically invincible.


Torque wrench

Topo torque board is a kind of effort and convenient tool. You can operate a lot to buy a good set of good ones, especially the best to buy a carbon fiber bicycle. It is easy to hurt the carbon fiber material, and even the cracks will lose money. Remember to look at the torque value when buying.


Star wrench

There are diverse screws, and a star -shaped screw can only be processed. The screws of many kits, dental dishes or disc brakes may be this astrological screw. Simply start with three models: T-10, T-25, T-30, it is enough.

Prying stick

When you have a problem with your tire, you need to repair or replace it, the pry tire stick will help you a lot. Don’t look at it small, and it is likely that it cannot be removed.


If there is a problem with the chain, the professional interceptor will make you more convenient to replace the chain or completely clean the chain.


Cutting thread


A clamping transmission pliers, a dedicated pliers, if your speed brake feels worse, or if it is broken, you need to update your transmission/brake wire.


When you replenish or exclude tires, professional air -mouth tools are also indispensable.

Spoke wrench

If the vehicle falls, the wheels are partial or spoke broken, and the spokes wrench can be simply operated and replaced, but the entire wheel set problem must be cautious before debugging.

Flywheel lock ring

If you need to replace the kit flywheel, you need this tool. It is suitable for the disassembly of the card wheel and some disc brakes.

Poot disassembly wrench

The pedal is a part that replaces the installation. If the new car comes, you can’t even install it. How can you do it?

Middle shaft conversion tool

When your middle shaft fails or abnormal noise, this tool is likely to help you busy, it is used to install and disassemble the middle shaft to connect. It can also be used to install and disassemble the disc locking ring, as well as the corresponding specifications.

Middle shaft sleeve tool


This is a disassembly sleeve suitable for the central axis, which can be used to use the appropriate torque wrench or activity wrench.


Flying Wheel Disassembling Tool


If you want to operate the wheel or flywheel, you have to have tools. Even if the flywheel is completely cleaned, it must be available.

Stracker disassembly tool


It is used to disassemble the crank arm without opening, and install and disassemble the front sprocket with a square shaft of a square shaft with 14 mm fixed bolts. You can use a 14-15mm wrench or hexagonal wrench or a 8mm hexagon wrench to rotate the internal pull out.

High -pressure air tube

Everyone knows that when the tire is not angry, it will definitely be used. It is recommended to use a pressure puzzle with pressure gauge, otherwise some tires have corresponding pressure requirements.



The chain cleaning device is very convenient. It is recommended to add an appropriate amount of laundry powder to the washing device, otherwise it is difficult to clean it. It is one of the most thorough ways and equipment without disassembling the chain.


Chain card ruler


When your vehicle often has a phenomenon such as jumping chain, you can use a chain stuck ruler to measure it to see if the chain is too large and it has been pulled too much.

Disc brake pipe adjustment tool

Of course, the oil pressure disc brakes must have professional tools. This tool can cut the hydraulic disc brake hose and set the connector core to the hose. This is a two -in -one operation tool that easily cuts the hose at 90 degrees. The small size is easy to store, including spare plates.

Fast tire replenishment tool



Quick tires, including tire glue, tire supplement, tire supplement, etc., and tire films currently have tire -free tires.

Do you use what tools do you use?

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