2021 hybrid matrix hot brand list


This recommendation list is provided by the best brand network big data system, which comprehensively considers the brand awareness, the scale of corporate assets and operating conditions, and the number of employees. The recommendation list of the “2021 hybrid matrix industry” is as follows:

First place: Xunwei

In the past 10 years, Xunwei has been committed to providing valuable products and customer service experience by engaged in the research and development, production and sales of various products covering audiovisual, radio and television, security digital monitoring, and various products. Xunwei Electronic Technology Research Institute has obtained a number of patents in the field of high -tech electronics and digital media.

Chengdu Xunwei Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of professional development and production of audio and video signal interface equipment, radio and television equipment, digital monitoring and other equipment. Xunwei: Xunwei Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xunwei Electronic Co., Ltd., Xunwei Electronic Equipment Factory, Xunwei Electronic Technology Research Institute, for many years, Xunwei has been committed to providing valuable product solutions and customer service services experience.

The company’s product research and development center (Xunwei Electronic Technology Research Institute) is composed of the technical backbone of the Xunwei Electronic Research Center, which was originally found in the University of Electronic Science and Technology. There are more than 100 test equipment. The three R & D departments were established, which are responsible for the research and development of AV series, radio and television equipment, and digital monitoring equipment.

As a professional audio and video signal interface equipment manufacturer, Xunwei combined with his long -term practical experience in the research of electronic information technology application, and research and development of international standards, high availability, and high -quality XUNWEI series of audio and audio products. New technologies are constantly pouring into the market. A company must maintain competitiveness. “Speed” is very critical. We strive to grasp the needs of customers in the same industry. Our engineers adjust their minds in time, develop new products and new technologies that meet these, innovative and innovative technologies, and serve integrated vendors to lead the future market.

At present, Xunwei products and services have covered many fields such as education, radio and television, security, telecommunications, and financial industries. As an expert in audio and audio interface, Xunwei will not stop the pace of progress. Xunwei products will continue to be new. Customers are satisfied. Technology creation will be the unremitting pursuit!

Second place: Booque

BOAC Bo Oak Electronics (Chengdu Bo Oak Electronics Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2013. Over the years, it has cooperated with many well -known digital media terminals with many global audio and video industries in OEM and ODM. In the industry, it is highly affirmed.

In 2012, the BOAC brand was officially launched, and the highly praised audio and video products were launched. The BOAC product series included multimedia products such as audio and video signal processors, digital audio and video switching and conference room system control. BOAC is committed to creating a personalized experience, and firmly believes that each product should be centered on the needs of different users, not to be subject to the product. BOAC’s products are not only the result of consumer demand surveys, but also long -term observation and respect for the crystallization of how individuals choose to interact with science and technology. Boac adheres to the people -centered business philosophy, has long been deeply cultivated here, and has created BOAC’s achievements.

Third place: Qingxiang

Shenzhen Qingxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and technology services. Established in 2016, the company was established in the fields of fusion of video processing, communication, and unified management control. It focused on products in the field of video processing and provided customers with audiovisual digital solutions.

Through continuous innovation, exploration and efforts, Qingxiang Information launched the “Qingyun Network Intermediate Control Management Platform” and Qingyun C8 series HDMI matrix in 2016; in 2017, the CF-5000 series splicing processor and CH series network decoding matrix was launched; launched in 2018 launched in 2018; The C5 series HDMI matrix, the C8S series mixed seamless switching matrix, the CF-6000 series splicing processor; in 2019, the C2 series assignor, the C3 series HDMI matrix, the CF-8000 series splicing processor, the current product covers LCD, LED, 2K 2K , 4K and other comprehensive display video processing products.

Qingxiang information is based on “Cyaninfo” as the brand and customer -centric, and has continuously launched video processing products in various fields. At present, it has a number of invention, practical new patents and software copyrights. Based on the “Qingyun Network Central Control Management Platform” and based on self -developed video processing products, it provides customers with digital solutions such as video conferences, monitoring systems, command scheduling, and multimedia business. Public safety, smart cities and other fields.

Fourth place: Mingkong

Guangzhou Mingkong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Xiayuan Honghao Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The company has strong technical power and innovation teams. A cutting -edge technology research institute was established in Silicon Valley in the United States. In the Asia -Pacific region, the product technology research and development base is located in Guangzhou. Since its establishment, the company’s independent R & D, manufacturing, and sales of the array switcher, conference system, and signal transmission equipment). The product performance is excellent, the quality is stable, and the technology is fine. It is popular with the majority of domestic users. Relying on the rich experience and resources accumulated for more than ten years in the field of video communication and control, the company has formed a team of professional technology and industry talents. Carry out the research and practice of system informationization of video multimedia conferences.

Based on the business philosophy of “innovation, enterprising, integrity, and service”, Mingkong Technology dares to innovate, operates honesty, and sincerely serve every customer. We firmly believe that in the future, we will belong to the creators. As long as we continue to learn, maintain, develop, and improve us The advantages and core competitiveness of the core will definitely achieve the career and meet the higher standard requirements of customers, form a virtuous circle in many links such as research and development-market-enterprise development, create greater wealth for society, and for informationization. Promote more efforts.

Fifth place: Kuanbo

Shenzhen Zaide Optoelectronics Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high -tech enterprise that is committed to the research and development, production and sales of digital high -definition transmission series products. The company’s brand “Cuanbo Kuanbo” has formed four series of product lines: high -definition audio and video signal transmission conversion products, smart conference room products, intelligent transmission conversion platforms, smart classroom products.

The company has 5 invention patents and more than 30 practical new types and appearance patents, and there are 17 software copyrights. The company’s high -definition matrix products have won the title of Top Ten Clear Matrix in the industry. The company has obtained national high -tech enterprises in 2013, 2016 and 2019 with its strong technology and professional fields. Won the recognition of the well -known brand in Shenzhen. Since 2017, he has entered the intelligent education industry and has won the title of Education Top 100 Enterprises.

The company has more than 150 members of the R & D, production and sales team, has established marketing platforms such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, etc., and also established overseas marketing departments. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Through the efforts of our team, we have successfully participated in the high -definition transmission system of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the HD transmission system of Bird’s Nest Sports, the World Expo 3D display high -definition light transmission system, the CCTV supervisor’s high -definition transmission system, the world’s first full full full range The high -definition subway optical fiber transmission system, cooperate with Huawei to complete the switching and long -range transmission of the signal of a national high -definition video conference room in a central ministerial ministries and commissions. In the education industry, we have successful cases of smart classroom projects at Tsinghua University, Xiamen University, and Shenzhen University.

Adhering to the entrepreneurial concept of “integrity, win -win, focus, and innovation”, the company uses the spirit of “customer satisfaction, corporate profits” to serve customers; our vision: provide customers with high cost -effective products, bring good profits to the company, improve to improve The quality of life of employees, the greatest value return shareholders’ investment return;

Sixth place: Hongchuang Feihua

Beijing Hongchuang Feihua Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer and solution provider that integrates research and development, production and sales of internationalization, production and sales. The goal of products and services is to create a “Hongchuang Feihua” international brand with professional stronger and international concepts.

Hongchuang Feihua successfully applied image processing technology to the conversion and mixing between audio and video and computer signals through continuous exploration and research and development. A series of domestic leading signal processing products based on products such as extender, converter and other products. Since the product is put into the market, it has been unanimously recognized and praised by users in various fields. The current products have been widely used in military, transportation, government, education, power, telecommunications, media and other fields.

In 2014, on the basis of the original video processing product, Hongchuang Feihua created a multi -business 1 card and 1 road that can be used for security, finance, education, and emergency command systems. Switch the “HD hybrid matrix” video comprehensive management system. The system adopts a blade modular design. Various types of board cards are flexibly configured on demand, expanded and upgraded, and low maintenance costs. Really “change with demand and simplify the complexity”, bringing an extraordinary experience to users. The company has always adhered to independent innovation as the fundamental, with technological leadership, and continuously introduced advanced concepts and technical forces, cultivated a large number of technical backbones and managers, and has an efficient R & D and management team.

In the future, Hongchuang Feihua will excel, continuously innovate and strengthen the business management of enterprises, continuously improve product technology content and quality, and open up domestic and international markets. Continue to adhere to the concept of “outstanding design, excellent quality, service first”, take root in industries such as professional audiovisual (AV) and monitoring systems (CCTV), while winning their own development, they contribute to the development of the industry.

Seventh place: Kori

Shenzhen Kori Vision Electronics Co., Ltd. (Brand: Kori) is a provider of production and solutions for high -end digital commercial display equipment, large splicing screen display and back -end matrix control system. Since the establishment of Kerry Vision Electronics in 2014, in order to win the market’s demand, it has been focusing on the development and development of innovative LCD commercial display, stitching screens, advertising machines, touch all -in -one machines, LCD monitor, seamless mixed matrix, HDMI matrix, network Decoding matrix, image processor and other high -definition display and control equipment. For many years of manufacturing, it has successfully provided thousands of enterprises with large -screen stitching and terminal control solutions. High -quality product guarantee and perfect services have won praise from customers at home and abroad!

Kerry Vision LCD display and back -end control products are widely used for: advertising media, security monitoring, stock exchanges, command control centers, hotels, airports, public security, power, telecommunications, banks, stations, communications, shopping venues, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals , School, army, entertainment and other different industries!

Shenzhen Keri Electronics has a team with a youthful, high business quality, and excellent customer service; adhering to the principles of openness, cooperation, and win -win; Follow the products of each company, serve customers, and serve the society; with the hands of technology, continue to develop new solutions and new products!

In the future, Kerry Visual Electronics will be committed to the strategic goals of products, diversified, diversified, and global development, pursue excellent products, continuously surpass themselves, and make more people see the “viewing” world a better world.

Eighth place: Digital Bird

Beijing Bird Technology Co., Ltd. (Digibird) was established in 2009. It is a national high -tech enterprise focusing on the global professional audiovisual field and providing customers with digital solutions. For several years, service outlets were set up in 15 areas including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenyang, Jinan, and Nanjing, and have two major R & D teams of software and hardware. Channel and services cover 56 countries and regions around the world. The company has successfully listed in 2016, and the stock code is 870209.

Since its establishment, Bird Technology has paid attention to product development and innovation, and has launched a series of hardware equipment and software platforms mainly for transmission, exchange, processing, and control. , Switching processor, marginal fusion, and other products areas. It is the leading allegations of technical and conference industry solutions in the industry. It is widely used to serve the government, transportation, energy, finance, education, and media fields.

For a long time, Bird Technology has not forgotten its original intention, adheres to customer needs, provides global audiovisual users with highly competitive products, services and solutions, and continues to create value for customers.

Corporate mission: Focus on customer needs, provide global audiovisual users with competitive products, services and solutions, and continue to create value for customers;

Corporate Vision: Let employees pride in work in “birds” and become international brands in the professional audiovisual field;

Values: willing to share, pursue excellence, close collaboration, courage to take responsibility, long -term struggle, and continuous learning.

Ninth place: Beisheng

Guangzhou Changshi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.’s main business is R & D, design and manufacture the “BESTPA Beds” public broadcast system and digital conference system products, including smart broadcasting systems, high -integrated module broadcast systems, “E -era” new generation IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP, IP The intercom system, mainly using background music, campus broadcasting, hotel broadcasting, factory broadcasting, fire emergency broadcast, etc.; Digital conference systems include conference central control matrix, full digital conference system, discussion video tracking and voting system, contemporary interpretation and other cables And wireless conference equipment.

The company is committed to reflecting professional brand value through technological innovation. Our technology and products are providing audio transmission and voice broadcast services and convenience for various public places. Provide professional solutions for various types of smart buildings, campuses and other projects, and secondary development and customization products and services for project needs. Guangzhou Changshi Intelligent’s “BESTPA Beauty” technology and products are providing audio transmission and voice broadcasting services and convenience for various public places. Two years are one of the most competitive brands in the domestic market.


2021 hybrid matrix hot brand list

The company’s marketing center is located in Guangzhou, and the company’s products are sold well in South China, East China, North China, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast China, and exported to Southeast Asia and other countries. There are localized service offices such as Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi’an, Dalian. In other areas, in accordance with the concept of long -term and win -win wins, we will ensure that users provide localized professional and fast services.

Tenth place: Tu Yue

Shenzhen Tuoyo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of CCTV monitoring system equipment. The main products include: video matrix, VGA matrix, HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, high -definition decoding matrix, high -definition mixed card matrix, DID LCD stitching screen, LCD LCD monitor, etc. The company always takes “social public safety” as its own responsibility, follows the road of “scientific and technological innovation” enterprises that can develop sustainable development, adheres to the development direction of digitalization, networking, integration, and industrialization. Provide audio and video transmission control products independently developed from the front to the background, from hardware to software. It is widely used in the construction of national city construction and finance, transportation, prison, water conservancy, electricity, education, public prosecution law, medical, mining, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, subway, and subway, Intelligent buildings and other industries have a high reputation and reputation in the industry, and have obtained general recognition from outside the industry.

The company has a research and development center, manufacturing center, marketing center, customer service center, and various functional departments. It is a high -tech enterprise with complete systems, well -operated, and unique management. Shenzhen Safety Prevention Industry Association Member Unit “. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. All products have passed the inspection and certification of the Ministry of Public Security of China. They have obtained a number of honors such as the China ’s Ping An City Recommended Brand, the International Ansko Innovation Product Award, and the 3111 Ping An City Excellent Recommendation Products.

Tu Yue always pays attention to customer needs and industry development trends, continues to increase R & D investment, adheres to the principle of “technology creation quality”, provides customers with advanced, reliable high -performance audio and video surveillance products, and provides product customization services to build the industry throughout the industry First -class high -end audio and video surveillance products.

The “enthusiastic, integrity, innovation, and professional” map person always adheres to the “customer satisfaction” as the orientation, and is determined to provide customers with customized products and one -stop services, support value -added development, and create long -term value for partners.