What are the factors that affect the accuracy of constant temperature water bath? How to use a water bath correctly?


Many experiments in the laboratory need to be performed at specific temperatures. The constant temperature water bath is a common instrument and equipment for the laboratory to control the temperature of the experiment. The constant temperature water bath rely on the constant temperature controller to adjust the thermal balance of the instrument. When the temperature is reduced to the set temperature, the constant temperature controller drives the electric heater in the constant temperature tank. When heating to the specified temperature, the constant temperature controller controls the heater stopping Work to keep the temperature in the water bath is constant in the specified range.

To keep the constant temperature water bath, it is relatively accurate temperature control, its sensitivity to temperature is a very critical parameter. There are many factors that affect the sensitivity of constant temperature water bath pot. Souke’s purchasing butler simply summarizes the following types of factors:

1. Selection of constant temperature medium

Select the appropriate working medium according to the temperature range of the water bath. The better the fluidity of the constant temperature medium, the greater the hot capacity, the higher the temperature control sensitivity of the water bath.

2. The physical properties of temperature sensing elements

The precision of the thermometer used in the water bath pot has a greater impact on the sensitivity of temperature control. If the precision of the thermometer is low, the temperature change value recorded at different time records is large, and the fluctuation range of the water bath temperature is large, and the sensitivity of the water bath pot is low. It is recommended to use a highly precise Beckman thermometer and armometer with good contact performance.

3. The power of the heater


The smaller the power of the heater, the higher the sensitivity of the water bath. The power heater is high and the heating speed is fast, but the temperature control sensitivity will be reduced accordingly.

4. Internal structure of water bath pot

The location of the internal parts of the water bath pot also affects the sensitivity of the water bath pot. The fixed temperature must be placed near the heater, and the heater needs to be placed near the mixer, so that the heat can be passed to all parts of the instrument. The temperature meter that measures the temperature should be placed near the heated item.

The above factors involved in sensitivity are mostly related to the design and manufacturing of water bath pots. Therefore, it is very important to choose a water bath pot using high -quality raw materials and reasonable designs when purchasing. It is recommended that you choose the water bath pot of regular manufacturers and well -known brands. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the specific performance parameters of the water bath, such as temperature range, temperature control error, resolution, etc.

How to use a water bath correctly?

Choose the right product, and there must be standard operation processes. Souke’s purchasing steward introduced the operation process as an example. The operation process of other brands of water bath can be referred to this process. For details, please read the instrument instructions.

1. Place the water bath pot on a fixed platform, clamp the gum pipe at the drainage port, and then inject the purified water into the water bath pot. Pay attention to water inflow in the control box during water injection to prevent electric shock.

2. The water bath pot is connected to the power, set the temperature, and the indicator light is on the representative. When heating to setting temperature, the indicator OFF is often on.

3. After entering the constant temperature state, put the container filled with a sample in a water bath pot for constant temperature. The items in the thermostat should be lower than the constant temperature water bath.

4. After the water bath is used, take out the heating items, turn off the power, and discharge the water in the box. Wipe the water bath and cooker clean.

5. Note: The power supply of the water bath and pot must be used for ground power. Do not connect the power before adding water. During use, the water level must be higher than the minimum water level. Do not heat without water or low water level.