Less than 300,000 yuan, the original six famous car audio brands comes with it. Don’t let your ears suffer


In the car configuration, there is a thing that you have never experienced it and feel that you can buy it. If you have experienced it, you have to buy money. That is a good car audio. However, many brands of sound are usually used on expensive luxury cars. However, Brother Xin will recommend a few well -known brand audio for less than 300,000 yuan today. What audio brands are there? Which cars are equipped? Let’s take a look together.

1. BOSE (Dr.)

BOSE was founded in 1964 by Dr. AMAR G. BOSE, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. As one of the largest audio manufacturers in the United States, BOSE products cover headphones, speakers and home theaters. In order to reduce distortion and improve the truth. The 901 speaker system launched by BOSE, as a classic of BOSE, has been well -known in the industry so far.

In the car circle, BOSE can be regarded as one of the most widely -known audio brands with the most widely and lowest thresholds. In the joint venture brand, Ma Zida Atez is equipped with a 11 -speaker BOSE audio in the high -end version; Nissan Teana also uses BOSE audio on the high -end version. The independent brand is to fly BOSE audio into the main force of ordinary people’s homes, including the Red Flag H5/HS5, and Geely Boyue’s high -profile models are equipped with BOSE audio.


2. JBL (Jiebao)


It is also from the United States. The history of JBL is longer, founded in 1946. Today, JBL products have also developed from headphones, audio, home theater to professional audio engineering, and in the automotive field, JBL audio equipment has also become a choice of Ferrari and other brands. The Sydney Opera House, the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, the 2009 US presidential appointment ceremony, and the 2010 World Expo China Pavilion have JBL.

JBL is the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer, but in the automotive field, its products are not high. Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Asia Dragon, and Modern Sonata are equipped with JBL audio on top models. Asian dragons are as many as 14 speakers, and its sound effects can be seen.

As a price butcher in the automotive audio industry, the autonomous brand of Jianghuai Ruifeng A60 has also served as a JBL audio of 13 speakers since the official guidance price: 179,500). However, as a domestic car, it is really impossible to sell at this price.




Dynaudio (




As the world’s favorite country, Denmark’s audio is also well -known. Dana was founded in 1977 by a number of electro -acoustic engineers such as Wilfried Ehrenholz. According to the founder, the only way to produce a truly excellent speaker of the speaker company is to develop its own speaker -driven unit. Deep. Dana has achieved great achievements in consumer speakers and professional speakers, and in terms of car audio, it is also well versed.


Since 1994, Dana has become Volvo’s exclusive audio supplier. Since 2000, it has formed close cooperative relationships with Volkswagen Group. Therefore, we can see Dana Audio in the top version of Volkswagen Sagitar, Golf, and Tan Yue. Although the PUCCINI audio system built by Dana for Paradi has a gap in the PUCCINI audio system, Dana on the civil car still conveys its unique “Danish sound”.


4. Sony (Sony)

It is said that “Sony Dafa is good”, but compared with the sound, Sony Dafa is even more famous as SLR, color TV, and even far away. In fact, in the digital circle, the three -piece set of Sony faith is Sony’s audio products. Sony’s TC-D5 stereo speaker was developed in 1978, and it was “nice”. Since then, Sony has begun to study a series of products such as Walkman, CD machines, headphones and players, and has also pursued the ultimate sound quality experience.


Although Sony’s reputation in car audio is not as great as mentioned earlier, considering Sony’s fame in the digital industry, his strength should not be underestimated. Today, only Ford and Sony have reached a relatively close car audio cooperation. We can see the SONY audio host on the top with Fufferos. Although there are only nine speakers, it is indeed a lot stronger than ordinary audio.


5. Infinity

If you just look at Infinity, the people in our car circle should first think of Infiniti. Infinity is the disappointment of the luxury car circle, but the sound circle is in full swing. However, these two Infinity did not have any contact. Infinity was founded in the United States in 1968 by three engineers and was acquired by Harman in 1982. It is a bit different from other audio brands that Infinity’s current business focus is particularly biased towards car audio. As a best -selling audio brand in the United States, Infinity has established a good cooperative relationship with Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

In China, Infinity’s car audio is particularly loved by independent brands, including the Great Wall H9, WEY series, Lingci series, Trumpchi GS8 and Baojun for RS-5, all of which are equipped with Infinity on high-profile models Audio. It can be said that Infinity has become one of the most affordable brand audio with the efforts of major autonomous manufacturers.

6. Denon (Tianlong)

Denon audio may be the lowest in the brand currently introduced, but its history is very long. Denon was established as early as 1910. In Denon’s development history, its company won several firsts: developing the first PCM digital recorder, creating the first professional CD player, and so on. Denon’s product business is also very wide, including home theater, mini audio, power amplifier, professional broadcast recording equipment and even vinyl singer.

From the perspective of outsiders, Denon will be a relatively niche brand. The same relatively niche DS brand also uses Denon audio, including DS 5, DS 5LS and DS 6, all equipped with Denon Sound, of course, the relatively niche niche of the Denon brand is not its quality niche, and Denon is still one of the best audio brands.

In addition to the car audio brands introduced by Brother Xin and above, there are also many outstanding car audio brands, such as the sound of Berlin on Mercedes -Benz, Bentley’s Naim audio, and so on. However, you can buy professional audio brands within 300,000 yuan, and high -quality car audio can also fly into ordinary people’s homes. A real good car, except for the fun of driving, the comfort of riding, isn’t the enjoyment of ears? At the tip of your ear, which car sounds do you think of your heart?