Take a look at the hollow handbags of this Luo Yiwei logo on it, where is the focus everywhere


In the blink of an eye, it will usher in the autumn and winter seasons, and many big names will also be launched in autumn and winter new models. Do you want to buy new big names earlier and faster? Then go to Siku! Siku is the leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform in Asia. It has been committed to providing users with boutique lifestyles. The platform has gathered a large number of luxury brands from all over the world, with hundreds of thousands of products! 2021 autumn and winter new popular handbags -Luo Yiwei logo hollowed outbags have been launched in Siku.

Founded in 1846, the Spanish century -old leather luxury brand LOEWE Luo Yiwei was fully interpreted with its superb craftsmanship, product innovation ability and unparalleled leather knowledge. At the same time, it integrated into modern fashion and cultural awareness, condensing the brand personality characteristics. Innovation, modern, extreme craftsmanship, and excellent understanding of leather have always been the core value of the Luo Yiwei brand. Luo Yiwei’s 21 autumn and winter logo hollowed outbags brought the brand’s temperament to the fullest.

The application of the hollow element on the bag is not a niche, but there are not many bags that can use the hollow element to the extreme. This handbag uses a highly recognizable brand logo hollow element. The appearance of the entire bag is a hollow logo. With smooth line design and beautiful pattern design, this handbag will make the brand’s tension and charm of the brand’s tension and charm. It has been interpreted to the extreme.


Luo Yiwei has a hollowed outbag, the bags are designed by the logo, the brown calfskin is made, and it is moderate and moderate. Black strip leather is connected around the bag, which not only plays a decorative role, but also has a certain shaping and fixed effect, so that the bag can maintain a better three -dimensional sense. The hand zone is the same as the black leather, which complement the tan of the bodies.

In order to ensure the practical performance of the bag, this logo hollow hand belt is also paired with the inner bag of beige drawing rope. The bag of 26.5*31.6*11.2cm can be stored. The bag also enriches the color matching of the bag, making the bag look more plump and more three -dimensional. And in order to take care of the user’s privacy, the inner bag also carried out the drawing design. After tied the drawers, it can better protect the items in the bag.

In general, this is a very good handbag. It not only has a novel creativity and the face value of the eye -catching eye, but also is very realistic in practical performance. Luo Yiwei has a cut -off bag of the logo, and it is relatively not picky in terms of matching. It is excellent with trench coats and coats in autumn and winter, and it is not a good occasion for daily leisure shopping.