The 4 -year -old girl “cuts” mosquito bags and dangerous! Anti -itching and detoxification synchronization


HKUST today asked everyone a question: “What are the most animals in the world?”


The answer is not a poisonous snake or a lion, but … small



Recently, a 4 -year -old girl in Wuhan walked a trip in front of the Ghost Gate because of breaking a mosquito bag.

The girl’s mother did not care about the mosquito bag at first. As a result, the girl had a high fever to 39 degrees the next day, and the right thigh was deformation and color.

After being sent to the hospital, he was diagnosed with fasciitis, and he saved his life after three operations.

A small mosquito bites is so big that the lethality is so great. Today, the University of Science and Technology of the University of Science.

Mosquito bites may become a troublesome!

It ’s not strange that the mosquito bite is strange. Most people’ s impression is that it has a little itchy blood. However, after seeing the above cases, do you dare to take it lightly?

瘙 1 -level damage: itching redness and swelling

It may also cause red neutral plaques and even big blisters.

The baby’s resistance is comparable to adults. After being bitten by mosquitoes, parents can wrap the baby with a towel to cover the ice cubes.


Cold compress,

Every 2 to 3 hours, about 20 minutes at a time, if it is itchy, it can be used to stop itching with glyphosate washing agent.

It can also be cleaned with alkaline soapy water, neutralizing acidic substances in mosquito venom.

Itching sensation is obvious at the same time erythema swelling aggravates, you can

Under the guidance of the doctor, the application of glucocorticoids, weak medium -sized and external use of glucocorticoid cream (such as Uzor), can reduce itching, redness, warmth and swelling, twice a day for 3 days.

肤The second -level damage: skin collapse

If the mosquito bag is caught by the baby, you can apply more than a hundred states to treat the infection, and apply itching glycry stones with itching.


Of course, in order to prevent the baby from catching the mosquito bag, parents try to look at the baby, it is best to trim the baby’s nails.

染 Third -level damage: Infection aggravation

For us, mosquitoes

The biggest harm is that it may spread diseases, such as type B, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, etc.

It is also possible that the skin is severely infected due to itching and scratching, and even subcutaneous tissue infection occurs, just like the necrotic fasciitis in the news above.

If the baby has symptoms such as fever, headache, and continuous redness and itching in the ulceration, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

A mother reported in the background: “The baby was bitten by a mosquito, the mosquito was red and swollen, and there would be a black print after the wrap was disappeared.”

On the one hand, it may be the heavy toxins carried by mosquitoes. On the other hand, the baby is allergic, allergic after biting, or inflammatory response.

In addition to external use, also

Cooperate with oral antihistamine drugs.


Babies over the age of 2 can choose chlorralea fixed syrup, and over June can choose Setolizine

Babies under the age of 2 need to consult a doctor for dosage. Sidrizine is applied in June to 1 year old and requires the doctor’s order.

It is better to know that the solution is good early, and it is better if it can be effective.

Is chemical mosquito reliable?


Because the baby’s organs are not mature and the resistance is not as good as adults, adults have no problem with some products, but if you use it for your baby, you need to be cautious.

不 Let’s say no to these products first:

: : ➧ mosquito coils:

The effective ingredients are chrysanthemums, and the drug is not harmful, but

The ultra -fine particles released when burning may stimulate the baby’s respiratory tract, causing discomfort such as dry itching, cough, nausea and other discomfort.


And … Ke Dharma told everyone in his own experience that he accidentally dropped the pillow on mosquito coils in his sleep, which was risky.

➧ Electric heating mosquito coils:

The mosquito repellent component of the mosquito coils is not much different, but the baby’s respiratory tract is more delicate. It is stimulated by such chemicals for a long time, which will also cause discomfort.

If you really need mosquito coils at home, pay attention to ventilation, and you must avoid buying inferior mosquito coils.

水 Ordinary adult flower dew water:

It contains alcohol, the baby’s skin is thin, absorbing fast, and a large amount of alcohol -containing precision agent, which is easy to absorb excess, causing toxic reactions.

精 cool oil, wind oil essence:

There are mint brain or camphor components. Excessive intake of babies under the age of 2 will affect the development of the nervous system.

驱 The “new generation” mosquito repellent buckle, mosquito repellent sticker, mosquito repellent bracelet:

The scope of product utility is small, and now most of the merchants will make the products whose whose products are blooming, and they may be used by curious babies.

What else can you use?

It seems that the mosquito repellent products commonly used by life have been questioned by the University of Science and Technology. In fact, the University of Science and Technology suggested that parents choose the following three ingredients when they choose chemical anti -mosquito products.



The mosquito repellent ability can last 10 to 12 hours, and the concentration must be controlled below 30%.


The maximum mosquito repellent ability can last for 8 hours, and the recommended concentration is 5%to 10%.

Mosquito repellent (Irinin/IR3535):

The effect of mosquito repellent can last 4 to 8 hours.

But pay attention!


Do not use any chemical mosquito repellent within February, only the method of physical mosquito repellent.

Strongly recommend these physical mosquito repellent moves:

❐ Interior:

Install the screen and screen door and mosquito net,

The Mongolian -style mosquito net can not only prevent mosquitoes, but also prevent the baby from falling into bed, but also have electric mosquito to help.

还 Do you need to say more to keep your home clean? Do not let it go in a corner to avoid providing reproduction and hiding in mosquitoes;

间 Pharmacy of mosquito -killing mosquito -killing mosquitoes in the corner of the lampshade, corner of the room, and pay attention to ventilation;

汗 Mosquito will be attracted by sweat, so parents need

Take a bath for your baby

❐ Outdoor:


深 Mosquito is easily attracted by dark colors. If you go out of the outing, you can wear it


Light -colored, breathable long trousers, with mosquito repellent;


➧ Parents try to try

Don’t take your baby to play a lot of mosquitoes,

Such as a place with water, dirty, and vegetation. After all, if mosquitoes ca n’t afford, can we still avoid it?

When the mosquito is rampant again, moms and dads get more than the above methods, and take the baby to stabilize the summer ~