The little daughter -in -law’s chick perfume must be a “women’s gangster” who has been in the fashion circle for many years.


To be welcomed by girls, romantic and sweet


Little Daisy Daisy


Perfume can definitely squeeze into the top three.

The cartoon -shaped large daisy shape with the classic glass bottle and the youthful girlfriend’s advertisement that has made countless young daisy daisy incense with a young girl.

The pusher behind the sweet incense of the little daisy DAISY is a fashion urchin who loves wearing a skirt and a wild style on the runway -Marc Jacobs from New York.

The dark childhood can’t hide the genius of genius

People often say that “the name is early” -the this not only depends on luck, but also the talent, but it is not too difficult for Marc Jacobs.


Before the famous all over the world, MARC Jacobs’s childhood was dim.


In 1963, Marc Jacobs was born in a Jewish family in New York. After experiencing his father’s early death and his mother repeatedly remarried, he couldn’t take good care of his unstable life, Marc Jacobs decided and unconditionally supported his grandmother to come to Shangxi District, Manhattan. It was this decision that there was later Marc Jacobs.

Out of love for fashion, Marc Jacobs studied at the art design high school and worked at CHARIVARI’s fashion boutique, which gave him the opportunity to contact the work related to clothing design, clothing stacking, etc.

Kung Fu was worthy of care. He successfully entered the Parson ’s School of Design and started professional clothing design courses. And it is because of his practical experience in high school, his knitted design began to have a shocking performance during college -except for the Best Student Award of the Year, Perry Ellis Gold Thimble Award In addition to the thimble award, he also successfully pushed his knitted sweater to the market.

Marc & Robert

In 1984, Marc Jacobs established Jacobs Duffy Design Inc Design Company with his friend Robert Duffy. With his efforts, the company received investment two years later and made his clothing series of the same name. This clothing series quickly helped him win the highest award in the American fashion industry- “Best Design Rookie Award for CFDA in the American Clothing Designer Association”.

Fashion Naughty Bridge Bridge


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Marc Jacobs became the design director of Perry Ellis, and designed a bold women’s clothing series called Grunge with the most fascinating “garbage rock” style that was fascinated at the time. This wild and rebellious design helped Marc Jacobs back to a “CFDA Best Women’s Designer Award”, but was fired by the company for too low sales.

Marc Jacobs simply set up a personal company and launched the first men’s design series in the following year to start the process of fighting alone in the fashion circle.

The excellent design talent plus the unique taste made Louis Vuitton decide to throw olive branches for this fashion ghost. In 1997, Marc Jacobs joined Louisvuitton, becoming the creative director of the clothing department, and officially opened up the first fashion line of this luxury giant.


Louis vuitton 90’s

After the millennium, it is the golden age of Marc Jacobs. He not only brought four times the business to Louis Vuitton with his own power, but also attracted well -known artists such as Murakami Murakami for the brand.

During the more than ten years that pushed Louis Vuitton’s fashion line to the pinnacle of fashion, each women’s show under MARC Jacobs made people eye -opening: you can not only see the world -famous Kate Moss smoking on the runway, but also You can see the surprise picture of the rotating Trojan on the show. Even the “pajamas style” that was on the circle of fire was a fashionable product brought by Marc Jacobs.


Not only that, his personal brand Marc Jacobs also opened throughout the global high -end shopping area, and sales in 2006 exceeded $ 300 million. The DAISY perfume line of Marcjacobs was established during this period of time. After more than ten years of development, it has now become one of the important representative brands of the sweet faction in the lady’s fragrance.

Although the daisy Daisy perfume always gives people a sweet and romantic feeling, it is not stained with Marc Jacobs’s own style. After leaving from Louis Vuitton, his style is even more unrestrained. His hate and skirt has become a daily life of Marc Jacobs. It is more inclined to forging for everyone in Louis Vuitton for forging for everyone. In the vent of diversified art and transgender culture.


As a male designer who is famous through the women’s clothing, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a “most woman who knows women”.

From wild and unruly garbage rock to the mysterious and colorful jeep style, to the integration of elegant retro Chinese and Western design, Marc Jacobs’s design has never been fixed style, just like a fashionable girl. And his bold style has also injected a different color for the development of the brand. After leaving Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs poured more efforts on his brand, and continued to spill this wild fashion to himself to himself Brand position.

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