Dappei petty bourgeoisie is the most real white shirt 4 wearing a law to teach you to create a micro -sexy


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Last time Dappei introduced how to reduce the formal sense of white shirts from the fabric and tailoring, wearing method, I believe that many party work needs to wear shirts. Since you can’t avoid it, you might as well learn to match the white shirt to the fullest. Wearing a white shirt as a uniform, you can still dress up and look good, so that you should not be too tired of going to work!

O suit wide pants look

Please take the party to try a white shirt with wide trousers to look at the momentum, and look at the long legs began to start below the waist. The heel shoes are more momentum, but even if you can’t hide your sneakers, it is the most suitable match when negotiating with customers.

Dappei 小资女上班最实搭白衬衫 4穿法教你营造微性感

O o pleated skirt Lookk

It ’s a pity that everyone has not regarded the pleated skirt as a stand -up style of the wardrobe. The pleated skirt is generally a romantic image of too girls, but in fact, the pleated skirt can also be worn with the school and handsome. Soft, such as putting a white shirt with a pleated skirt is the best example to make the intellectual white shirt balance the girl feel of the pleated skirt. Significant and modified.

O o leather narrow skirt Lookk

Many girls dare not try leather skirts and feel too high -profile and wild, but try to match white shirts, and immediately make the overall stability. You can also retain the coolness of the leather skirt. Wearing a hot girl vest, you can go straight to the venue to start your party time!

O narrow tube pants look

Dappei 小资女上班最实搭白衬衫 4穿法教你营造微性感

Although the general trend has been wide pants in recent years, narrow pants are still very needed. Narrow pants have not only showed the sexy curve of the girls, but the overall dress is capable and neat. If you are a girl with a flat ass, you can choose to choose The buttocks have a pocket design narrow pants, so that some slight buttocks can also make flat asss look more weight, and wearing pointed boots with the same color as the pants in the picture, the same color+ pointed small small little Tips can make your legs have infinite extension.

Dappei 小资女上班最实搭白衬衫 4穿法教你营造微性感

Dappei conclusion:

The white shirt is really as good as the white TEE, but it is the first line to wear as a transformed Xiaoan or Miranda, so you still have to match it. I feel that it is handsome to make a leather skirt. I do n’t know which look like partner favorite?

Dappei 小资女上班最实搭白衬衫 4穿法教你营造微性感

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