4G mobile phones are more electrical? This is the reason!


(The article is selected from “Tencent Technology” and has been authorized to reprint)

The emergence of 4G (LTE) wireless network has brought a lot of convenience to a large number of smartphone users, but did you find it? Since upgrading the mobile phone card to 4G network, the battery power consumption has been consumed faster. Will using 4G network consume more power?

According to technical principles, 4G networks belong to a more power -saving signal. However, since the construction of 4G base stations is not yet comprehensive, the strength of the signal and the switching of the region will hinder the user’s experience of using the 4G network, which may cause the user’s 4G network fee power experience. The following two reasons explain the reasons for the faster power consumption of 4G mobile phones.

1. The strength and weakness of the network signal will affect power consumption

Not only 4G, the mobile phone will cost electricity in any network mode. 4G fee is because the 4G signal is not as good as the 3G signal, and the 3G fee is because the 3G signal does not have a 2G signal. According to the test, the power consumption of the current 4G network’s mobile phone standby is about 5%in the next hour, while the power consumption of 2G and 3G mobile phones consumes about 2%.

In the state of mobile phones, the degree of power consumption of each network is also significantly different. The frequency of 2G power control is low, the peaks of data business are lower than that of data business, and less power consumption is consumed.

The 3G network uses a large number of modulation of 16QAM or more during the technical upgrade process. With a certain peak ratio, the comprehensive power consumption is higher than 2G. However, the control rate of 3G is good, so the power consumption is not too much in work.

At present, the biggest problem of 4G networks is that the technical modulation of orthogonal frequency division of frequency of frequent frequency will cause difficulty in controlling peak ratio, so 4G has the highest power consumption.


2. The distance between the terminal from the base station affects the power consumption


In addition, the distance from the terminal from the base station will also affect power consumption. The 2G GSM base station has the highest density, wide coverage, and low frequency band, and the overall mobile phone power is low.

The coverage rate of 3G network base stations is also high, so the signal of 3G networks is relatively smooth. However, due to the incomplete domestic 4G network construction, especially the 4G base station coverage of China Unicom and Telecom is not very wide, 4G signals in some areas are weak. If you use 4G networks in this case, the mobile network may switch back and forth between 4G and 3G, which will increase the consumption of power.

Therefore, when users upgrade the 4G network, it is best to confirm whether there is 4G network coverage in the area, and choose to use 4G networks in areas with strong 4G signals. If the network signal is not good, it is best to choose to close the 4G network function and achieve the purpose of power saving.

After the objective factors are stable, when the 4G network is fully covered, users will use 4G networks to save a lot.