Gather these cups, you are the winner of life


Watch “Little Times” when I go to school


The most impressive is Lin Xiao’s office in Gongyu


Stunning by that cabinet’s cup


How did a person use so many cups

Drinking water, drinking red wine, drinking tea, drinking cola


… …

Life may not be exquisite to the point of the movie

But at least, you who love yourself

Should be a cup that conforms to your temperament


Especially in the chopping hands that have less than two hours


Come on ~ cup!

BUBI can fold the water cup

Bubi silicone can be folded with a cup, and the cups often seen in star street shots. It is made of high -quality silicone, preventing mildew and does not contain BPA. Unlike the ordinary cups used in the past, Bubi does not need to raise his head at all when drinking water, just tilt the bottle body for 45 °, and then gently pinch the bottle body. The water in the bottle will slowly reach your mouth. idea. The bottle mouth is also very special. Two small ‘mouth’ -type arc outlets effectively prevent the phenomenon of accidental water overflow when drinking water.

The BUBI water cup 415ml is only 120g. Its foldability makes it super space to carry. In addition, it can be used as a neck pillow. If it is equipped with ice water, it can be used as an ice pack, and it can also be stored.


Environmental corn cup


Public Capsule cup is small and cute. It is made of 100%corn starch and coffee powder. It is very safe and environmentally friendly. Don’t worry about it will release toxic substances. It is lovely that people want to eat it. ~

The shape of the capsule, the vibrant and stylish color, it is also very suitable for outdoor sports ~ the transparent cup below can also be removed as a water cup.


Horn Mark Cup

The Goat Mug Sheep Coffee Cup designed by Desnahemisfera, the shape of the horns, helps people drink the last drop of coffee in the cup. The cup cup made of the cup middle leather is waterproof. After removing it, you can also make the base of the cup to let the cup stably on any desktop. It is also equipped with one long and one short strap, which can hang the coffee cup on the backpack or shoulder.


The sheep’s horn can easily help the drinking person drink the last drop of coffee in the cup. The cup cup made in the cup middle leather is waterproof and does not contain bisphenol A components. After removing, you can also make the base of the cup, so that you can assist the cup easily.


Memobottle accompanying cup

Memobottle materials are used for polymer, crystal clear, environmentally friendly and safe, and material heat resistance is 109 °. Leakage of water, slim figure. From the appearance, like a thin book, you can put it in the backpack.

In addition to facilitating carrying, it is important to reduce everyone’s use of disposable water bottles. Environmental protection is also the original intention behind the design.


Hario Harryo Cold Bubble Pot

In the past two years, it is very popular to drink cold tea. In fact, the effect of cold tea is not weaker than hot tea. It can also drink the essence of tea, and reduce the release of caffeine. It does not hurt the stomach or affect sleep. It will not feel bitter and sweet, and it has become a popular health tea drinking method.

The appearance of Hario Harrio Cold Pot is the same as the wine bottle. It is designed for cold tea. In addition to making cold tea, fresh fruits can also be used as detox water. It has won the 2013 International Design Award. The use of wine bottles is more convenient to pour tea with wide bottles, but the elegant shape is beautiful even on the table, making you drink tea like wine.

Minipresso hand -pressed cup


In the afternoon, there are no cups that are more suitable for you than minipresso hand -pressed coffee cups. This cup produced by Hong Kong MINIPRESSO does not require any air compression and nitrogen oxygen acceleration power device.

In the semi -automatic piston of coffee powder or coffee capsules, the semi -automatic piston of the bottle body can be filtered at a pure concentrated coffee at the filter, optimizing the extraction. Handsome!

Magicup anti -sprinkler cup

“Ah” a crooked frightened scaredness finally disappeared because of the greatness of human beings. The Magicup invented by the British looks the same as that of ordinary thermal insulation cups, with a height of 17.8cm and 470 ml. The vacuum biliary double wall isolation design will not be hot with it, and it can also keep it for about 40 minutes. It is very suitable for use in schools, offices, cars or carrying it with you.

This alias is also called an elegant anti -sprinkler smart cup. The lid has an automatic closed function. Once the cup is felt, the cup lid will automatically close within 0.15 seconds.

KeepCup Environmental Cup

The world’s first coffee with a coffee coffee with the barista, and the cup has a scale marking capacity. The external silicone ring can indicate personal drinking preferences.


KeepCup coffee cups, recyclable environmentally friendly materials used from cups to packaging, including plastic cups and glass cups. The heat resistance is 120 degrees. Drinking coffee and drinking hot water is not a problem. With a non -slip cushion ring, which can heat up for 20 minutes, and it can also be used for microwave oven, the most indispensable thing is that there are many dazzling colors to choose from

Smash Cup Silk Cup

When you go out, bring a cup to hinder your feet, and it is extremely inconvenient without a cup. What should I do? This wonderful cup designed by American designer Ben Melinger is not only easy to carry, but also reduces the use of a paper cup, which is very environmentally friendly.

It uses the elasticity of platinum silicone and the “V” shape design to compress. When you don’t need to use it, just knock on the bottom of its bottom, the bottom silicone at the bottom will shrink to the cup mouth and become a small disc. How about it, is it more convenient in pocket?


Bingo portable juice cup


The squeezing cup of the squeezing cup is very strong. After all, it is really healthy. It is because of the fresh vegetable juice prepared by myself. After all, it is not added and it is delicious. With the Bingo juice cup, office, gym, park … where to go!

Simple operation, cut the fruit into small pieces (smaller the better) into the juicer, add an appropriate amount of milk, yogurt or water, and cover tightly. Long press the power button at the bottom of the cup to start juice. During the juice, you can shake or tilt the cup body to help the juice flow, and the efficiency will be more even more and more delicate.


Xiaobian in dry winter


I’m going to chop my hands

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